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The new co-eds couldn't believe their eyes when they glanced through the course directory and saw that a class called Sex 101 was being offered! By the hundreds they raced to sign up, convinced this would be the class of a lifetime…. When Andy and I walked into class on the first day, we were met with an overwhelmingly large audience - the room was absolutely overflowing its capacity – filled with hundreds of eager young minds just waiting to soak in all that we had to offer. We looked at each other nervously, took a deep breath, and went for it. It was the most thrilling experience ever! We weren’t teachers by trade. Neither one of us held any degrees or formal training. Our own experiences together with the willingness to share our knowledge of the incredibly exciting world of erotica had led us to the front of this lecture hall. This being our first actual class, we both were a bit nervous, so we started off slow in order to make everyone feel more at ease. Andy introduced himself and then took me by the hand, drew me up close to his side and introduced me. When he felt me tremble slightly, he squeezed my hand and gave me a reassuring wink. I smiled back to let him know that I was doing okay and that I wasn't going to chicken out on him. It was our style to forego textbooks and conventional teaching aids and use our own stories and experiences - along with lots of hands-on demonstrations. Our goal was not only to show and tell...but to have the class participate - to experience for themselves the vast mix of sensations that can be awakened with the right knowledge. While Andy gave the students a brief run-down of the course, I ducked behind a wardrobe screen to change clothes. I returned wearing a high-cut black thong, garter, stockings, bra and heels. My long hair was hanging in loose curls across my shoulders and down my back. A collective gasp emanated from the students when they saw me, and he casually turned around and greeted me with an appreciative smile. "Your first assignment," he directed to the audience, "is to write down the first thought that came into your head when you saw Carmen just now and why." He left them to their task and turned his attention to me. "You look fabulous!" he whispered as he brushed his lips close to my ear. His hot breath against my skin caused a shiver to rush through me. I flashed him a smile, took his hand and together we walked toward the table we had set up for our demonstrations. It was actually a massage table, soft yet firm and big enough to stretch out on without worrying about falling off the sides. Most importantly, it was just the right height for oh so many things! We stood there together as he asked for volunteers to share their initial reactions. He ran his hands along the top of my bra when someone commented that the swell of my breasts was what he had noticed first; then Andy trailed his open palm over my flat torso when someone else spoke about that. As the answers were revealed, I turned slowly to give the class a better view, Andy’s touch sending electrifying tingles over my entire body. Before we finished, a definite puddle of wetness was gathering between my thighs. When Andy felt me tremble as his hand passed over my thong-covered V, he asked me how I was feeling. "You're making me wet" I confided in a low, husky voice. "Oh, my lady says that this little demonstration is making her pussy wet. Let's have a closer look," he said to the class as he helped me sit up on the end of the table. In order for everyone in the large room to have a close-up view, we had set up lights and cameras to project onto several screens. This took me back to the days of doing photo shoots and I immediately felt at ease, practically forgetting there were hundreds of eyes observing my every move. As Andy talked, he moved in front of me, stooping down to give the cameraman a clearer shot. He placed his hands on my knees and gently pushed them apart. I scooted to the front edge of the table and the camera zoomed in on my crotch. I hooked my finger under the silky fabric and slowly pulled it aside. Andy eased me back a little so that everyone could see the dewy drops clinging to my shaven lips. Pleased by the murmurs rippling through the audience, he decided to give them a little bonus. Gently gripping my inner thighs he moved his thumbs to open my cunt lips wider - revealing luscious pink meat glistening with cum. He was rewarded not only by the sight before him, but he - and he alone - was treated to the delicious scent emanating from my pussy. I heard him inhale deeply and looked down into his smiling eyes. I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was, and it would only get better! Inevitably there were questions from the students such as why was I shaven; what had caused me to become wet; what was the wetness; where did it come from; what did it taste/smell like. We took turns answering them all. "I shave my pussy as a matter of preference. I like the way my clothes feel against my bare skin. Sometimes I even let him shave me. It's very erotic!" I offered. "The wetness was caused from his touching me. I get very turned on just being near him, and the heat of his hand stroking my body just added to it." "We'll get into the technical aspects of where and how and what it is later, but take my word for it, there is a distinctive taste and smell, and hers drives me wild. It's different from person to person but that's something you'll have to figure out for yourselves through your own experimentations - we're not giving out samples here!" he clarified with a grin. Andy finished up our allotted time by explaining and pointing out various erogenous zones covering the female body. He slipped off my shoe and worked his way up to my neck, breezing over the major ones in my pubic region - he would get into more detail about those later. I was glad for the reprieve since I was already quivering from his attention to those lesser erotic hotspots and I didn't want to scare the class with an orgasmic outburst the very first day. I was dripping with desire to feel him inside me and I couldn't wait for everyone to leave so I could get some satisfaction. When the room cleared, I held out my arms invitingly and he stepped closer pressing his body against mine. I could feel his hardened cock through his thin pants and pushed my pubic bone seductively against him while running my nails up the back of his neck and over his scalp. My provacativeness made him shudder and he didn't try to control the pent-up desire to bury his cock deep within my smoldering pussy. He swiftly spun me around and bent me over the demonstration table, quickly releasing his cock - now hard and pulsing. He looped his finger under the thin strip of my thong then tugged it up hard, wedging it deeply between my lips. I responded with a loud moan and pushed my ass back against his cock. We both were so turned on from our earlier encounters, we couldn't wait any longer. He pushed his cockhead against my slick pussy and in one stroke buried his entire length within me. We both screamed from the incredible sensations coursing through our bodies and after a moment of stillness, we picked up a steady rhythm. Soon my inner muscles started convulsing and squeezing his cock so hard he thought his eyes would bulge right out of his head. Oooh, it felt soooo good, but he would hold out as long as possible. I slammed back against him, tossing my head wildly as my breathing came in erratic pants mingled with my pleas to "fuck me harder". When the hot flood of cum rushed over his cock, he let go...filling me with his equally hot cream. His eruption sent me off again and my pussy spasmed tighter around his cock. We fed each other like that for a long time, until we both were drained and crumbled in a heap of sweaty, panting passion across the table.
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