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Rock Star

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Eric looks towards Alex, lifting his eyebrows suggestively. "Forced Revenge?" he mouths. "Or Never Back Down?"

Alex holds up 2 fingers to Eric, signaling that he means both. Eric smirks and moves up closer to his friend.

He no longer tells the crowd which songs they'll be singing next. He's getting tired of it and the kids probably don't even care. And besides the band already has the lineup and they know which song is next. Eric plays directly in front of Alex, literally; so that the people in the center cannot even see him.

They start Forced Revenge, Eric getting a little antsy. He is always ready for Alex. His body never fit so well with anyone else’s. Halfway through the song Eric gently lowers his upper body closer to the floor, waiting to feel Alex's hands on his waist. The girls are going crazy and the 'show' didn't even start yet. Eric can only imagine their faces.
Eric gasps when he feels his friends' clothed groin push into his backside. He continues to play, not finding it difficult at all. Alex continues humping his friend hands sliding up his back, singing the words to the song. Eric is very thankful that his guitar is covering up his hardness. He can't help it; he can't help imagining Alex actually fucking him like this.
After a few moments he picks Eric up and pushes his head to the side, placing soft kisses to his neck.

Unfortunately, Alex walks to the other side of the stage when he's through with Eric, standing up on the ledges, and such. People are crowd-surfing; there are circle- pits, the works. Alex is thinking about stage diving, but he doesn't want anyone to touch him. Only Eric is allowed to touch him. But than again, what more of a show with a bit of surprise. Alex walks up the edge of the stage, groping his own self and letting whoever wants to, touch it.

Eric looks over with a pained expression on his face. He's not supposed to do that, he thinks. He's supposed to grab his crotch, not filthy fan girls. The fake moans Alex is giving in the mic isn't helping.

Thank god he gets away from them when he does, or he would have left Eric very, very upset.

Eric stays away from him most of the show even... during Never Back Down- he doesn't feel like being touched like that again. But about ten or fifteen minutes before it ends Alex climbs up on the area where the drum set is, leans Eric's head back and sticks out his tongue. Eric smiles and opens his mouth, letting Alex massage his mouth with his tongue. He's mentally blocking out all the screams and yells. He's concentrating on feeling good right now.

The songs are over. They all say thank you and goodbye into their mics. Eric feels he should go out with a bang. "Uh. I want to thank you, the ten girls in the front row, for touching my boyfriend's cock. And I'll be remembering that when he fucks me tonight."

He hurriedly gets of the stage and grabs a rag, wiping his face with it.

"Your make up is gonna come off."

Eric looks at the towel. "Already did."

Some of their band-mates are off finding some groupie to have some fun with, while others are going to the tour bus to take a shower. It's routine by now.

Alex takes the rag and drags it over Eric's neck, and down his chest; slowly. "Why would you say something like that?" He whispers in Eric's ear.

Eric swears he's getting goose bumps. Alex always had that mysterious look about him that just made him a bit freaky. But Eric is being confronted, and it's scaring him a little. "Because you pissed me off."

Alex throws the dirty towel on the ground. "So it's not don't wish I was your boyfriend?" he slides his hand down Eric's tight black jeans. "You don't want me to fuck you?"

Eric can hardly catch his breath. His hands curl up into fists when he feels himself becoming hard again. He bites his lip. "Stop."

Alex giggles. "Teenagers these days...can hump a pillow and get hard in seconds."

Eric grits his teeth. "Shut the fuck up."

Alex grips him hard, stroking him up and down, causing the younger mans legs to give out momentarily. He slips his hand out of his pants and lightly pushes on the boys’ shoulders until he gets to his knees. Eric looks up at Alex menacingly. "You're hard too."

"Ah, yes. But you didn't touch me."

"That's worse!"

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"Shut up and suck my dick."

Even though Eric feels degraded and hurt at his friends' comment, his eyes stare fiercely at Alex's, as he unzips his pants and releases his erection. Placing both hands on Alex's chest, he lowers his mouth and takes him in whole, lightly sucking. He hollows his cheeks and rubs up and down his upper body, feeling his cock twitch inside his mouth. He pulls away and licks along the sensitive vein. "You're such a slut, Eric." Alex grunts.

Eric takes advantage of what was just said, looking up at his friend with seductive eyes "If I'm such a slut then why don't you fuck me like one?"

Alex can't believe his ears. All that tension on stage actually meant something to Eric, didn't it. Every time they kissed, touched, anything...Eric was only teasing and hoping for something like this to happen. And who knows, maybe Alex was too. But at this moment he doesn't care. And he intends to fuck Eric senseless.

In a quick movement he hoists Eric up off the ground, pushing him roughly against a speaker and yanking his pants down to his ankles. "Still want me to fuck you?" he asks, pushing his cock in-between Eric's ass, putting pressure, moving up and down. Just like before...only no clothes this time. "Because if you still do I wanna hear you, okay?"

Alex moves a bit faster, pushing down harder to make it better for himself. Eric groans out something incoherently.

"What was that?"

"I said. I want. Your cock."

Eric is in luck because Alex is a sucker for dirty talk, and as much as he wants to hold himself together? He can't. He starts to spit onto his hardness, coating it generously so he won't hurt his friend too much.

"Just go already, it's not like I've never been fucked before."

At this time the heavier man stops what he's doing and forcefully and painfully, shoves his dick up Eric's ass. Eric screams. "So that means I can fuck you however I want huh?"

Eric doesn't answer. He moans and pants like a whore; because he is, and he's a damn good one. All his noises are the right pitch to his friends' ears. But Alex wants him to be more vocal. "Talk to me, Eric. Tell me how fucking good I am."

Eric is tired, even though he's not doing anything, just getting fucked. The only thing holding him up would be the thrusts from Alex. "Ugh. Fuck you-"

Alex pulls Eric's hair; hard. Lucky there's so much of it. "I said tell me."

"Jerk me off and I will."

"So needy," Alex coos mockingly, eventually taking a firm grasp on Eric's dick.

Eric holds onto the speaker tight, laying his body fully over it, spreading himself even more for Alex. "I'm so fucking hard, 'Lex. You're so good- uh...god I love your cock."

"What are you?"

"A cheap slut. Fuckin' whore. Fuck me like a whore, Alex. Please, god. I need you so badly right now..."

"You're so tight for a whore, Eric. You feel so good around me."

Eric moans when Ales pumps him faster, leaning his body over his own, sweat mixing with sweat. "Mmm, I'm close...” the teenager pants, arching his back slightly.

Alex can only hold out for so much longer; he thumbs the tip of Eric's cock, causing the smaller man to gasp and whine. "Shit, c'mon. Please...let- let me come, please god." a few seconds and Eric is groaning as his orgasm hits him hard, Alex still fucking him just as hard and fast as he had been in the beginning. The mans stamina is outrageous. Eric wants to believe it's because he doesn't want it to end. He likes hearing how hot he is, how he's such a slut. When the older man comes inside of the younger, they both scream each others names at the same time.

As fast as it started; it ends. Alex zips up his pants in a hurry. "Thanks, Eric. I really needed a good lay."

Eric gets nothing more than a pat on his head. He smiles and zips himself up, picking up his rag and cleaning himself off.

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