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Road Trip With Sis

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

This is a story of my Sis Chelsey and I experiances on our cross country trip. It all started when I recieved a phone call from my dad in California telling me he was getting remarried for the 3rd time. He asked me if my sister and I would be interested in flying out west to be in his wedding. I said I would love to, (not really but a free trip to Cali, why not). I told him I'd call Chelsey my sis to see if she could go for sure since she was getting ready for her freshman year at college.

So I called Chelsey and told her what was going on and if she would be interested. She said she'd like to but she was scared to death of flying so she wouldn't be able to go. I told her I understood and left it at that. Since I really didn't want to go by myself I tried to find a buddy to go along. I called about 5 friends and no one really wanted to go. So the next morning I was going to called dad and tell him we weren't going to make it when it dawned on me that it would make a great road trip.

So the next day I called sis and asked her if she wanted to make the 2,500 mile trip by car instead of flying. Sure, she said when we leavin'? So two weeks later we packed up my mustang and hit the road. We decided on taking three days to get there, three back and we would stay in Cali for five days. So we hit the road for our cross country trip that would change our lives forever.

Now my sis was 18 at the time and I was 26. We were never real close because of our age difference and our parents divorce. So I thought this would be an oppertunity to get to know each other a lil better. So we chatted down the road and before we knew it we were in Indiana. We had been on the road for about 12 hours so we decided that this was a good place to stop for the night.

We found a decent hotel but it was booked solid so we went to the next one. They said they had one room left so we took it. Once we got unpacked I went for a walk around the hotel to look around. It was a pretty big hotel with a resturant and covention center. I noticed the also had a huge pool and hot tub. So when I got back to room I asked sis if she was up for a dip in the pool. Hell ya she said so I put my trunks on and waited on her to get her suit on.

She came out of the bathrrom upset saying she forgot her bag that had her suit in it. So we hopped in the car to go to the store to get her one. After looking and looking she finally found one. It wasn't a very nice one she said but it would work. It was a one piece that was like a silver color. So we headed back to the room so she could change.

She was in the bathroom forever so I asked what was taking so long. She said the suit wouldn't work and that she couldn't go swimming. I asked her why not but she didn't answer me. So I told her I was going down to the pool with or without her. She then cracked the door open and said that wasn't fair. I started laughing and said tough shit I'm going. I noticed she had the suit on but was kinda hiding behind the door. So I asked her why she didn't want to go.

She turned red in the face instantly. Then she said the suit was a cheapo. She said she was to embarrassed to wear it in public. I told her to come out of the bathroom so I could see it. Thats when she told me what was wrong with it. It fits fine she said but the material was cheap and to thin and she shut the door. I told her it was no big deal it was just me. That when she said that you can see right through the material. My heart skipped a beat. I had never really thought of her in a sexual way until that moment.

I told her she was probably over reacting hoping she would come out of the bathroom so I could see for myself! The bathroom door opened and she walked out with a towel covering her. I could tell she was nervous so I told her that there was probably not anyone else in the pool this late anyhow. She said she would only swim if there was no one else there. So we headed down to the pool. On the walk there I noticed her nice tone tanned legs. I started to get hard and was hoping that the pool was empty so I could see that swimming suit on her.

We got there and to my luck there was no one there! So I took my shirt off and hopped in. She was still standing there in a towel. I asked her, well you jumpin' in? She asked me to promise not to laugh at her. I said okay as I again felt myself getting hard. She dropped her towel and WOW. I couldn't help but slowly check her out from head to toe. She was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. From her pretty blonde hair to her sexy toned body that she got from her volleyball scolarship. Then I looked at her perfect b cup breast. You could easily see her beautiful dark nipples, then i noticed I couldn't see any pubic hair.

That's when she yelled, hey quit starring. I had to gather myself as I was in shock of seeing how beautiful was sister really was. She jumped in and popped her head out of the water and said, see why I didn't want anyone to see me in this thing. I laughed and said ya if any guys seen you in that they would instantly get hard and horny. She just said ha ha. I'm serious, your perfect I said. She again turned red in the face and swam off. We continued to swim for awhile till we got tired.

We got back to the room and we noticed a note on our door. It was from the hotel who said to go to the lobby and ask for manager. So she went into the room to shower up and I went to the lobby to see what was up. He said there was a mix up and that they had given us the wrong room and that they needed us to move to another room. I was getting tired so I just said sure. So he gave me a new key so I headed up to tell sis. So we repacked and headed for our new room. When we walked in we noticed it was only a single bed room.
We decided it would be alright since we were only staying one night. So I got into bed and quickly started thinking of my sis in her swimming suit. Thinking of her nipples that I had seen and her bald pussy instantly made me very horning. Thats when it happened. I felt my sis's hand brush up against my hard on. I couldn't tell if it was acidental or what. Thats when I heard her ask if that was because of her.

I was in shock. I couldn't talk, I couldn't even move. She rolled over and grabbed my cock and started strocking me through my boxers. She asked again if I was hard from her. I couldn't lie. I told her yes and apoligized for it. She said not to feel bad that when she noticed me starring in the pool that she felt warm inside and got turned on. I couldn't believe this was happening! She pulled my cock from my boxers and said she had never been so turned on knowing that her brother wanted her.

She slowly stroked my cock with her soft hands and slid under the covers. I felt her slowly stick my cock in her mouth as I began to moan. She never stopped looking into my eyes as she told me that she had been dreaming of this day forever. I was so turned on by her I had to fight from cumming so soon. She then got out of bed and slowly took her t shirt and panties off. Her perfect tits and bald pussy was so beautiful. She then put one foot on the bed so she could spread her tight pussy open and asked if thats what I wanted.

I quickly pulled back into bed and started kissing her sweet pussy lips. She started moaning and shaking. I licked her teen pussy for awhile when she pushed my head away and ask me if I wanted to fuck my lil sis's pussy. So I slowly rubbed my cock on her swollen wet clit when she started to orgasm. She grabbed my dick and slid it inside her wet slit. She looked me in the eyes and said now she wants to me to fuck her. So I slid my cock deep inside her and I began to pump my dick in and out.

We made love for about 30 minutes when I felt myself aproaching my orgasm. I asked her if she wanted me to cum on her perfect tits when she grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper inside her and told me she wanted to feel me explode inside her. With her saying that I couldn't hold back any longer. I quicly came inside her lil pussy. She started screaming, yes yes cum in your sisters pussy, fill me up with your hot cum. When I finished we kissed as I was still inside her.

Soon after we fell asleep cuddling each other. The next morning I was woken up to a blow job. We fooled around a bit in bed and then moved to the shower. I bent her over in the shower when I felt it again. I pulled her tight against me and gave my sis another creampie. She started fingering her pussing the making my cum spread all over her pussy. She rubbed her clit till she came telling me her pussy felt so good with my hot cum all over it. She then wiped my cum off her pussy with her hand and licked it off.

When we got out of the shower and dried off I couldn't help but stare at her body. It was then that pulled her into a hugged and told her how much I loved her and not just as a sister. She kissed me and whispered to me that she was deeply in love with me and had been for years. We made out for a while longer until check out time.

When we got back on the road we talked about what had happened between us and we both agreed it was more than a one night stand. So the rest of the trip we only got single bed rooms. Each day we fell more and more in love. By the time we got back to Jersey we knew in our hearts that we were more than sibblings, we were a couple deeply in love.

We ended up moving out of Jersey so we could get more serious in our relationship away from anyone we knew. Six years later we now have an apartment together and are in more love than ever. We love each other so much! Things are really perfect for us.

Please let me know how you like my story. If I get good comments I'll write more of our stories for you guys. Hope to write you again!

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