River wild

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I woke up with an erection. It was poking through the hole in my boxers and pointing straight at my friend's girlfriend. The truth his I'd been imagining her lips around my 8 inch shaft. Dreaming of her spit dripping over my balls and feeling the back of her throat as I pushed her head on to me. I opened my eyes and realised my duvet wasn't covering me and my friend Tom, 20, and his girlfriend Lisa, 19, were facing towards me, his arm around her asleep.

I enjoyed being in front of them like this. I could see them rouse and I pulled the duvet back over myself. We were taking a trip down a river near my hometown. It was hot and the boat was small. We woke up and had breakfast. We had a fun day driving downstream. Every chance I got I'd take a look at Lisa. She 5 foot 5 and quite thin but with perfect little pert tits. She wore tight t shirts showing off her braless perfection and little hot pants revealing tanned thighs. I swear she looked at me in 'that way' sometimes and when we were washing up last night she held her hand on mine for just a little too long.

It was getting dark and we had to tie up. Tom suggested it was a good place to swim. We had a beer or two and a nice BBQ. We were all having a great time and started to joke about going swimming nude. Lisa suggested we play strip catch and then swim afterwards. I was already starting to get a little hard. We started to throw the ball around. Here and there someone would drop it. I remember Lisa was the first to drop and took off her hair band. We all said that was cheating. She looked at me and threw the ball hard at my feet. I took my shirt off revealing my tanned muscled body.

I immediately threw it back at Lisa as hard as I could. Tom and I then pretty much teamed up and forced her down to her bra and knickers. She was embarrassed but clearly loving the attention. Tom and I both still had boxers, t-shirts and socks on. I could feel my cock starting to stir so tried to distract myself. Tom kept throwing the ball at Lisa and she was forced to slowly remove her bra. We both took a moment to enjoy the view. The ball came back to me and I threw it at Lisa hard 'Come on, this is no fair' she joked. She took her knickers off and stood with her arms over her nipples and pussy hair.

"That's cheating" I said. "you have to put your arms down and run around before going in the water. "Ok, I lost lets go for a swim". Tom and I threw off the rest of our clothes and ran in to the water and splashed each other. I think we all knew this wasn't the end.

We dried off and Lisa took a good look at my cock and said "look, Tom, he's bigger than you are". "No way" Tom shouted. "Only one way to find out" Lisa giggled. She went over to a draw and took out a ruler. She then took Tom in her hands and measured him... "mmmm, four inches". We were still wet and cold and our cocks were not at their best. "Come on you can't measure it cold like this.

Lisa gave me the ruler and said "here you are, who's the winner then". I uncovered my cock from my hands and revealed that I was starting to get hard. I measured it and said "7 inches, you lose". Everyone was embarrassed now, my hard cock raising the stakes considerably. "Perhaps Tom should get a second chance" Lisa said with a smile. She wandered over to him and gave him a long slow kiss then moved her hand over his chest and re-measured him

"what do you know, he's 8 and half inches now". I decided to go with where this was heading "I think I can do better to" I went over to them both and kissed her passionately. And took her left hand down to my shaft so that she had one of us in each hand "Lets call it a draw, tom is a little longer but yours is thick". "Did you have enough to eat Lisa?" I joked. She smiled and started to lower herself until she was on her knees.

Still with a cock in each hand she said "Tom, meet Alex, Alex meet Tom" and touched our cocks against each other. Then she started to suck Tom with me in her hand tossing me lightly. "I better ask permission to suck you Alex". Tom shook his head and said "you owe me one. And then she slowly took my head in her mouth. It felt so good. Hot and wet and delicate. She gave me a great five minute blow, all the while tossing off Tom. Then she started to take us in her mouth together, all the while dribbling spit down our legs. Tom moved around her back and started licking her asshole and pussy "Alex you gotta see how wet she is!".

I went around there and we licked and fingered her. "Me first" I said. We had a bit of a wrestle and eventually Tom won. He held her against a tree and fucked her hard from the start. He came inside her and she stood there as his semen dribbled out of her and down her leg. I pushed my face in as hard as I could while he sat down to relax. I had my nose in her ass and my tongue in her dripping hole. Then I turned her to face Tom and fucked her while she smiled at him.

I came in her hard and made her stand over him so my load dribbled on her face "right now you two have to finish me off" Lisa joked. We stroked her to climax with the help of a vibrator. In the next three days we fucked ten more times and we re-planning another trip in a couple of weeks. Since then I have a girlfriend too.

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