Retiring Doctors

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I was getting my annual checkup and the doctor called his four colleagues in to consult when he did the prostate examination. I thought that was a little unusual until he moved his hand from my shoulder to my penis while he was fingering my anus. I of course started to get hard as he massaged my prostate and penis at the same time. He said, "I thought you might like to celebrate our retirement with us since you are our last patient."
I said, "Okay, but you are going to have to do something with this now that you have made it hard."
"Oh we will," he said.

They were all undressing each other and they finished undressing me. When we were all naked two of the others lay down side by side on the narrow exam table with an arm around each other to keep from falling off. Another started to suck one of their dicks and my doctor motioned for me to stick my dick in his ass, and he pushed my head down on the others dick to suck it. The fourth guy sat on the step stool and started sucking the dick of the guy I was fucking, and my doctor shoved his dick in my ass. I sucked the guy off and he was cumming in my mouth and then he sat up and we kissed and he was sucking his cum out of my mouth. The other guy ejaculated in my guys mouth and he sat up and they kissed. The guy I was fucking had cum dripping from his mouth and started moaning and screaming, "OHHHH YESSS!!I LOVE THAT MONSTER DICK IN MY ASS!!fuck me hard! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT cum in my ass! AAAAUUUUGGGHH!OHH!OHH!OHH!OHH!I AM CUMMMMMIIINNNGGG!!"

He shot his load in the guy sitting on the step stool and that guy stood up and kissed the doctor who was fucking me. He was pounding his dick in me and I could feel him starting to cum and he was screaming, "OOOHHH!OOOHHH!OOOHHH!OOOHHH!I'M GOING TO CUMMMM!I'M CUUMMMIIINNGGG!CUUMMMIIINNGGG!CUUMMMIIINNGGG!AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEAAHH!"

When I felt his hot cum it started me getting really close and I started pounding my dick in the guys ass harder and harder. "TAKE IT ALL, YOU bitch!YOU ARE MY whore!YOU BELONG TO ME!OOHHH!OOHHH!OOHHH!YESSS!FEEL THAT HOT CUM YOU SLUT!AAAAAAHHHHHEEIII!"

I pulled out of his ass and turned him around and he fell to his knees and took my throbbing cock in his mouth."Then suck it whore!I want to face fuck you!"

He was digging his fingers into my butt and trying to get all twelve inches in his mouth.I was getting closer!"OHHH YEAH!THAT'S GOOD!TAKE IT ALL!I'M CUUUMMMMMIIIINNNG!AAAAGHHHHHOOOOOHHHHH!"
After I shot my load into his mouth we all went across the hall into a big shower and cleaned each other up, then back to the room to get our clothes on.
The first doctor said, "We are going to have a meeting in the conference room. Come and join us. We wish to make you an offer."
In the conference room we were joined by the five doctors wives, three female nurses, two male nurses, and the three women who did the book keeping etc.

The doctor said, "We are all going to retire to a place in western Texas. We will all live together in a huge mansion on a large ranch. The mansion will be large enough that each person will have plenty of private space. None of us are satisfied with the sex lives that we now have and we want you to come out there with us and become our sex director. It is an experiment we all wish to participate in and we will write a book about after a year. You will be well compensated for your efforts. We will all become your slaves in so far as sex is concerned and will do what we are told and with whom we are told."

"You mean that if I tell you to fuck this guy and your wife to fuck someone else that is what you want?"

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"Exactly, and we will all sign an agreement today to relieve you of any responsibility. The other duty that we have for you is to make regular inspection tours through our facility to assure us it is being built to our specifications. We will be living on the ranch in motor homes and travel trailers while it is being built and one will be provided for you. Also there may be some others who wish to join our experiment, for instance the architects and designers have already expressed an interest."

"All right. For the record I think it is a cockamaimey idea but since I am going to be paid up front with no return to you I will do it. Since this clinic is closed we will start right here today. We have more females than males so we will need some dildos from your fertility clinic. I know that you recorded our session in the exam room so put it up on that TV for all to see as they sign the paper."

I told the two male nurses, "You take this doctor and you the other and begin kissing and fondling each other and undressing each other."

I got them all undressing each other and then I had them numbered with a magic marker; the males all odd numbers and the females even numbers. That way I didn't have to try to remember any names. A couple of the women's husbands showed up along with four other female nurses who had just gotten off duty.

By now I had them all naked and they lined up and came by my chair to sign the agreement. After they signed I made each one take my dick in their mouth and then kiss the person standing behind them.
"All right slaves. You will hence forth address me as master. I will address you by your number.Today we are going to do a circle fuck and we will get into more complicated acts after we get out west. One, you stand right here. Twenty six, take your dildo and shove it in his ass and your pussy. We alternate male and female until we run out of males and then I will complete the circle."

I made sure that there were cameras running and then backed up to One and pulled the last female ass onto my dick. She screamed,"OHH MY GOD! IT IS SO BIG!EEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!"
Everyone was either screaming or moaning in pleasure and pain. In a short time some man screamed, "I'M CUMMMMIIIIINNNGG!OHH THIS IS SOOO GOOOOD!OHHHH FUUUUUCKK!"
In only a few minutes everyone had ejaculated, me included. I pulled them all apart and paired them all with whichever one I wanted to in the sixty nine and started them sucking again. There was one woman that had really big tits and I pulled her down on top of me and said,"Rub those big tits on my legs while you suck my dick!"

"Oh yesssss, Master!"

I held back as long as I could but very soon she had me so close I was shaking all over and I exploded in her mouth but she couldn't take it all and I splashed most of it on her big tits. There were two women nearby and I grabbed them and made them lick her tits clean and eat her pussy.

I decided that was enough for today and told them all to shower and dress and we would continue on our trek to west Texas.

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