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Rest Stop Services

(Part 1 from 1)

It was 10:30 P.M. when I pulled my car off I-80. The rest stop was all but empty, except for a few Big Trucks hat idled in the parking lot. That was as good of place as any, to satisfy my lust for cock. I waited until another Eighteen Wheeler pulled up and parked. A well built, Black Man exited his truck a few minutes later and headed for the restrooms. This was my cue. Waiting until the Trucker entered the men’s restroom. I stepped out of my car and headed on in. I was looking to lighten this Truckers “Load” for the “Long Haul “ I gave the tall, well built mid- forty’s gentleman a moment to step-up, unzip and start to release his bladder.

That’s when I stepped on in. I walked over to the Trucker and said. Excuse me Sir’ I’m in need of a little Gasoline. Do you think I might be able to suck you off, for maybe Ten dollars? It was a lame excuse, and I didn’t really need the gas but it was all I could come up with at the moment. The Truckers reply was, only if I you’ll agree to give me a two for one and suck my partner who’s out sleeping in the rig. I agreed and waited for him to finish his piss he then left and returned a few minutes later with is driving partner. I led them by the look in my eye’s to the larger handicapped stall in the back of the can. The door swung shut behind my John’s, and I was already down and opened mouthed.

The Truckers opened their fly’s to reveal a couple of nice all american cocks. My eye’s lit up like a kid in a candy store, and a rush come over my body as I licked my lips in anticipation in my opened salivating mouth. Soon my mouth engulfed his head and my tongue swirled around it like a lollipop. I worked his piss slit, tasting his salty urine. “Wow” what a feeling, my body tingled and I could feel my own cock stiffening in my pants. Licking up and down his shaft. Soon his boot was hiked up on the toilet.

Raising his balls with one hand clinching a fist full off my hair in the other, he leaned back against the stall and let out a groan. “Eat my ass you little nasty queer” Oh yes, suck my ass you faggot. I licked around his anus, tasting his sweet ass, poking into his rectum with my tongue. Their was a sweet pungent smell and I worked his hole a few more minutes before he guided my head, back up to his ball sack. “ Suck on my balls “ I was happy to oblige him and ran my tongue in a swirling motion around his left nut, and then his right. Jacking his cock with my hand, it grew in length and girth. Going down on him I worked his head into my mouth and I could taste his pre-cum. Suddenly the door swung open and in stepped someone. I could not tell who it was, but then the man spoke. “Hey, “Dirk” Are you all right in there.

The john in my stall replied. “Yea Bill, I’m doing pretty good” I’ve found us a true “Rest Stop Service whore” and he is ready to please! Then he forced his large head down my throat. The discomfort made me gag a little but soon my throat relaxed as he probed ever deeper down into my gullet. The stall door opened and stepped in, was a tall muscle built 240 lbs. Black man around his late Twenties. I looked in his eyes as his buddy’s balls came up and slapped me on the chin. Saliva ran out of my mouth and dripped onto the ground. I was kind of embarrassed and just closed my eyes to hide my shame. “He looks like a pretty good cock sucker.

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Do you mind if I warm up his other end? There is not a lot I could say with ten inches of cock in my mouth. Go ahead said the first one and soon my pants were completely taken off and thrown from the stall. The John in my mouth slowed down his assault on my throat a little, and I could tell it was an attempt to delay the release of his seed. With his cock tightly wedged deep down in my throat. He paused, and held my head from withdrawing from his cock. I almost panicked and attempted to struggle. I was having trouble breathing. But he commanded me to stop fighting, stay still and just breath through my nose. I did as I was told, and could feel his pulse in his cock, like the beat of his heart. The blood surged through his cock head “Bill” The Black God like Hunk, at my rear, soon had his two wet fingers, working there way past my prostate.

He slowly slid them up to his knuckles, loosening me up for the ride. I was being called obscene and degrading things, like Faggot, Queer, cock slave, Cum Slut, This only turned me on more, and the urge to have both these cocks deep in me grew like a wild fire. Soon I could feel his cock head working its way into my prostate, and my body tightened as he forced his cock head into my man pussy. “Dirk” The man fucking my mouth, once again resumed his slow but deep, and powerful thrusts, forcing me down on his cock. He cried out, yes oh yes you little cock, sucking faggot. I’m going to come soon and you better swallow every last drop.

Meanwhile, Bill was just getting me loosened up. As his dick worked its way deeper into my hole, he slapped my ass and called me his little bitch. This made me tingle inside as he degraded me. Oh yes you little cum slut he shouted and they worked me from one cock to another. Oh yes I could not believe how lucky I was to service these two black men. Cum dripped from my penis and my body was rocked with sudden spasms that I could not control. Soon the john in my throat began his ascending climax and was fucking my face deep and hard. Oh fuck I’m going to cum, oh yes here it comes, drink it bitch, drink this niggers cum. He pulled back on my hair and made me look up into his eyes. I stuck out my tongue awaiting his blast of cum. He pulled his cock from my mouth and began to spray thick streams of cum into my mouth and on my face.

I opened up wide, wanting to catch his warm salty seed. Spurt after spurt sprayed into my mouth. I closed my mouth around his great load of cum, and swished it around in my mouth, savoring it like a fine wine. His cum was thick, hot and a bit, salty. I licked my lips, coating them with his cum, how I love the taste of a black mans cum! I swallowed it down and smiled up at him. He chuckled a bit and then inserted his head back in my mouth and I cleaned his spent cock.

Meanwhile, Bill was approaching the peak of his ride and I could feel his balls slapping up against mine. He pulled back on my skull, with a fistful of my hair, leaned his hot sweaty body over mine. And said, I’m going to “explode my load” in that pussy of yours. That is unless you would rather have it in your face? I was lost in the moment and did not answer him. Whack! He slapped my ass good and hard. Then he yelled “speak you little bitch” do you want it the ass, or face? My curiosity and desire to taste this black mans cum, wins me over. I reply with a overwhelming “yes” let me taste your cum.

Please shoot your load in my face! His pace picked up and I could feel his throbbing cock in my ass, here it comes. He then pulled his cock from my ass and I spun around with my mouth open. He jacked his meat a few strokes and aimed for my face.

He leaned back and let go, shooting his full volley of cum on my face and mouth. I caught six or seven good squirts in and around my mouth. The rest was shot on my face, neck and hair. I quickly swallowed my reward and cleaned up his tool in a timely manner. He zipped up his fly and left. Just like his buddy did. Truckers are always in a hurry and I never got the money I asked for. Maybe they had known that it wasn’t money that I was really after. I was just looking to get stiffed, filled and satisfied...

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