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Red riding hood

(Part 1 from 1)

This is a story about red riding hood red riding hood was a sexy thing , she wore a red cape wore bright red lipstick red finger nail polish and red sexy high heels black stockings and red silky underwear, she walked in the woods needing to go to grandmas house along the way she got hungry she couldn't eat what was in the basket for that was for her grandma so she saw some wild berries and ate them. along with drinking some fruit juice she had in her basket.

As she was walking the woods she saw the big bad wolf hark he said its the little red riding hood yes she said its me o wow you look so sexy i want to lick your pussy and she said you the big bad wolf i know he said she said but i am horny and its a long ways to grandmas house ok she said ,so the big bad wolf bent down and took her panties of with his mouth and teeth and then started licking her pussy the wolf said red riding hood you smell so sweet he then put his tongue way up inside of her o wow she said o yes that feels so good o yess i want to have an orgasm not yet he said wait until i fuck you first ok she said then she bent over and the big bad wolf took out his huge massive cock 10 inches and then he she was like o my big bad wolf o my gosh your cock is so huge.

The wolf said the better to fuck you with and he rammed it in her wet pussy and o yes back and forth deeper and deeper his cock went and really hard until she felt pain and then he smacked her ass really hard and yanked her hair until she had an o , then the wolf said said o wow you feel so good my cock is so wet from your pussy juices and how about later you and i go to grandmas house and we fuck in her bed because you fuck so good and red riding hood said sounds good and so the wolf left and red riding hood walked on her way to grandmas house but along the way she got tired and decided to stay at a motel and she layed on the bed masturbating herself and she had long red nails that she put in her pussy to give her a nice o and her long nails went in her pussy and her pussy juice was on her red long nails in and out and then she had her o and went to sleep.

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