Remembering Bethany : Part 5

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In which our heroine meets Broad Billy: hijinks ensue

Adele, my wife had somehow guessed something about Beth and I. There was a continuing tirade about some ‘little white tramp’ down at the bar where I worked weekend nights and I was on an increasingly short leash. Adele was waiting up for me every night and the only car I could drive was the MG. She also took to calling the bar and the rehab clinic at Fitzsimons Hospital where I worked during the week at random times in order to check if I was there. Jimmy was short on inventory and though he told me that he didn’t suspect Beth or me, he still wasn’t letting the key to the storeroom leave the chain around his neck.

Beth, for her part, seemed to take our enforced celibacy in stride but occasionally I found her staring at me with what might be described as longing or just pure lust. Of course, the lust and longing were very real to me and our quick gropes in the hallway and out back on breaks just made things worse.

I also had my own set of problems. My twenty year old nephew from Missouri, Billy arrived to take part in an experimental new paramedic AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Fitzsimons. He was fresh out of Basic and Jump School. He had been on a football scholarship back home before he injured his ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) and had to drop out of college in his freshman year and was facing the draft. He was as tall as I but bigger in the chest and shoulders. Smart and good looking but with no money, he decided to enlist. Against my advice, he decided to follow me into the airborne and medical fields.

Billy was a snowbird (early arrival) because he came on the Thursday before class started on Monday morning. Unfortunately, The Bachelor Enlisted Quarters were full due to renovation and Denver was in the throes of the annual state basketball tournament. There simply were no rooms to be had for love or money. I asked Adele if we could put him up.

“Not only no, but hell no! Don’t you remember the way your skinny assed sister disrespected me at our wedding cause she thought you were too good for me? Besides that, I’m not having any good-looking young stud in the same house with my daughters especially if he’s their cousin.”

I responded with “You just remember the way you were when you were their age.” And things just went downhill after that until she ended up screaming at me. “I don’t care what you do with him or what happens to you either! Go stay with one of your good for nothing musician friends for all I care!” She shouted as I took off with the Mercedes.

Actually that wasn’t bad advice since there was a jam session happening that night at a club downtown. I picked Billy up at the Military Air Terminal and called Beth to ask her if she wanted to join us. I figured in his dress greens with bloused trousers in jump boots, shaved head and polite manners, Billy would look trustworthy enough for one of my friends to take home for the weekend.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten the old joke that went “What do you call a musician without a girlfriend? Answer: homeless.” All of my pals who had girlfriends couldn’t or wouldn’t bring a good looking unattached male with a steady job anywhere near their girlfriends. The two without girlfriends were rooming together at the “Y” and I really didn’t want Billy in the middle of that.

I ended up setting in on a few sets while Billy and Beth danced to a few fast numbers and got to know each other. I could tell that he was starting to develop a crush on her by the way he couldn’t take his eyes off her even though he kept calling her ‘Aunt’ Beth. For her part, Beth was both charmed and amused by his polite but fawning attentions.

Billy surprised me by asking if we could play a waltz. It turned out that he had been given some dance lessons in preparation for a formal military ball in High School R.O.T.C. I launched into the Missouri Waltz and since most of the guys were from St. Louie, we quickly had a R&B version of the old standard rocking. Beth hadn’t waltzed since Vienna and Billy was rusty but they were soon twirling around the floor to the delight of the mostly black crowd in the club. Afterwards, I shifted into Dexter Gordon’s “Round Midnight” and Beth rested her head on Billy’s broad chest and smiled at me and he just closed his eyes in bliss as they swayed in the mist of the crowd.

After a few more slow numbers, we broke and I joined them in the booth. Billy had a couple of drinks and started to nod off. I remarked “Poor kid, he’s had a long day; good thing I keep a couple of down sleeping bags in the trunk. He should be OK in the back seat.”

“Oh no, I can’t allow that.” Beth replied. “Billy is a very polite young man; he had plenty of opportunity not to be one out on the dance floor. I feel perfectly safe in having him stay on my couch.”

“No, Aunt Beth, I don’t want to be no trouble to you.” Billy interjected.

“Nonsense, your uncle George wouldn’t let me sleep in the car and I wont permit you to either. You’re sleeping on my couch and that’s all there is to it.”

“Thanks Beth, I owe you one.” I responded as we gathered up our coats and got into the Mercedes as a heavy snow began to fall. Billy passed out in the back as we drove but woke up enough to stagger up the stairs to Beth’s apartment with his large duffle bag.

I helped Beth lay out sheets, pillow and blanket on her couched and then I helped get Billy down to his Army–issue boxers. He sleepily tried to cover himself. “Don’t worry Billy; it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before.”

As soon as his head hit the pillow, Billy was out like a light. I pulled out a joint for the two of us. When Beth got up to cover Billy with a blanket, I took the opportunity to caress her breast. Beth just turned and smiled and led me by the hand through the glass bead curtain dividing the living room from the bedroom. “I know this snowstorm will mean a late opening for the schools so we can get up late.” she promised.

We quickly stripped each other and were almost frantic in our haste and pent-up desire. I was quickly on top of her as she guided me into her wet channel. “Oh god, I’ve wanted this for so long.” She whispered in my ear. Soon we were in the pattern of thrust and response with her long white limbs wrapped around my sweating black back and buttocks.

I half expected her to be distracted by Billy’s presence in the front room and I occasionally caught her glancing at the glass-beaded doorway. “Don’t worry, that boy is a heavy sleeper; he won’t be up till morning.” But she still kept looking at the doorway. I felt her stiffen suddenly and saw her clench her eyes shut while her passion only increased and I could feel her get even wetter. _ “Oh ho!”_ I thought._ “Little girl, you have lots of hidden kink, don’t you?” _I knew Billy was watching us; I’ve survived enough ambushes to know when somebody’s watching me and I also knew enough to keep doing what I was doing while I considered my next move.

Beth might be excited by the thrill of being caught or watched by a hidden observer but I knew young men. I knew that if Billy watched us he would have to talk to someone about it. I also knew that if he talked, as sure as judgment day, Adele would find out. The perceived insult of my infidelity in front of her sworn enemy’s son would have her howling for my gonads to be nailed to the wall. My only hope was to make Billy complaisant in keeping the secret.

Abruptly, I stopped and got up on my knees. “Billy stop spying on us through the curtain and come in here.” Beth just looked at me dumbfounded as I got up to sit on the edge of the bed. She quickly scrambled up to hide behind me and I reached around to pull her into a sheltering embrace. “There’s nothing shameful gong on here, just two people loving each other. Sit down on that chair next to the wall. I want you to respect the fact that Beth has allowed you to stay with her and you need to respect her secrets. I love her and I don’t want her to suffer from you being indiscreet. That also means you are to continue to be a perfect gentleman towards her. Do I make myself clear to you?” Billy gulped and nodded assent.

Beth had her arms covering her breasts with her knees drawn up and her ankles crossed in front of her sex, while her face was turned into my chest in embarrassment. “Beth here is a beautiful woman isn’t she?” Billy just nodded, dumb struck. “I bet you haven’t seen many nude white women, have you?”

“J…Just in magazines, and a stripper in Columbus: B...But none was as beautiful as you, Aunt Beth” Billy quickly added. I felt Beth softly chuckle under her breath at his boyish adoration.

“You’re right Billy, look at this beautiful ass.” And I grabbed Beth’s haunch and stroked her thigh. I worked my fingers under her crossed arms and she relaxed enough to allow me to softly cradle her breast. “And just look at these fine titties.” I noticed that Beth was shyly smiling despite her embarrassment as I continued to compliment and caress her. I bent my head to suck on her nipple and slipped my hand between her thighs.

I heard a sharp intake of breath as my fingers found her swollen lips and I guided her trembling fingers to my rock hard ‘nine-iron’. From old habit her hand began to slowly stroke my manhood. Looking up into Billy’s gaping face, I continued. “And what’s even better, Beth loves to suck on my cock, don’t you? Why don’t you show Billy how good you are?” Then I whispered “Just do it, if Billy watches with our permission, it becomes his secret too.” Beth glanced at Billy with trepidation but then lowered her face into my lap.

I was right about Beth liking an audience because even though she was nervous and embarrassed, her fellatio was up to her usual world class standard of sucking, licking and deep-throating which seemed to be both slow and languid alternating with rapid bobbing and polishing of just the knob. I confirmed her arousal by pushing my fingers into her flowing passage. When we were both groaning and arching our backs, I stopped Beth and told her to climb on my dick. With barely a glance at Billy, she got up to straddle me. I positioned Beth facing Billy so that he could get the whole benefit. She sank down on my up-thrust mast as if she were lowering herself into a hot bath with a beautiful sigh ending in a moan. I noticed that she was still embarrassed enough to keep her face averted from Billy’s gaze.

Billy sat transfixed, afraid to blink for fear of missing anything. This was obviously a first for him. His hand however, was quite busy stroking the growing dome in his shorts.

Beth appeared as if she was off in her own world but I could tell that she was also quite excited by having such an adoring audience of both Billy and myself. I could feel her trembling and shuddering with each self-impalement as she used her beautiful thighs to raise and lower her sex onto mine. Her head was down and her silken black tresses were swaying and bouncing in conjunction with her breasts. I was assisting with my dark hands on the beautiful white twin globes of her perfect ass. As she neared her climax, I moistened my forefinger and positioned it so that she sank her rosebud the full length of my digit on the down stroke. I heard her gasp and then she spasmed around my manhood and dove into a screaming, squirting orgasm that left her weak and trembling. I sat up and embrace her to kiss her neck. She finally lifted her head brush back her hair and to look at Billy with a bashful guilty smile that I found adorable.

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I sank back on the bed pulling back on and spreading her thighs to display the workings of or lovemaking as Beth resumed grinding her pelvis back and forth on mine. I noticed that Beth was grinning at Billy’s self manipulation. In an obvious taunt she leaned back to put her hands on my biceps and arched her back to display her chest. Billy responded by increasing the rapidity of his strokes and fully exposing the tent pole that was making a dome out of his shorts. Beth froze, and turning to me in astonishment, gasped “It’s huge!”
I laughed, and teasing Beth, I called. “Billy, Beth thinks you’ve got a big dick; why don’t you bring it over here and show it to her?” When he hesitated, I played the sergeant. “Trooper, drop ‘trou’ and present arms.” Billy stood and stumbling out of his boxers came to stand in front of both of us clutching his manhood.

Beth could tell I was teasing her and she gave me a playful scowl before she turned around to face the biggest, fattest cock I have ever seen. It was about 11 inches and the head wasn’t any bigger than mine. While I have seen longer, the girth was truly amazing. Tapering outwards from the uncircumcised tip it reached a midpoint of at least three inches in width and two in depth and resembled nothing as much as a large blunt spearhead.

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