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Jack smiled to himself as he sat at his desk at work, his mind wandering to his wife Angie and their activities the night before. Jack had come home after having a very nice day at the office, the boss had told him about a possible promotion and raise in pay that could quite very well be headed his way. Even more surprising to him was the fact that he came home to find his wife of five years waiting for him lying naked on their bed. 

Jack was caught off guard but quickly regained his composure taking his belt off as he undid the zipper to his pants, sliding them down around his legs. His hard on was quite visible through his jockey shorts as Angie licked her lips in anticipation. It had been knowledge to her for just over five years the kind of dick her husband had between his legs. While not exceptionally long, his 7 inches was more then enough to make her head spin in the throes of orgasm. Angie teasingly spread her legs allowing Jack to see that she was already dripping out. He smiled grabbing her around the ankles dragging her gently to the edge of the bed until she was sitting in front of him. 

She quickly grabbed his shorts, yanking them down as she felt the anxiety of waiting reach her boiling point. Jack then took his dick in his hand rubbing it slowly over her lips as he watched her eyes and she let out a gentle moan as his male hardness and warmth were so close to her lips. Jack then in a savage mood to have his wife’s lips and mouth around his dick forced the head past her lips, sighing as he felt the warmth surround the head of his now pulsing member. Cocksucking had always been one of Angie’s favorite things to do in the bedroom and by now she knew exactly how her husband liked it. 

She sucked gently on the head first, wetting it down with her tongue, then she moved her hands around to grab at his butt, pulling him further into her mouth. Jack moaned loudly feeling his wife take in the rest of his manroot. Not wanting to submit to his wife just yet though, he put his hands on the sides of her head to hold her still as he slowly moved his hips back and forth. He began to fuck his wife’s beautiful face for all she was worth, Angie having moved her hands to his legs, pushing them open so that she could grab at his balls massaging them a tad roughly, making her husband groan in pleasure. She could tell by their tightness that his cum would soon be filling her mouth, as she then moved her hands onto his, pushing them away from her head as she began to suck ravenously while moving her hand over his shaft and then allowing her mouth to slide all the way to his base, forcing his cock into the depths of her throat as Jack became overwhelmed by his wife’s actions and began to cum down her throat. 

Angie did her best to swallow him down but the torrents of her husband’s orgasm caused some of it to come back out of her mouth and over her chin. She let him take a few quick thrusts into her mouth before she expelled him still stroking his dick as it maintained it’s rock hard status. Jack grabbed a towel that was hanging on the closet door nearby to allow his wife to clean her chin off. She then kissed the head of his dick, moving her hands to his legs as she rubbed softly, Jack then knew he must return the favor as he dropped to his knees, putting his wife’s legs up onto his shoulders as she moaned feeling his lips on her thighs. She lay back waiting and moaned out even louder when she felt him exhale his hot breath against her already overheated pussy. He slowly took his time, kissing every inch of her thighs. 

He then slowly trailed his tongue over the opening to her slit causing Angie to thrust her hips up toward his mouth. Jack smiled down at his wife holding her legs down to prevent her from getting anymore of his tongue then he allowed. He then mercilessly swabbed his tongue over her clitoris in four or five fast strokes causing his wife to moan hysterically as she begged him to stick his tongue inside her aching hole. He let out another chestful of air but complied with Angie’s request as he slipped his tongue in between her lips pushing it in gently at first, getting that first taste of her. He licked around inside her pussy in a slow yet driving rhythm that he was sure would drive his wife crazy

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Angie lay back on the bed thrashing about some as she moved a hand to the back of his head trying to maneuver his head and her thighs so that his tongue would hit the spots where she needed him the most. Jack put his hands on Angie’s thighs, rubbing them softly as he looked up at her watching her 32 B cup breasts shaking softly. He had always been a tit man but having found a wife that matched him so well he soon forgot about his previous statements that he would only marry a woman that was a D cup. Jack began sliding his tongue faster and faster hearing his wife scream in pleasure only seemed to make him step up his pace. Angie then yelled out to her husband that she was going to cum like she hadn’t cum in ages as Jack prepared himself by opening his mouth a little wider as Angie began to shake violently, letting out little moans with gasps intermixed. 

Jack then proceeded in swallowing his wife’s cum as it ran out of her pussy into his mouth and then the excess moving down her thighs. He swallowed the sweet tasting fluid down quickly as he licked at her clit gently. Angie lay back breathing hard as her husband had just made her cum so hard she couldn’t remember when the last time he had been quite so good. Not to say that Jack was a bad lover, he certainly was not but his effort on this round of lovemaking had been top notch. She stirred somewhat feeling him slide the head of his still hard dick over her pussy’s lips. 

She moaned, looking down to find that her husband’s dick now had a purplish coloration to it as she spread her legs waiting for him to plunge into her as he always did, but he surprised her this time, entering her slowly. She sighed, grateful that he was going to allow her to recover some from her last orgasm before driving her to another powerful explosion. He laid down fully, letting her feel his full length, moving his hips gently forward and then backward. He leaned his head down taking her pink nipple into his mouth, sucking on it like a newborn on his mother. This seemed to stir Angie from her resting period as she quickly moved a hand behind his head, reaching up with her chest to his mouth. She loved it when he sucked at her nipples, partly because it made her so hot and partly because she had always been afraid that her boobs were too small for him.

 Jack quickly let her know the truth though as he bit down into her nipple none so gently causing her to moan out loud in slight pain as she began to drive her hips up to him in an urge to tell him to fuck her harder. Jack quickly got the message as he began forcing his cock all the way into her pussy hearing his balls smack her ass at the end of each stroke. She began to moan uncontrollably as her husband fulfilled her sexual needs, he quickly brought a hand up to her other boob, twisting her nipple unnaturally as he sucked on the other, still ramming his hips home. His wife yelled up to him that she was going to cum as she began another round of the “shakes”. He smiled, watching her face contort as the sexual pleasure overtook her to the max. Her pussy convulsed like someone had shocked her, preventing him from taking anymore strokes as it locked him into place. 

He just clenched his teeth trying to hold off the inevitable. He sighed as his wife’s orgasm began to pass, sliding her nipple from his mouth, he slid his dick out of her, covered with her juices, beginning to get all sticky. She looked up at him in wonderment seeing that he hadn’t cum with her, when he grabbed her legs rolling her over onto her belly as he grabbed her ass, using his hips to aim down at her, but not at her pussy this time. This time his interest had gone past the usual fucking he was used to, this time he was going to force his massively swollen member into her ass. Angie moaned at the first feel of his head against her asshole, but knew that she was powerless to stop him as she hoped that he’d be lubricated enough not to kill her. He brutally forced the head passed the sphincter as his wife let off an agonizing scream that might as well have been music to his ears. 

He very slowly slid the length of himself into her, reaching down with one hand to rub at her clit and tease her pussy with a finger or two as his wife moaned in pleasure at his touch. She then did something that surprised even her husband as she thrusted her ass fully onto his dick, savoring the feel of him in her tightest hole. His fingering of her pussy and clit had allowed her to open some to him and that was all the urging Jack needed to plow his wife’s virgin asshole. Stroke after stroke of his cock went all the way to the hilt inside her. 

Angie moaned into a pillow as her husband reached around taking a breast in each hand squeezing them in time to his thrusts. He then moaned loudly as he shot his seed deep into her anal cavity feeling her begin to cum right with him. He slowly allowed his cum to drip out of him sighing slowly as he slid his dick out of her, a loud plop sound going off as he slid the head all the way out. Angie moaned a little louder but rolled quickly onto her back, embracing her husband, telling him that that had been their best fuck yet as they settled into each other’s arms in a passionate kiss.

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