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Pretty Little Latina

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It was a night like no other! My girlfriend was out of town, and let me stay in her apartment. The apartment she shared with her friend Lila. A beautiful 18 year old, latina, with such a nice body and a face that no one can forget. From the way she walked, to the way she talked, she was the dream of any man! Not saying that my girlfriend isnt beautiful, but I wouldnt mind a night with this pretty petite latina.

One night I was in my room watching some tv, she walked by the door in just a little tshirt and her panties. She looked so delicious, my cock started to get hard just seeing her walk by. Again she walks by, with a cup in her hand, she looked in the room and gave me a smile. I felt so hot just seeing that girl smile, I felt like getting up and grabbing her, throwing her on my bed, and just fucking her like she needed to be fucked.

A hour passed by and I could hear nothing but silence, she must have fallen asleep while watching tv. I got up and walked towards her door. The door was open, I creeped in, she was fast asleep. I walked towards her bed, took off my pants, and layed next to her. I smelled her skin, it smelled so nice, i just wanted to smell her whole body. I couldn't help but touch her, and she woke up, a lil scared. She looked at me and asked what I was doing in her room, let alone in her bed! I said simply, One Night Princess thats all I want.

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She smiled, and said, "Hmm...I dunno, do you think its right?" I told her when it comes to sex there is no right or wrong. I kissed her lips, she kissed me back. Her kisses were soft and sensual, i couldn't help but touch her! I put my hand on her tit, she loved it....she took off her shirt, and exposed her 34D breast...I went and sucked her pretty tits, she put her hand down, grabbed my cock in her hand. She said,"lets cut to the chase, you want to FUCK me? Then do it!"

I couldn't believe she could be so blunt! I got ontop of her and guided my dick to her wet pussy. MMM and it was wet, I played with her clit with the tip of my dick. She started to moan, Oh papi please just fuck me, fuck me hard, I know you want this cunt, so do it. I said beg bitch thats what i want to hear, I want to hear you beg. "Oh papi fuck me please,dont tease me like this, my pussy is achin for your dick!" thats when I pumped my 9inch cock deep into her pussy, she moaned. I pumped it in and out slowly, took it out and rammed it back in. She started moaning louder..she wanted my cock! I lifted her legs over my shoulder and pumped my dick into this lil bitch, nice and fast, I wanted to hear her moan loud, so everyone could hear this lil slut!

I rolled her over, and made her get into the doggy style position. I went down and started eating her pussy, she was so wet, and tasted so good I didn't want to stop eating her cunt. She wiggled her pussy in my face, and moaned sofly, she loved it, oh and I loved her bald pussy! I got up and fingered her pussy, then I took my cock and started DOGGY fucking her. I grabbed her hair and pulled it, and put my hand on her waist! I rammed it in harder and harder, I wanted to feel her. Her legs started to shake, she said, Oh PAPI im cumming, dont stop oh im cumming, I kept the fast pace fucking her. I felt her pussy cum on my dick...but I wasnt done with her!

I rolled her over and she layed down, I started kissing her tummy, her legs, her inner thigh, and her pussy! I stuck my finger into her pussy and just fingered her, getting her ready for a lil more. She didn't want to, but I told her I wanted to cum all over her pretty little face. I got back up, and started putting my dick into her pussy nice and fast, I pumped that pussy so was so nice and wet and tight, I kept pumping it, and I felt i needed to cum, so I took it out and put it all over her face, she licked what she could. She loved it, she loved how my cum tasted on the tip of her tongue.

I got up, grabbed my pants, and went towards the door, to my suprise my girlfriend was at the door. Her trip was cut short, and she said, "Oh so you fucked Lila, well if you can fuck her then I can too..." I couldn't believe she said that, I couldn't believe she heard me fucking her best friend. I guess a threesome is about to come on....!

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