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Please fuck my wife

(Part 1 from 1)

My wife is very sexy. She always thinks about sex. I always dream that she should be fucked by tall , handsome and hard guy.

I told my wife to flirt stranger in front of me and he should not know that. also told that i will like to see her with a young chap. initially she refused but finally agreed. we went to a college adn i separated from her to give her some space. she wore low cut and sleeve less dress. She tries to show her undearms very often.

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A young boy approached her and told ye yur arms are very nice , can i have a chane to lick them. she smiled at him and said you need to come my home. She gave an adress to young tall and rough chap and asked him to come tonight. As he rang the bell i went behind the curtain to watch them. We decided only to flirt with a boy and no hardcore sex. He came. my wife wore only lingere and as she open the door the boy kept looking to her for a while. she showed her underarm and the boy started licking them.

Meanwhile my wife opened a zip and took out 8 " hard cock. now she bend on her knees and started sucking such a big cock. i was turned on and looking a fantastic scene of that boys hard cock n my wifes mouth. I cant forget that scene. In a while boy removed a bra and started aressing my wifes bobs. she is crying loudly an saying please fuck me dear. she forgot that we never agreed to do this.

But i was also turned on looking my wife is being fucked by such gr8 cock. Now the boy pulled her pushed his big cock in her pussy. i came out and went to my wife. she immediately started sucking my cock, i neve felt so excited. Now the boy has ready to put his cum on wifes face. i started fuckung her. she was enjoying so i too. finally izigzagged for 2 minutes and then i too put my cum on her face.

She is so satisfied that we decided to bring strang good looking boy from a college evey day. i went on for six months no and we have not missed a single day.

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