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Playing Dangerous Game with my Brother-in-law

(Part 1 from 1)

A couple of years ago, the poor health of my parents required me to leave my husband and kids for a couple of weeks to travel away from home. My parents live in the same town as my sister and her family, so while the reason for the trip was unhappy, it allowed me to spend some time with them as well.

My sister Barbara and her husband Nick are much older than me by about 15 and 20 years. I was 35 at the time of this trip. I developed a womanly figure in my very early teens. I am a green-eyed blond with a petite but voluptuous figure, and most men would consider me think attractive. I often catch men looking at my breasts. Letís just say, my husband would fuck me every night if I let him. 

Barbara and Nick have been seeing each other since I was about 18 years old. I thought Nick was handsome and fun to be with. He was a fixture at my parentís home. Over time, I guess I became very comfortable around him as a young girl and would often be in my little nightgown when he would bring my sister home at night from their dates. My sister is a beautiful woman and it never occurred to me that he would have any interest in a kid, even a pretty well developed one. I was kind of naive back then. 

They were married and over the next few years, I noticed that he did show an interest in me that I kind of enjoyed. But I was still under the impression that he though of me as a kid sister. I left our town for college, got married to Brian and never returned except for my twice-yearly visits at holiday time.

Looking back now, I realize that there was an attraction on his part that I never really recognized when I was younger. One night at a family dinner, everyone had been drinking wine, he suddenly took my hand under the table and placed it on his penis. I immediately removed it and assumed that in his impaired state, he confused my hand for my sisterís. He often kissed me hello on the lips and a few times I could have sworn that his tongue was also pressing against my clenched lips. But I was never really sure and he never spoke to me about any feelings he had, until this trip.

One morning the phone rang at my parentís house and it was Nick. He wanted to know if I had plans for lunch. Nick is also my parentís attorney and there was some family business that he wanted to discuss. I agreed to the lunch date and he said that he would pick me up around noon. I arranged for someone to stay with my parents while I was out.

I dressed that morning as I would normally, I wore a light cotton shirt and a pair of jeans. Nothing very sexy at all. As a matter of fact, by now, I had come to realize that Nick had been coming on to me when I was younger and I dressed more conservatively that I usually would so I wouldnít send my brother-in-law the wrong signals about my feelings.

He picked me up and we drove to another town for lunch. We chit chatted about my parentís health for a while and started to reminisce about the past. He commented that I looked great and had really developed from a cute girl to a beautiful woman. His comments made me uncomfortable but I thanked him for the compliments.

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When we got to restaurant, it was awkward but he sat on the same side of the booth as I did and ordered us both a couple of drinks. He continued to reminisce about the past and he joked about how I would run around the house half naked around him and it drove him nuts. I smiled nervously and then felt his hand on my leg just above my knee. I felt his thumb moving slowly back and forth on the inside of my thigh. My heart started to pound with nervousness. I have never been unfaithful to my husband and would never do anything to hurt my sister. 

The drinks must have been taking effect and Nick got bolder. He started to tell me that he always had feelings for me since I was a teenager and they had become stronger as I had gotten older and more womanly. As he said these things he was also moving his hand farther up my thigh over my pants. I reacted by instinct and closed my legs together tightly as his hand made its way towards my pussy. Luckily the waiter returned to take our order and he removed his hand from my lap. 

As soon as the waiter left, he hand was back on my leg. He gently pushed my thighs apart with his hand and told me to relax. I was nervous but I must say that this little game was starting to intrigue me. I thought that I could stay in control and stop things before they really went to far. I relaxed my legs and moved them slightly apart. His hand moved slowly up my leg until it rested on the crotch of my jeans. There I sat with my legs apart and my brother in law with his hand right over my pussy. I was still nervous but now I was also feeling a little wet. He reached for my hand and placed it on his thigh. Even though his pants, I could feel that he was very excited. 

He spoke more about his feelings and about the possibilities of the two of us having an affair. I protested that I could never hurt Barbara or Brian but Nick said, ďWhat they donít know wonít hurt them. No one has to know but us.Ē He was now rubbing his fingers up and down over my pussy through my jeans. I had my hand on his penis and, at his prompting, was rubbing it back and forth through his pants. I actually thought to myself that this was still OK and not cheating. I mean there was to direct contact or anything. This was just a game.

Then he took me by surprise and placed his hand on my cheek and brought his lips to mine. He kissed me gently at first and pulled away to look at me. He leaned forward again and this time opened his mouth slightly. ďItís just kissing,Ē I thought and met his lips again with my mouth slightly open and allowed him to slid his tongue into my mouth. I continued to rub his penis and we kissed passionately for several seconds and I became a little lost in the excitement. I gently bit his lip as he pulled away as I often playfully do with my husband. He smiled and quickened the movement of his fingers on my now wet pussy. Now when the waiter returned, our hands stayed in each otherís laps.

I continued to believe that this was still just a game that I could control. Nick suggested that we pay the bill and head back home. We have about an hour ride. In the car, he continued to pressure me about sleeping with him. All the while, he had his hand between my legs, rubbing my pussy. I was now scared and I decided that the only way out of this would be to make him come. I know that whenever Brian is horny, a good orgasm always calms him down.

So I reached over and began to rub his penis through his pants but this time I did it on my own. Nick reached down as he was driving and undid his zipper and placed my hand into his pants. He had adjusted himself so his cock was right there. I grabbed onto it and started to jerk him off.

We turned off the road and down a side street to a parking lot. He pulled the car to the side, got out and came over to my side of the car. I thought, ďwhat the fuck is he doing?Ē He reached in and reclined my seat. The he got into the car facing down at me with his knees on the seat, opened his pants and took his cock out. It was wet on the tip. He leaned forward, bracing himself on the seatback and started to unbutton my shirt. He opened it to reveal my lacy bra. I just lay there looking up at him confused, scared and honestly a little excited. For that reason I let him unclip the snap on the front of my bra. I was now naked from the waist up and I took his thick penis in my hand and started to jerk him off again. His eyes were locked on my breasts and he started to moan. He never touched my tits he just seemed to enjoy the view as I played with his penis.

I started to move his legs farther up on the seat. I thought he was trying to make himself more comfortable but he was trying to move his cock closer to my mouth. It was broad daylight and we were out of control. I know I had to end this now. I leaned my head forward and took his cock in my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum as I cupped his balls with my other hand. I moved my mouth up and down over this cock until I knew that he was about to cum. I finished him off with my hand and let him come on my tits. He continued to breathe heavily for a couple of minutes. Then he cleaned me with some tissues, re-dressed and went back to the driverís side of the car.

The rest of the ride home was pretty quite. He asked me again about an affair and that he really wanted to fuck me. I told him that I would have to think about it but not to pressure me. I still have a couple of weeks before I have to go back home, who knows?

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