Plantation Living

(Part 1 from 2)

Chapter 1

Thereís no way to fully describe the magnificence of my family home. The house was over a hundred years old and was huge. To this day I still donít know how many rooms there were. The house was always full of people, music, wonderful foods, and lots of other beautiful things. I remember the trees, the honeysuckle, and the creek where I went swimming on hot days. It truly was a wonderful life, if you were white.

South Carolina was the heart of soul of southern living before the Civil War. If you were white and had money there wasnít anything better than plantation living. We had beautiful horses to ride, the ocean was close by, and dresses of every color or style you could think of. The only thing that could have made life better would be would have been to have my mother with me. She died giving birth to me.

My father was a wonderful man. He made sure that I had almost everything I needed or wanted. When I was very young his love was all I needed or wanted. He loved me and took good care of me. But as I grew older my view of him changed. I found out what a slave was and that we had many. It disturbed me greatly that the people that took care of me and my home were considered property. As I grew up I learned to love most of the house staff. Since my father was a very busy man and traveled a lot the house staff was responsible for raising me. I had governesses from time to time, but daddy, soon or later, would try to bed them and they would leave.

The cook was a wonderful fat old black woman. She made special dishes for me for when daddy wasnít looking. She treated me like I was her daughter and I loved her for it. She had a daughter about my age and we spent almost all our time together, whenever daddy wasnít home. We were the best of friends. My father hated it. He made sure that I was taught the difference between black people, slaves, and us. I was taught that we superior and that blackís werenít worth much except for brute labor. I was allowed to play with Sarah only when we were alone, no guest or visitors. If any other white people were around I was supposed to treat the slaves like trash. I hated doing it but it was the only way that daddy would allow me to play with Sarah.

Whites are supposed to better than blacks, so socializing was forbidden. Treating a black person kindly or have a relationship (sex) with them would earn you the label of NIGGER LOVER. Life was pure hell for anyone earning that kind of label. Iíve seen best friends turn on each other, offenders beaten, and even killed because of stuff like this. Donít ask what would happen to the slave.

Those were the daytime rules and they were followed to the letter. What happens at night and in private was a completely different matter. More than one white slave owner would slip into the bed of one of his black women slaves. This included my father. Without my mother around the only sex he got was from some of the slave women that worked in the house. The women couldnít complain or do anything about it. Punishment for slaves was plain awful. I never really noticed anything when I was younger. But as I got older I started seeing things I wished I hadnít. More than once I walked into I room only to find my father getting a blow job from one of the black women. I also heard moans coming from his room at night.

A white man having sex with a black women was overlooked by the locals as long as it wasnít made public. After all, Thomas Jefferson had a black mistress. However, a white woman having sex with a black man was treated very seriously. Just the idea of it drove most white men crazy. Punishment for such things were unbelievable. I remember one time a husband found out his wife was fucking several of his black slaves. He tried to claim that she was raped but the truth came out. She was paraded in front of the town where her husband beat her with a bull whip. The other women shaved her head and she was forced to leave town with nothing but the clothes on her back. They hung her black lovers.

Another rule for plantation living was that fathers arranged dates and marriages for their daughters. Most of the time it was a business deal, plain and simple. By the time I was 14, daddy was already looking for me a husband. Thank god I had Sarah to talk to. We couldnít have been closer. Even with the rules working against us, we found time to do things and go places. I loved living on the plantation but hated all of the double standard rules.
Chapter 2

Everything changed on my 15th birthday. A huge party was planned and my father kept hinting that he had a very special surprise for me. I couldnít wait for the party. Sarah had told me that she had a surprise for me too. I knew she couldnít come to the party, so I went looking for her before the guests started to arrive. I couldnít find her anywhere. I stopped by my father study to see if he knew where Sarah was. I opened the door slowly because I heard noises that usually meant my father was getting a blow job. I had spied on him a few times. My guess was right. He had his hands around someoneís head while he fucked her face. I couldnít see who it was at first but was horrified when I found out it was Sarah. My father was ramming his cock all the way down her throat. It most not have been the first time he had done this to her because she didnít have any trouble with having her throat fucked. I hated him for it, but I couldnít stop watching. I knew when he was about to cum by the noises he was making. He told her to swallow all of it or she would be punished. Swallow it she did.

The birthday party started right on time. There were lots of people and tons of presents. The food was better than ever and the entertainment kept everyone happy. It was a wonderful night. But I couldnít get the vision of Sarahís lips wrapped around my fatherís cock. I still could see her throat bulge as my fatherís cock shot off.

Near the end of the evening my father gathered everyone around us. He wanted to give me my surprise and he wanted to do it in front of everyone. He had me close my eyes and I felt someone holding my hands in a very caring way. When I opened my eyes I was looking into the face of a young man a little older than myself. He was introduced to me as Josh and that my surprise was that Josh was to be my husband. My father was so proud of himself.

I was in shock. I knew this day was coming but I was shocked just the same. I had no voice in the subject and the wedding date had already been agreed upon. Joshís family owned a fleet of ships and a partnership with my family would make both families very rich, or richer. Just like I said, a business deal, plain and simple.

A week later I was married and living in Joshís family home in Charleston. It was a nice place and they all treated me well. Josh was a nice man and he was very happy with his side of the deal. He thought I was beautiful. But I missed my home.

I was a virgin when I married Josh but he took care of that the second he got me alone. I had seen my father getting blow jobs and I had seen animals having sex, so I had some kind of idea what I was in for. Iíd love to write more about my first time but there wasnít much to say. It hurt a little, lasted only a few seconds, and it was over.

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Josh made it clear that he wanted a big family and he wanted to start right away. What that really means is that he fucked me morning, noon, and night. Iíd like to say that I enjoyed the sex but it never lasted long enough. Josh was only concerned with his own pleasure. I didnít complain because I didnít know it could be any other way. I just did what I was supposed to do.

This lifestyle lasted about six months. Josh was getting upset with me because I still wasnít pregnant. He was such a child about the whole thing. He acted as if I had control over the situation. We saw a doctor but medicinal knowledge was very limited. After all was said and done, the doctor blamed a horseback riding accident when I was 10 years old for my condition. He said I would never be able to have children, but I thought he was a nut. Josh didnít.

The marriage was annulled and I was sent home. I thought my father would be upset with me also. My ďconditionĒ had put a very important partnership in jeopardy. However the partnership held because both sides were making enough money to overlook this situation. Either way, I was happy to be home.

I had only been gone six months but a lot of things had changed. I had changed. I was a woman now. Sarah was different too. She used to be happy to see me and we could talk about anything. But something was happening to her and she didnít want to talk about it. I tried to leave things alone but I needed my best friend back. I had a lot I needed to talk to her about and it was clear that she did too. So I pressed the issue and made her talk to me.

On most plantations the slaves are coupled together and forced to have children. This arrangement formed families within the slave population. Most slave owners saw this as a way to control the slave population without using force. My father had other ideas. He believed that a family would cause his slaves to want to escape. He believed that the male slave was more valuable than to female and that he could get more out of his males if he used his females as enticements. My father breeded the females like they were livestock. Each woman would have several different males visit them at night. With the lights out nobody knew who was having sex with whom. Nobody knew who knocked up whom. The females bred more slaves and the males had nothing else to do with it. All they knew is that if they stayed out of trouble and they got their work done there was pussy tonight. This was what was happening to Sarah.

Chapter 3

When I finally got her talking about the situation I couldnít get her to stop. She was upset because she didnít want to get pregnant. I would have thought she would be upset about the sex and the way she was being treated. Sarah said that the sex was great and she couldnít wait for night time to come. She said that each night she was visited by at least three different black men and they fuck the hell out of her. She said the orgasms were better than she had been told they would be. I didnít know what an orgasm was, nobody had ever talked to me much about sex.

I told Sarah about my situation. She wanted to know if I had any feelings for Josh and the truth is, I didnít really know. She was surprised that I had never had an orgasm with all the sex I was having. With the ice broken, we talked for hours. We compared our lives and I found myself getting a little jealous every time she talked about her sex life. I knew it was going to be very difficult finding a husband knowing that I couldnít have children. A white woman didnít just fuck around either, unless she was a working whore or something. So, finding someone to give me that missing orgasm wasnít going to be easy.

Sarah might have been a slave but she was very smart. When I was younger I taught her how to read and write myself, against my fatherís wishes. She picked it up faster than I did. She understood my situation very well and I could tell by the smirk on her face that she had a plan. I didnít have to push her too hard for her to tell me what she had in mind. She could be quite clever when she wanted to be.

She told me to come by here room, out behind the barn, before it got dark outside. She said that I could take her place in her bed tonight. Before I could object she pointed out that the room would be dark and nobody would know the difference. I knew what the punishment would be if any of us got caught. Sarah said that there was nothing to be afraid of and that she would be there, in a dark corner of the room. When I told her I was too afraid to do anything like that she suggested that I come and hide in that same dark corner and watch and listen. She said I could make up my mind about switching places later.

I was curious and a little horny, so I told her I would be there right after supper. With that Sarah had to go back to work. I found things to keep me busy for the rest of the day, but I couldnít take my mind off tonight. My pussy was wet and I really could have used a husband right about now. I kept asking myself if I could every let a slave, a black man, have sex with me. Of all the white people I knew I was the most open minded. I didnít have a problem with the slaves and hated the way they were treated. But I didnít know if I could go as far as to have sex with a black man. All I could do was take this one step at a time.

I arrived at Sarahís shack just before dark. She took me inside and told me to hide in the corner. She said that the only light in the room would be from the moonlight coming through the window. As soon as everything was set Sarah blew out her lantern and climbed in the bed. She was naked because she would have no need for clothes with what was about to happen to her. I could tell that she was very excited.

We only waited a few minutes when we heard a knock on the door. Sarah said nothing. The unseen visitor opened the door and let himself in and walked over to the bed. He quickly got out of his clothes and started to climb onto the bed with Sarah. For just a second I was able to see his naked body, mainly his cock. I had never believed anything could be that big. It pointed straight out from his body and was as big around as my wrist. I couldnít tell how long his cock was but I knew it was at least twice as big as my former husbands.

He climbed onto the bed and right between Sarahís legs. I could tell by her moans when he found the entrance to her pussy. She must have been doing this for some time now because the unknown black man drove his cock all the way home in one thrust. He pounded away at her pussy as hard as he could. There was no romance, tenderness, or love like my husband had shown me. It was raw power. All I could hear was the slapping noises of his body making contact with Sarahís body. Sarah was moaning like crazy. This attack, sex, or whatever you want to call it, was driving her crazy. She loved it, every minute of it. She kept saying that she was cumming, over and over again. This must have been what she called an orgasm.

As quick as it started, it was over. The black man grunted a few times, arched his back, and every muscle in his body tightened. And then he was gone. I thought it was over but I was wrong. The door opened again and another man came into the room. He also got undress and climbed between Sarahís legs. He also rammed his cock home. He made more noises than the first man. But everything else was the same. He fucked the hell out of Sarah and she cam over and over again. The second black man emptied his load of cum in her pussy. Then he was gone.

I wanted to get up and leave but a third man entered the room before I could get up. I was forced to stay there, in the dark corner, and watch as three more men fucked Sarah. I didnít think anybody could enjoy anything as much as Sarah enjoyed her breeding. When it was over I told her that we would talk tomorrow and left for my room. I couldnít sleep because I was so turned I. I had never played with myself before but I did that night. I think I might have had my first orgasm that night. I slept well afterwards.

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