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Plant love - part 1

(Part 1 from 2)

Aria Winters was curious, the pretty 23 year old brunette had been with the modeling agency for 2 years and had been to several exotic locations for photo shoots, but this was the first time ever that her assignment was located in a science laboratory in a local state university. Why in the world would a local state university require a model?

Tom, her agent and photographer had explained that the university was sourcing for other sources of revenue (other than state grants) to fund its latest project and she would be meeting with their Professor in Botany, Dr Zimmerman. Dr Zimmerman was looking for an advertisement to promote his latest drug which was a cure for infertility, and they wanted a pretty model to add some zest to an otherwise very boring advertisement. Apart from the location of the shoot session, the assignment was also different from the rest of her usual shoots due to the unusual request of Dr Zimmerman. When Tom asked for the kinds of gowns or costumes they would need, the old doctor waived his hand dismissively and said any dress would do, but as they were working in a controlled environment in his laboratory, both Tom and Aria had to shower before they came, and neither were allowed to wear any perfume or cologne or make-up.

It was a humid Sunday afternoon and Tom parked the agency car in a deserted parking lot outside a huge building. With his muscular arms laden with tripods and cameras, Tom led the way into the large building. It was mostly deserted except for afew lab assistants in their small rooms, bent over their microscopes, lost in a world of their own.

The Botany laboratory was located on the roof of the building. The elevator doors opened to reveal a lush green world that was in stark contrast to the modern artificial air-conditioned passages of the floors below. There were rows after rows of exotic looking plants and the entire laboratory was a huge greenhouse with a glass ceiling allowing the hot rays of the sun to radiate inwards and trapping the heat and moisture, creating a lush, humid, tropical environment.

Well, at least insufficient lighting would not be a problem, thought Aria. An earthy smell greeted their nostrils and the air was hot and humid. Already Aria could feel her skin becoming moist with perspiration and was glad she had chosen a body hugging simple black gown with a bare back, leaving her creamy white shoulders and arms exposed.

Tom called out for the doctor and wad greeted by a voice at the far end of the lab. Quickly they made their way forward through the tangle of leaves and trunks, to a small opening. A bespectacled white haired portly man in his mid fifties greeted them…

Dr Zimmerman: “Ahhh…glad you could make it on time at 2PM sharp… did take a shower, both of you, and you have no perfumes or artificial scents or make-up on?”

Tom: “Don’t worry doctor, we are clean, both of us, and all natural, and as you can see, Aria is a natural brunette beauty, she does not require any make-up or artificial enhancements to make her breath-takingly beautiful”

Dr Zimmerman: “Yes I can see that Aria is very beautiful, but you misunderstand my intentions. This laboratory houses some of the most exotic plants in the world. Many are endangered species and are very sensitive to the corrosive elements in artificial dyes and perfumes. I have taken great pains to give them a perfect habitat. Each plant here is priceless, I cannot lose damage to even one tendril”

Tom: “Don’t worry doc, Aria and I are professionals and we will be very careful, so where shall we set-up?”

Dr Zimmerman: “Right here is fine. You can deposit your equipment over there. Pls do not use flashes, some of the plants are sensitive to artificial light, there is plenty of sun-light, that’s why I scheduled the shoot for 2PM”

Aria: “, it is getting very warm, can we have some air-conditioning…”

Dr Zimmerman: “God no, all the plants here are from the tropics, I need to keep the temperature here at an even 33 degrees Celsius. If you want to keep cool, you can tie-up your long hair in a bun….”

Aria cursed beneath her breath. She could see that Tom’s shirt was damp with sweat from the heat and humidity, and she could feel her dressed sticking to her damp skin. Beads of perspiration were accumulating on her under-arms, face and thighs and she wanted to get the session over as quickly as possible.

As the session commenced, Aria noted that Dr Zimmerman was not all that interested, allowing Tom to lead the way. She went through several poses with some strange looking plants, a cactus, some flowers (orchids perhaps), even a small Venus Fly-Trap. By the end of the first hour the rigorous photo shoot, Aria was bathed in perspiration. Dr Zimmerman noticed and said…”forgive me for being an inattentive host, I have arranged for ice-lemonade, please take a break and help yourselves”.

Tom and Aria gratefully accepted the tall glasses of ice-lemonade. It tasted wonderful, unlike anything they had tasted before.

Tom: “Hey doc, you have to give me the recipe for this, what did you put in it,
its fantastic!”

Tom reached for his 3rd glass in a row….

Dr Zimmerman: “It has a very rare plant extract which helps to replenish the body of lost nutrients and fluids, you cannot get it here”

Aria had already finished her first glass and reached for a second glass.

Dr Zimmerman: “Careful young lady, two glasses is all your body can handle for one day, it is a very potent brew. Lets start the shoot again, we want to finish before the sun goes down and we lose our natural light.”

Aria stood up, but found that her legs had gone rubbery. She stumbled unsteadily and fell, she noted that Tom was also feeling the effects, he was able to stand up, but seemed disoriented. Aria tried to get up again and this time, her legs simply disobeyed here, slowly she drifted into peaceful slumber, the last thing she saw was the approving smile of Dr Zimmerman.

As Aria awoke from her slumber, she opened her eyes and realized she was no longer in the greenhouse. She tried to get-up and realized her arms were tied above her in shackles and she was stretched out on a medical examination table in a room filled with plants. Her legs were also placed in stirrups and secured in leather braces. A wave of panic engulfed her and she cried out for Tom…this alerted Zimmerman who entered the room..

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Dr Zimmerman : Don’t worry about Tom, he is well taken care off, I just need you for some extended sessions, all in the good name of science.”

Aria : “This is a violation of agency policies, please let me go………..”

Dr Zimmerman : “I will let you go, but not before you meet Locutus, my pet from the darkest region of Africa, you will find him most interesting I assure you”.

Aria : “I don’t wanna meet your fucking pet, let me go or I will scream…”

Dr Zimmerman: “Scream all you want, we are in a sound-proof room, but I assure you that this will be a most pleasurable experience for you. You were here not by any act of chance, I wanted a perfect physical specimen for my pet, only the best, and you fit the profile….”

Aria : “What do you mean…….?”

Dr Zimmerman smiled and pulled a lever on the wall. A large recess opened in the ceiling above and a platform descended slowly. As it reached her level Aria saw that a huge plant with many tendrils sat on the platform. It was twice the size of a full-grown man measuring at least 2 meters in height.

Dr Zimmerman: “This is Locutus…and he will be very pleased to meet you…”

What a lunatic, thought Aria, well if he wants me to meet his plant, I can do so and get out of here….

Dr Zimmerman touched another panel and the platform moved towards Aria, positioning Locutus between Aria’s spread and shackled legs.

Dr Zimmerman: “She is all you’re my pet, enjoy…..”

But Locutus set there, between Aria’s legs, silent and inert, not a tendril moved. As the seconds ticked by Dr Zimmerman grew more anxious…..

Dr Zimmerman: “Whats wrong my pet, she is suitable, long lithe limbs, supple young body, only 23 years old from her agency records, of pure blood…..ahh the room temperature, we increase it from 32 to 36 degrees, that will help…”

Aria could feel the room increase in humidity and was conscious as her black gown was sticking to her damp body. But still nothing happened as Locutus lay dormant. Suddenly, Zimmerman snapped his fingers, we need a catalyst to trigger Locutus’s olfactory glands….

He approached Aria again with a scalpel and quickly cut the straps of Aria’s dress, peeling the damp material from her body. A look of lust overcame his face as he stared down at Aria’s snow white supple body, quickly he removed her white lacy bra and panties. Aria lay helpless, totally naked now and shackled in a spread eagled position on the examination table.

Zimmerman mounted the huge table sitting on top of Aria, his eyes glazed with lust. “Ohhh so perfect, so fine you are, if only I was 20 years younger, alas you are not mine to take for now, but I can still provide the catalyst Locutus needs….”

He started kissing her under arms, moving slowly down to her damp arm-pits and hovered there, savouring her natural musky scent. Slowly his bearded mouth moved further down her side, seeking her right nipple, finding it and covering it, sucking wetly on it. Aria shuddered as the bristles of his beard pricked her sensitive skin. She could feel Zimmerman’s tongue as it lashed out on her nipple. With his free hand, Zimmerman caressed her left breast gently, teasingly twitching her left nipple between his fingers. He smiled in satisfaction as he saw Aria’s nipples achieving partial erection.

Suddenly Zimmerman’s hands were gone and Aria felt his moving down her body between her legs. She jerked as she felt his moist lips kissing her sensitive right inner thigh, leaving a slick trail of saliva as he moved slowly towards the sweet spot between her legs. A finger moved through her small fine mound of pubic hair, locating the fine pink passage, it gently moved up and down the sensitive lips of her clit, teasing her in light caresses, slowly exploring her folds.

Aria felt a flush slowly enveloping her body. She gasped as Zimmerman’s finger found her clitoris. The small nub was not erect yet and Zimmmerman moved his fingers in gentle circles over it, as he took her left nipple between his mouth. Sucking gently, his tongue was relentless as he teased first the right nipple, then the left one, to full erection. After 10 minutes, Zimmerman slowly inserted a finger into her vagina and was pleased to find it coated with Aria’s juices. He bought the slick finger to his nostrils, savouring the musky natural scent, and then proceeded to rub Locutus’s tendrils.

Each tendril of Locutus was covered with very fine hair, and to Aria’s amazement she saw a single tendril twitch as it made contact with Zimmerman’s wet fingers. The tiny hairs on the tendril stood-up, sensing the pheromones in her natural scent. Each fine hair was a olfactory receptor sending feedback impulses to Locutus’s small primitive brain, awakening its dormant reproductive organs.

Aria tried to will her body to stop, but Zimmerman’s mouth and hands were relentless. She gasped again as his mouth located the now engorged nub of her clitoris, gently teasing it with the tip of his wet tongue and bringing it to an unwilling state of arousal. Again and again Zimmerman lashed at her clitoris, and inspite of herself, Aria could feel her body sub-coming to the sweet ticklish torment. She shook her head in despair as she saw that more of Locutus tendrils were now twitching, triggered by the scent of her vagina fluids and her now active female sex pheromones.

Dr Zimmerman smiled….. “Ahhh, Locutus has detected your natural scent and odour, that’s why it was important for you not to wear any artificial fragrances, no perfume can match the potency of your natural sex pheromones my dear….”

A tendril snaked its way slowly up her soft delicate left inner thigh, slowly exploring and seeking out the source of the pheromones. The hairy olfactory receptors on it sensed the warm moist passage ahead and moved directly towards it Dr Zimmerman smiled in triumph as he saw he had triggered the desired catalyst. Quickly he vacated the spot between Aria’s legs giving the wondering tendril immediate access to the moist warm orifice.

As the invading tendril disappeared from her vantage, Aria could feel its tip gently tickling her moist vagina with its fine hairs. She flinched involuntarily as the fine tip made gentle contact with her engorged clitoris, and started to tickle the sensitive nub. The sensations it evoked were far more potent then any human tongue could achieve. Darting forward, the tendril wrapped itself around her clitoris. Thousands of small fine hairs made contact with the engorged clitoris, caressing it in a tingling embrace, triggering an immediate almost unbearable urgent need from deep within Aria.

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