Planet pleasure

(Part 1 from 1)

I was in my green rocket ship flying back home to planet Gorox, but my fuel was running low so as soon as I got near to the closest Planet I planned on stopping and getting fuel for my ship. Suddenly my phone rang, it was my wife she called and asked when i was gonna be home I told her soon and I loved her.

Then I hung up and saw a planet in the distance it was neon green and round. Maybe this planet has some fuel hopefully...... It took me about 10 minutes to land my ship on this strange green planet. After landing I slowly stepped out the ship and instantly saw thousands and thousands of naked gay black buff men.

Whoa......... Suddenly a huge black buff guy completely naked with abs and a 10 inch dick walked up to me and looked me up and down. Welcome to planet "horome" we've never had a white guy here before.... I already didn't like the idea of being here with all these gay black men and me being the only white skinny short guy here, this didn't seem good.

Follow me the black guy goes. So I follow him staring at his shiny tight black ass muscles. Even though Im married I have to admit all the guys here are very good-looking and well hung between their legs. I followed the gay handsome black guy to a yellow egg shaped building.

After we stepped inside the door closed behind me. Okay so here's the deal skinny white guy, we need some white boy sperm to feed us or all of us will starve the black guy goes. And plus we've always wanted to fuck a skinny white guy.... And what happens if I don't give u my sperm? Then I'll never go home and all of us will starve. Okay deal.

Good now I'll be the first that you'll feed. Feed? Suddenly the gay sexy black guy strips my clothes off shoes and socks and everything else. Now don't worry your in good hands he says to me. So the gay black guy grabs my 4 inch dick and roughly starts to masturbate me: yessss please don't it feels so good!!!!!!

His huge black hands gripping my small white cock yes!!! Yes!! Sperm shot out of my dick and right into the gay black guys mouth, load after load after load of sperm came into his mouth. Thank you my appetite is satisfied for now but tomorrow I must feed again. But everyone else must be fed today so he leaves and I see a huge line of gay hot black men hundreds and hundreds of them.

The next black guy to walk in is a very very tall black guy, he smiled and says" I'm very hungry hope you can cure that" so I bend over leaving my white asshole vulnerable for penetration. Then he sticks his huge 17 inch black dick up my ass all the way, oh shit!!!!!!!!! Yes right there!!!!! Right there! He pounds the hell out of my poor white butt with every hard rough thrust my asshole tears but with pleasure, I love this I wanna stay here forever!

So here I was laying on the floor on my belly letting the black guy ram my butt into oblivion. 30 minutes later I squirted from such great pleasure, with the gay black guy under me catching my sperm in his mouth. Mmmmm thanks.

See you tomorrow. Next came in a bald black guy who was fat but still hot, so I look at him and say" so how u want it?" the fat sexy black guy grabs me and sits me on his 15 inch dick all the way down to his ball sack. Whoaaaaaa oh my god that feels good! So I bounce up and down harder and harder on his giant black shaft. I scream in pleasure fuck!!!!!!!

Sperm starts gushing out of my dick it land all over my leg and the fat black guy just licks it off me and later on that day he left satisfied ever since then I decided to stay and feed my sexy black friends every single day.

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