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Phuket Thailand

(Part 1 from 1)

Phuket was a beautiful place to fly into. The landing approach was over the Andaman Sea and it was sprinkled with thousands of small islands, outcrops with jungle foliage covers. It was just before lunch when I landed and headed for the hotel, a small Italian place in Patong Beach. The hotel was really clean and the staff was as pleasant as any I had encountered so far.

I unpacked and walked down to the desk and asked for directions to the beach; directions and map in hand I headed out, first for food then to look around. I easily found the street to the beach. I stopped along the way and had a couple of fantastic chicken kabobs and a cold beer. The walk to the water took me passed a number of small beer bars, most open but deserted. The beach was overcrowded and I decided to walk back and sit at one of the little beer bars. The one I picked was run by an Aussie and was about half full of regulars, all guys who lived in Phuket year round. The Thai bartender was pretty and friendly and the beer was cold. I asked a few questions about the night life and some of the guys gave me a few pointers. Mostly about the discos, Tiger bar and Bananas were the two favored, at least by this crowd.

I finished my beer and started across the street only to be greeted by a handful of happy thai girls. They had been drinking shots as their bar opened at 11 and they were all tipsy. They groped and grabbed and sang out offers that all sounded good, but I keep walking intending to hold out until later that night. I decided to have another beer before going back to the hotel and stopped in a quiet little place where I was the only customer. I was about half way through with the beer when a taxi pulled up to the curb and three girls got out. They talked at the curb for awhile then took seats at a table next to mine. After ordering their drinks they moved to my table and made themselves at home, all introduced themselves and we went through the usual where do you come from conversation. They were extremely playful, playing with my cock and massaging my neck. I excused myself and hit the head, beer was moving on, as I pulled out my cock the door opened and one of the girls came in. She grabbed my cock and stared rubbing herself up against me, I was quickly hard and she went down on me. She popped open the remaining button on my levis and pushed them down far enough to get her hands on her work. She had a firm grip on both my balls and my cock while her mouth rocketed up and down my shaft, she was fast, with her hands moving with her mouth. She used her tongue, lips and both hands to bring me to the brink, I was about to blow my load into her mouth when I saw the door open a crack and the other two girls peer in. The girl sucking my cock must have noticed something, maybe I was getting soft because she turned and as she did, the door slammed shut, undaunted she resumed her sucking and licking; hard-on back, this time I was taken to the point of no return, I could feel her lips, sliding tightly up and down my prick and I could feel her tongue swirling around the head at the top of each stroke, then I came, a big blast, but she pulled her mouth away and my cum flew into her face, I felt a certain ache as I ejaculated in space, I needed her mouth and all I had were her hands jacking me off. That might have been ok, but I was ready and expecting her mouth, an anti climax, climax. She moved her head out of the way and the rest of my load went on the floor. She jumped up, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and went back out to the table while I was still pumping cum. I waited in the toilet until the urge to pee returned and when I went back out they were walking down the street towards the beach. I paid for my beer and headed back to the hotel for a nap.

I awoke at about 9PM and was starving. I had noticed a pizza place on the way to the beach and stopped there. The guy running the place was mid fifties Italian who said he had lived in Thailand for the last 18 years. A beautiful, seriously beautiful girl brought the pizza. I told the owner that this was maybe the most beautiful girl I had seen in Thailand and he ďI guess I am just luckyĒ, it was his 19 year old wife.

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I finished the pizza and headed towards the beach and stopped at a go go bar that had been closed earlier, turns out it was the only go go bar in town. The place was great, the air conditioning was at a level that I stopped sweating and the beer was near ice cold. The go go girls all danced to a different rhythm than the music being played but I guess that was ok most guys werenít listening to the music anyway.
I noticed one of the girls that was serving drinks, not cute but a nice body, and asked if I could take her to my room, she said that she didnít do that and sort of ignored me. I was persistent and she slowly started to come around. We talked between rounds and I could tell she was interested, but the bar kept getting busier and busier so I asked she mobile number and left, saying I would call her in the morning.
I wandered back in the direction of the beach and went into a large building that was full of small bars. The bars were not more than twenty feet wide and deep and were right next to each other. The aisle way through the building was a u shape and there were probably 50 small bars. Each bar had from 1 to 10 women hanging out looking for a guy who would pay for their talents. The ages, shapes and looks covered the whole spectrum, even a few ladyboys. I walked about half way through the place before picking a bar where nobody paid any attention to me and sat down. The 4 girls working the bar were bored and playing a game where there was a stack of wooden blocks and the object was to remove the blocks without causing the remainder to topple. The most bored of the 4 quit and the others asked if I wanted to play, which I did. The game was fairly simple and winning was easy, so I cheated and let one of the girls win. Must have been a good decision as she became friendly and we agreed on a price and headed to my hotel.
She wore white pants and a spaghetti top and if I were guessing weighted 35 kilos. She wore a ton too much makeup and thought she was beautiful. Turns out after washing the makeup off she was pretty nice looking. But, with out the white pants and spaghetti top she was dynamite. Her ass was so small and firm, her waist was something that I could almost circle with my hands, boobs well, I could cover both with one hand. We hit the shower and I gave her a full body search and double checked every nook and cranny, no guns, knives or fat on that chick. Her body was flawless and so firm. I was fascinated with her ass and couldnít keep my hands off. I decided that no matter what I was going to have her doggy style. I wanted o watch my cock slide into her while holding that ass in my hands.
We started off with a little 69 and rolled around taking turns being on top. I finally pushed her on to her belly with the intention of bringing her up to her knees and fucking her, but when she was laying flat on her belly I could see that she was so small that I could lick her pussy. I spread her legs and slowly worked my tongue around her pussy. My nose was in her ass but I didnít care, I just wanted to ravish her pussy. She moaned and quivered and maybe had a climax, I was not sure. However I was so hot I couldnít wait any longer and grabbed her hips and pulled her on to her knees. From that position, on her knees, chest on the mattress I could see her awaiting pussy. I grabbed my cock and pushed the head against her swollen lips. With little or no resistance I slide into a very hot, very wet vagina. I was ready and this girl was ready. I made a point of watching myself enter and withdraw from that tight wet pussy until I thought I would lose control. But at that moment she reached between her legs and grabbed my balls and squeezed until I thought I would scream. But, she relaxed her grip and began a slow massage. The pain soon faded and I was again concentrating on my cock thrusting into her. As I approached climax, much more slowly and with more force she increased the tempo of her massage and my balls became indistinct from my cock and the whole lower half of my body was building to an orgasm. When I started to cum, she squeezed my balls each time I ejaculated. I t seemed to have gone on for hours yet seemed to be finished so quickly. My cock was too sensitive to move much, but I didnít want to withdraw, I still couldnít get over that perfect ass with my cock in it. Finally she broke the moment and slowly slide away from with my limp instrument swinging down between my legs as it popped out of her soaking wet pussy. I rolled over on my back and took deep breaths until her returned with a warm wet washcloth and gently cleaned me up.

When she finished she went to the mini-bar and got me a beer and a coke for herself. We talked awhile about Phuket and the usual where do you come from stuff and in about 15 minutes I was again thinking of that tight ass. Professional that she was she began a slow massage of my cock and balls, not long after, I was in her mouth and hard. She was pretty good; she worked my cock from tip to balls and back, and then sucked my balls. I was settling into the idea that blowing a load of cum in her mouth was a good one when she stood up over me and squatted down on my cock. She lowered herself onto me and began a serious fuck, she was headed for herself first. I watched, sort of detached as she pounded her pussy hard onto my pubic bone, rising up and slamming down. I could see her fat swollen lips as they smashed into me and soon I wasnít so detached. She was building to her climax and I imagined that I could feel her cunt contracting as she spasmed into an orgasm. I was right behind her with mine and our juices fused in the heat of that moment, my climax wasnít as large as the first, but sharing it with hers was an erotic bonus. Her nipples were standing out rock hard as she finally slide to a stop and collapsed on my chest. She had gotten really wet and now I was also, as was the sheet, right in the middle of the bed. When she returned with the warm washcloth she asked if I would like her to stay the night and while it sounded good I knew that I was done for the night and I donít like wake up sex so declined and she dressed and left. I donít think I will ever forget that ass, so small yet so perfect.

I had an uneventful day hanging at the beach watching the tourists parasailing around behind speedboats and getting very red from the intense sun. I ate a light lunch and drank my way back to the hotel for another nap. I awoke about 10:30 showered, dressed and headed out for a bite. I stopped at a place that offered cheeseburgers and filled up. While sitting there I noticed that I could walk down an alley to Tiger Bar a big disco, so I did. Under part of the building was another group of beer bars 30 or 40 of the little stall type, each again, with from 1 to 10 girls. I nodded and smiled at the offers and made my way to the disco. The place was crowded to overwhelming, I never did get into the place I was standing at a bar just inside the foyer waiting for the bartender when a girl caught my eye. She was inside but on the second floor and while she could see the dance floor she could also turn and see who was coming in the place. She smiled and waved and I smiled and waved when the bartender asked for his money and gave me my beer. I turned around to look for the girl and she was standing next to me. She was short, I mean 4í 6Ē tops, short. Cute and a little chubby, not fat necessarily but she had a shape like a tube. No tits, but sort of cute, we struck up the usual conversation and decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, well at least the next couple of hours. We walked back to the hotel and she ht the shower. I passed as my shower was less than an hour old and just stripped instead. She walked out of the bath completely nude, very different than I had seen so far, walk was really not what she did, it was a strut. Cocky in appearance. She walked up to me and immediately dropped to her knees and began to make love to my genitals, I canít describe it any other way. She kissed, licked, sucked and caressed every millimeter of both my cock and balls as well as the inside of my thighs. She was there for 5 minutes before my cock ever entered her mouth. When that happened it was almost like a shock, her mouth was not just wet and warm it was alive. Her tongue never stopped and when she changed speeds it was done gradually. She brought me to the edge of climax and slowed to bring me back down twice before she had me lie down on the bed.

Once I was lying down her began at the beginning, kissing, licking, sucking and caressing. She was slow and methodical. When she finally took my cock in her mouth I was ready to cum, not physically, but mentally. She some how knew how to keep me on the edge. She would alternate keeping me near climax and bringing to near climax and back down again. Her touch was so soft that I never knew if it was her hand or her mouth.

My cock was stretched as tight as it had ever been and my balls had with drawn into my body when she finally placed her hands on my thighs and started a slow pumping sucking, she would take my entire cock into her mouth and throat and withdraw until I was completely out of her mouth and slowly take me in her mouth and deep throat me again. I was in pain and pleasure so much so that I didnít notice her finger slide into my ass until she crooked it and began a massage, then it was to late to feel anything except an enormous orgasm rack my body, I pulsed time after time and sent copious amounts of cum into her mouth and throat. As I was finishing she lessened the pressure of her tongue and lips until it was like gossamer brushing along my shaft. I lay there with cum draining from my flaccid member still in her mouth forever. She never once moved away; just keep my cock in her mouth using just a slight suction. She was waiting to see if I would get hard again and probably still be sucking my dick if I hadnít moved away from her.

I donít remember anything after that I fell a sleep. I do remember waking as she once again had my cock in her mouth I had never awaken to a blowjob before and must admit it was quit pleasant. I donít like morning sex because my climax is always small and this was no exception, but it was a nice touch. I took her to breakfast said goodbye, packed and headed back to Bangkok.

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