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Personal Trainer

(Part 1 from 1)

I looked to the clock and saw that my 2:00 client would be arriving at the gym soon. I have been a personal trainer for a few years now and it has helped my image and confidence. I am 6’3” 220 pounds with almost no body fat on my body, which helps me get a lot of clients. I was dressed in my usual tight tank top that accentuated my large chest and revealed my strong arms, along with a pair of shorts that my ripped legs could barely fit in and my 8-inch cock constantly tried to push through. As I walked past the row of machines with my clipboard ready for the first evaluation of my new client, I saw this amazingly attractive woman standing at the front desk. She was wearing a black sports bra revealing perky 36C breasts, and a pair of pink short spandex that hugged tightly to her firm ass. As I walked towards her, she shot me a smile that made me instantly more attracted to her. I extended my hand to reach hers and as she wrapped her fingers around mine I said,
“ Hi Sarah?, I’m Mike, we talked on the phone. Are you ready start?”

She looked deep into my blue eyes and said eagerly, “ I can’t wait. I have been looking forward to this all week.”
“Well then follow me” I said as I turned to lead you to the private room we had set up for the evaluation. I tried to flex subtly to show off my body to you as we made our way through the gym.

Once we got to the room I closed the door behind us and said, “Have you ever had a personal trainer before?”
I admired your beauty as you giggled and said, “No, but I want to get into shape.”

I responded quickly by saying, “Well you look great, but let’s get started with a few tests and we can figure out where you are starting at.”

I led you over to a stationary bike and had you do a warm up mile for me at a quick pace to check your cardio level. The whole time I was admiring your body as you worked on the machine to go as fast as you could.
Once you reached a mile, I came over to you with a water bottle and towel and said, “Great job Sarah. Why don’t you go over to the mat I set up on the floor for you while I write down your time.”
You drank from the water bottle and wiped your face with the towel and I had you make your way to the floor.
“We are going to test your flexibility with a few movements” I said as I had you stand in front of me.

I directed you to bend over to touch the floor while I stood behind you. As your hands reached the floor you felt my hand touch your lower back to help push you a little farther down. Watching you bend over with your ass sticking up in the air got me hard and I was standing a bit too close to you. As you felt my hard dick touch your ass, you came up and ground into me a little bit.

You looked at me and said, “Can you help me stretch my hamstrings? Please.”

I helped you get to the ground and then lifted one of your legs and stretched it high above your head. You let out some small moans, and I let my hand slide down your leg towards your inner thigh. Your moans became more frequent. As I slid my hand in between your legs, you looked at me in complete ecstasy begging to be pleasured. I continued to rub your clit through your spandex, as you slid your hand to my crouch. I let your legs fall back to the ground and laid on top of you as our lips found each other and my tongue began to explore your mouth. I slid my hand up your body to your breasts and after playing with your hardening nipple, I slipped my hand under your sports bra to feel the amazing skin of your breasts. You moaned into my mouth and I responded by pushing my tongue deeper and letting it intertwine with yours. Grinding my cock against you while I spread your legs with my body got me amazingly hard and wanting to see what was under your clothes. I broke our embrace for a moment in order to pull your sports bra off of your body and remove my own shirt. As I laid back on top of you our skin touched and I could feel your hard nipples on my chest.

I moved my hands around to your amazing ass and squeezed it to lift you off the floor enough to slide your tight spandex off of your body. As soon as I got them off of you I sat up to admire your beautiful figure as I looked down from your face, to your amazing breasts, to your glistening shaved pussy. I needed to taste you, so I kissed you for a minute and slowly moved down your body. I started kissing your neck and sliding my hands up and down your legs. Your hand reached for my cock and I obliged by sliding my sweatpants off to reveal my hard 8-inch cock. As you wrapped your fingers around it I slid further down your body to take each of your nipples into my mouth. The pre cum dripping from the head allowed you to easily slide your hand up and down the shaft making me moan as I continued to go down your body. I soon pulled your hand from me and pushed them above your head as I whispered in your ear.

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“Lay back and enjoy yourself”

I kissed my way down your body and began to tease you by kissing around your wet pussy and coming close to your clit so you could feel the hot breath on your pussy. Looking to your right you could see my body and my head resting between your legs in the mirror. You moaned loudly and realized how amazing our bodies looked together. Right then my tongue slid between your dripping pussy lips and slid up and down the entire length. You grabbed my head as I circled your clit with my tongue and began to slowly suck and lick as you became closer and closer to a mind-blowing orgasm. Continuing to lick your clit at a faster pace I slid a finger into your pussy and as I curled my fingers up to hit your g-spot you screamed,
“Oh don’t stop. This feels amazing.”

Your hands went to your breasts as you caressed yourself and began to rub your nipples to add to your pleasure. Your moans were progressively getting louder and I was hoping that no one would walk into the room to see what was happening. Begging me to enter you I pulled myself from your pussy and came back to your lips as I kissed you deeply and bit your lower lip. I took my dick in hand and slid the head of it up and down the length of your excited pussy. I continued to tease you by rubbing the head of my dick on your clit and sliding it barely to the your entrance. I whispered into your ear,
“Do you want me deep inside of you?”
and you responded in between moans, “Oh please. Fuck me with that big dick of yours. I need you to take me.”

I slowly pushed deep inside of you and as I stretched you inch-by-inch your pussy began to tense and you shook under the pleasure of your first orgasm. You could feel more core tighten and my strong arms flex as I slid entirely inside of you and held you there for you to adjust to my large cock. I began to slide in and out faster and faster pushing against you as I reached the back of your pussy to grind against your clit. I could feel your pussy tightening as I hit your g-spot with every thrust. You looked at my body as I held my self up, admiring my strong arms and ripped six-pack. You knew you had to ride me so you could admire my body while taking control of your own pleasure. You rolled me over so you were on top and began to ride my cock harder letting your weight pull you down. Your moans filled the room as you leaned back and got the head of my cock to hit your g-sport as I began to rub your clit. The feeling of my hard cock spreading you wide with my finger stimulating your clit was enough to push you to the edge as your second orgasm came over your body and your pussy squeezed my dick harder. I was getting close but I wanted to prolong our love making so I had you bring your pussy to my lips for a minute so I could lick your clit and finger you. After another amazing orgasm you pushed me back and said,
“It is your turn to enjoy yourself. I want to push you over the edge.”

You took my dick into your hand and lined it up so you could ride me hard again. As you picked up the pace, I slid my hands up to your breasts and your hand went to your pussy as you began to play with your clit. Another orgasm came over you and you were ready for me as you leaned over to kiss me hard and looked me in the eyes and said.
“Cum deep inside of me. Fill me please. I want you to make me yours.”

As I began to get closer you began to grind me deep inside of you, until I screamed,
“Oh girl I am cumming.”
And I pushed deep inside of you as my cock tensed and you felt my cum fill you more and more with each convulsion. You lay on me for a few minutes kissing and letting my dick soften inside of you. As I pulled out, I could feel the cum dripping out of your pussy and I said to you,
“That was the most amazing sex I have ever had”

You responded, “Good. I haven’t had that many orgasm ever before.”
You looked at the clock and realized that more time had past than you thought and you quickly grabbed your clothes and said, “Oh no we have gone way over time, I should probably head out.”
We both got out clothes on and I walked you back to the front door.

I said, “So do you think you would like for me to stay your personal trainer?”
You looked at me and said seductively, “As long as every session can be that intense”
As we got to the front door a man stood there and said, “Sarah, what took you so long its time to go?”

She looked at me a little embarrassed and said, “Mike, this is my boyfriend Ryan. Sorry Ryan he is trying to help me get into shape.”
Ryan said, “Well as long as he can keep you looking amazing that is fine with me.”

I laughed to my self and responded, “Well its nice to meet you Ryan. Your girl will be in unbelievable shape if she keeps working that hard. Sarah, I’ll see you here next in two days at the same time. See ya”
As you walked out you turned to blow me a kiss and I watched in amazement as your tight ass bounced as you walked away. “I love being a personal trainer” I thought to myself, as I went to find my next client for today.

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