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Pay back is Hell!

(Part 1 from 1)

I guess you could say that I was one of those guys you hear about sometimes. The husband who adores his wife and believes that she would never cheat on him! Well, I was that guy. Before we were married I played the field and I had a good time too. I love to eat pussy and with a 7 inch dick I was good for a nice long run. No I was no porno star but I could last a long time before I would finally cum. Woman seemed to really enjoy that fact.

I met my wife and fell deeply in love with her in just a few short weeks. We were fantastic together in bed and out. She loved to do everything that I liked in bed. She gave me the best blow jobs I had ever had. She would not let me cum in her mouth, said it made her sick. But she would go to the very end. She also loved for me to fuck her in the ass! It was fantastic!

Then the kids came along and I thought her sex drive would drop off. No way friend, she wanted it two to three times a week, every week! When she was on her period, she would give me blow jobs or she would let me fuck her in the ass! This went on for over twenty years! I thought it would never end, I cannot tell you how happy I was being with her. Other men would fantasize about movie stars or singers, but not me. I would fantasize about my wife. Now don't get me wrong my wife over the years had changed, so had I for that matter. When I married her she was 5'-4" tall and she barely weighed 110 pounds. Now she weighed close to 200 pounds! But I loved every pound of her!

It was in the spring that year when things started to change between us. She had taken up photography as a new hobby and she was getting really good at it too. Then she met this professional photographer named Rodney and I noticed her changing toward me. Sex became less frequent. She was gone a lot more from home. She had a full time job as a secretary but in the evenings and on weekends she would leave and not come back for hours. When I asked she said that she was out taking pictures or scouting for locations to take pictures.

Like a gullible fool I believed that everything was fine. It was not until one morning when I came to work. I work in a plant where we make automotive parts. I had just come into the men's locker room when I heard some of the guys talking. They were standing in a circle looking at some pictures that one of them had printed out from an on-line source. I walked over to take a look. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw my wife in the pictures! Naked as the day she was born. Worse in some of them she was sucking another man's dick or getting fucked! I thought my heart would stop right there. Luckily none of the other men knew my wife. While I was looking at the I caught the URL at the bottom of the page. The foreman came in and yelled that it was time, so we all headed to our stations. All I could think about was seeing my wife with another man!

That night I went home and I did not say a word to her. She left soon after I got home which made it easier for me. I then went to the website and I paid the $29.00 dollars to join for a month. Then I started scanning the pictures looking for her. It did not take long to find her and in a lot more pictures! In some of them I could make out who was taking the pictures, it was her new friend Rodney! I also figured out that he was the man in some of the pictures fucking my wife or getting a blow job from her.

That is when I decided to get even with her. I knew that she kept a diary or journal locked in her desk downstairs in our home office. She had been keeping it for years. She did not know it but I also knew where she kept the key. So I went down there and I got the key and I unlocked the drawer to to diary. It did not take me long to find the first entry that she had made about her time with Rodney. She talked about going to his place and having wine together and talking about photography. She then talked about drinking to much and getting light headed. And how she had laid down on his couch to rest and how he started taking pictures of her. Innocent at first then talking her into unbuttoning a few buttons, then a few more until her shirt was open. Then how he talked her into undoing her bra because it was in the way of the shot.

It was not until her third visit to his place that he got her completely undress. He had taken so many pictures of her now that she felt completely safe with him. Then he started getting into the pictures with her. Touching her, kissing her breast and then having her suck his dick. Reading her words tore into me like a knife. The love of my life betraying me like this and with this little puke! That is when I decided to get even with her and him. I even started forming the plan.

I needed help though so I went to the only true friend I have ever had. My battle buddy from the Army, Tim. He now works in electronics and he is good. I mean really good. After I told him and showed him the pictures I cried. I admit it, my heart was broken and I cried like a baby. When I pulled myself together I told Tim of my idea. I wanted to get ironclad proof. I wanted to catch her in the act but more important I wanted her to know I caught her. Tim agreed to help me.

A few days later we both took off from work and we wired my house for video with hidden cameras. We had the living room covered and the master bedroon too. Several cameras in every room on top of that as well. Then when she came home that night I told her that I had to go out of town next weekend on businss and I would not be home until late Sunday night. Instead I was really over at Tim's house about a block away from mine, watching my wife on the computer. She did not waste any time either. She went in and took a shower and then got dressed really nice. Then she made a phone call.

About a half hour later someone knocks on the door. She answers it, and Rodney walks in to my house. They sit down on the couch and she gets some wine for them. They sit drinking wine and chatting. Then he starts touching her, rubbing her shoulder and finally her breasts. Then as she laughs he starts to unbutton her blouse and then undo her bra. We are recording all this as it happens and they do not know a thing. She then reachs down and start rubbing his dick through is pants. It did not take long before they were both naked! She goes down on him and starts sucking his dick like a person dying of thrist.

Then when he starts to really get into it, they stop and he bends her over on the couch and starts fucking her doggy style! He is really pouring it to her. It was not long before he was cumming too. They then got cleaned up and when they came back into the livingroom they snuggled up naked on the couch and went to sleep. We cut the feed at that point, it was now time for phase two.

Several weeks later her company was having a big office party. They were going to show a video of the company's future growth. Yes, you guessed it! Tim and I rigged they system up and right at the best time we kicked on our video. Everyone in her company got to see her sucking dick and getting fucked. Me, I had slipped away just before it started to play. Once it started she was looking around with panic on her face. Then she saw me by the door and I shot her the finger and waved goodbye!

What happened then? Well all I can tell you is that everyone where she use to work knows what a slut she is. Rodney had the same thing happen to him at his work on their office system. His wife found out and took him to the cleaners. Me? Well, I now live in Canada, where US law enforcement can't find me and neither can my wife's attorney, and I have a wonderful girlfriend who loves me. She does not give the greatest blow jobs yet, but she is working on it! And she is 5'-8" tall and she weights 130 pound of pure love. And my god can she fuck!

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