Paving Her Driveway, Part 1: The Beginning

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This story is completely fictional!

I work for a paving and excavating company. I'm eighteen years old and I'm fresh out of high school. I'm short, only five foot four. But I'm built. I played football all through out high school and I'm decently hung. About ten inches and thick.

Anyway, about a month ago is when this story takes place. I was one of three guys who were repaving this couples driveway. The Roberts. They were decently wealthy and the driveway was pretty huge. It took us most of the day and me being the youngest worker I had to return the following day to inspect the work and make sure the customer was satisfied.

So I drove my truck all the way back to the house and parked on the curb. When she heard my truck pull up she looked out the window and opened the door.

"Mike right?" She asked with a smile.

"Yes ma'am. Just coming to check if everything came out alright. Is your husband in?"

"No actually he had an emergency at the hospital. He'll be gone most of the day. But I can tell you if I'm satisfied with the work you men did."

She had a weird look in her eyes. But I just ignored it and walked up the path to the front door. "Please come inside."

I walked past her and brushed my shoulder against hers. We both ignored the incident and the tension in the air. She grabbed us both a glass of water and while she was at the sink I took notice to what she was wearing. A thin white skirt that wasn't too short, but it was still way fucking sexy. And a red blouse that was open pretty far down. Her tits were awesome.

"I knew one of you were gonna come today, and I'm glad it was you. You look the youngest. I bet you'll last a while." She said as she placed the water in front of me. I could see all the way down her shirt to her belly button. She wasn't wearing a bra!

"How do you mean, ma'am?" I looked her with lust in my eyes.

She giggled and took a sip of water, and it spilled down on to her chest. I tried to stop my eyes from bulging and I felt my cock stir. Her tits were soaked. She looked at me and smiled and right then I knew that she had planned this. Or at least something like it.

"Is something wrong, Mike? She asked in a seductive voice. By this time my cock was hard as steel and I knew she could see it through my jeans.

"N-no... I'm fine." I lied through my teeth and she knew it.

"My husband hasn't touched me in such a long time... I'm so horny. I was really hoping you'd be able to help me." She stood up and let her blouse fall. Her tits were full and pert and her nipples were rock hard. They must've been at least a 40DD. My eyes bulged and my dick pulsed.

Her long black hair already looked tousled and her blue eyes were full of lust. She came over and straddled my lap and her skirt rode up her thighs. She rubbed her pussy against the front of my pants. I could feel her warm juices and I knew she was panty less.

She kissed me quickly but slowly, and pulled away to watch my reaction. When she saw the look in my eyes she kissed me again. This time it was more passionate, and a lot more intense. My hands moved down to her thighs and I pulled her to me, crushing her tits against my chest. I rubbed and squeezed her thighs. She let out a soft moan from between our interlocked lips and I pulled away to take my shirt off.

She stared lustfully at my bare torso and kissed her way down to my abs and then the top of my jeans. I stood up so she could undo my belt and yank my pants down. Stepping out of them I pulled her head towards my cock and she licked the length.

"Jesus! How big are you? My husband is so small..." She said as she slowly curled her fingers around my thick meat and cupped my heavy balls.

"About ten inches... Now suck me you little whore." I said.

"Oh... I love being treated like a slut. Can I please suck your cock, daddy?" She smiled and took my entire length into her throat at once before I could answer.

"Oh shit... Shit you're fucking good at that. My girlfriend won't suck me at all. Sex with her is so boring. Oh god..."

She stopped sucking and looked up at me, licking her lips. "You have a girlfriend?"

I nodded. "Well I guess we can take care or each others needs then huh?"

"Oh yeah. I'll pave your driveway every day that I want to. You're mine now. Understand?"

"Yes daddy." And with that she went back to sucking my engorged cock.

I felt her tongue swirl around my shaft as she bobbed her head slowly up and down, moaning so the vibrations would move up and down my rock hard cock. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, guiding her head with my hand.

I held her down as I shot my first load down her throat without warning, and without a problem she swallowed it all. She pulled her lips off of my cock with a loud smack and then licked me clean.

Without saying a worth I lifted her up and laid her down on the kitchen table. She spread her legs for me started to rub her clit. "You slut..."

I got between her legs and started licking my way up her thighs, in between the crease between get thigh and the beginning of her pussy lips. She groaned and grabbed my hair. I gently nibbled her clit and shoved two fingers knuckle deep into her sopping cunt.

"Oh god, yes! Yes... Yes!" She screamed and started to shake. "OH GOD! I'm fucking cumming! I'm cumming so hard! Ohhhhh god!"

"That was quick, Mrs. Roberts. He really doesn't take care of your does he?"

"Not at all... And call me Heather please." I smiled and licked her to two more mind blowing orgasms before she pushed me away and slid off the table. She bent over the table and stuck her ass out at me, turning to look into my eyes.

"Please fuck me daddy... I need your big fat cock. Please..."

I smiled down at her tight ass. I couldn't believe how nice it was. One of the best I've ever seen. I slid the head of my cock up and the length of her slit. She moaned and tried to push back but I wouldn't let her. I wanted to tease the slut.

"Please daddy. I need it. Please fuck me hard. Please?"

I gripped her hips tightly and slowly slid the head of my thick cock into her hot wet cunt. After a minute I slid in. Then I slid my entire length into her in one quick movement. She screamed through yet another orgasm and I started to pound her helpless little pussy. I pulled out all the one so that only my remains inside, locked in a vice grip that felt like fucking heaven. Then I slammed back in. The I pulled out a little less and slammed back in. Then a little less until I was pumping into her with short shallow strokes, keeping most of my cock inside of her.

I could hear her nails dragging across the table as she desperately tried to hold on to something as I fucked her my very hardest. After about twenty minutes of beating up her tight little pussy, I pulled out and yanked her by the hair off of the table and kissed her violently. We dueled with our tongues, trying to get down each others throats and I picked her up by the ass and dropped her back down on my cock. She groaned and bit my shoulder, digging her nails into my back.

I pumped in and out powerfully until she started to jump up and down by herself. I moved towards the wall and slammed her back against it, ruthlessly punishing her slutty pussy.

She kissed my lips and neck, nibbling as she went about and eventually she turned us around so she could ride me in the air, supporting herself with her feet on the wall. She came again and as her pussy contracted around my dick, I whispered to her. "I'm gonna cum..."

"Cum inside me baby. My tubes are tied. Please fill me daddy." She moaned.

With a few more thrusts, I groaned my cock pulsed. I felt the first of many squirts explode deep inside of her wet walls. Her pussy milked my cock, squeezing every last drop from my heavy balls.

"That was amazing sweetie..." She panted as I slowly slipped my dick from her folds. My head popped out with a squelching noise and as I put her down, I could see my cum and her juices running down her legs and to the floor. I picked her up again and took her to her bed room and after some tender kissing, we both passed out.

I woke hours later to a warm sensation on my cock. She was sucking my already hard penis, and when he saw I was awake, she slowly climbed up to kiss me, and sank my cock all the way into her dripping pussy. I could still feel my cum and get lips were red and raw. She rode me slowly, rotation and grinding her hips for almost a half hour until she had cum several times.

As we kissed I came inside of her again, and after a long hot shower together, and another steamy fuck, I was out the door. She kissed me good bye and whispered to me. "Thank you so much for paving my driveway."

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