Passing my Mother off to my brother

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

After my mother was fucked and abused by my friends and I on my 20th birthday, she continued to service my sexual needs. She even became pregnant shortly after the party and used her connections at the hospital where she worked to take care of the problem. She went on the pill after that incident and we no longer had to worry about her getting pregnant. Whether it was my baby or one of the guys from the party who could know, and I didn’t care. My friends had a great time and we all talked about the “hooker” we fucked all night in every possible way.

While I was spending my time fucking my mother whenever possible, I was planning on how to get my 16 yr old brother involved in using her body to his advantage. He had been frustrated by the lack of willing girls in school and I often heard him complaining about it. Like most teenaged boys, he was curious about girls and wanted to experience the pleasures of sex and the female body for himself. After awhile I figured out how to get him involved with Mom and it would be fun watching it happen.

Using my influence over Mom, I instructed her to start flashing her body to Joey when ever she could. She of course protested, but I asked her if she wanted to be the entertainment at another party with my friends. She grudgingly agreed and the seduction of Joey was immediate. That evening after taking her bath, Mom made it a point to say good night to Joey with her nightgown open enough to show off her C sized tits and give a peek at her mousy brown bush. The next morning, Mom once again flashed some tit to Joey and I noticed his cock starting to rise in his jeans. Mom continued this flashing and teasing of my brother over the next few weeks and I could tell it was getting to him.

One day after school he came to me and asked me a question. “Dan, I’m so fucking horny I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Mom has been acting different and getting my dick so hard it hurts. What do I do besides jerk off?” I replied, “I don’t know about you, but I’d grad a handful of those tits the next time you get a chance.” Joey replied “WHAT? Grab Mom’s tits? I can’t do that. She’s our mother.” I said, “Why not? She’s instigating the situation and she’s a sexy woman with needs too. With any luck, you’ll get more than just a handful of her tits. Maybe she’ll suck your cock and let you fuck her too.” Joey could believe what I was saying, and he walked away mumbling and shaking his head.

That night I went into Mom’s room and gave her new instructions. Knowing that my brother wouldn’t make the first move, I told Mom to make it. Later that evening when my sister and brother had fallen asleep, I followed Mom into Joey’s bedroom. After she entered the room, I closed the door behind us and turned on the light. As Joey stirred from his slumber he looked towards us as I removed Mom’s nightgown from her body. Joey's eyes grew wide and the effect was immediate on his cock as the sheet covering him soon started to rise by his waist. Mom walked over to his bed, knelt down, and removed the sheet covering Joey and exposed his 6" hard cock. Mom said "Ohhh Joey you have such a nice thick cock, I want to suck it." Before Joey could react, Mom bent over and started sucking his cock and fondling his balls. The look on my brother’s face was priceless. It went from shock to pleasure filled in no time at all. He moved his hand to Mom’s head and within a minute or two he was shooting his load down her throat. Mom commented "What a nice tasting load of cum. Now it's my turn to cum in your mouth."

Mom then proceeded to climb into bed with Joey and sit on his face while instructing him on how to eat her pussy. Once Joey started licking and sucking on Mom’s pussy, I walked over to the bed and she eagerly sucked my 7" cock into her mouth. The better my brother sucked Mom’s pussy, the faster she pumped her mouth up and down my cock. It didn’t take long for Mom to cum and flood Joey’s face and mouth with her honey. When I noticed her juices flowing over Joey’s face, I also noticed his cock becoming hard again. By now I was ready to cum in Mom’s mouth so I grabbed her head and pushed my cock to the back of her throat as I sent my load to meet my brother’s in her stomach.

After cumming in Mom’s mouth, I sat down and watched the next act play out. Mom fell back on the bed as Joey moved between her legs and readied himself for the penetration of her pussy. Joey was unsure how exactly to smoothly get inside Mom’s dripping pussy, so she helped him out. Instructing him to put her legs over his shoulders and to move closer to her, she reached out and grabbed his cock while holding it at her entrance. With a forward thrust of his inexperienced hips, Joey’s cock slid into Mom’s pussy for the first time. Slowly he found the stroke and has soon pumping his cock in and out like a pro. Joey’s inexperience caused him to lose control in only a few minutes despite cumming in Mom’s mouth only 20 minutes ago. As he was starting to cum, Mom reached out and pulled him tightly against her and held him there until his cock stopped throbbing.

After cumming inside Mom, Joey rolled off her and laid down to rest and recover from his new experience. While Joey recovered, I pulled Mom to the floor and bent her over the bed while pushing her face towards my brother’s flaccid cock. As she started to suck his soft cum covered cock, I positioned my cock head at her asshole and started pushing inside her. Slowly I pushed into her until my balls rested against her cum soaked pussy and then started fucking her anal cavity. With every thrust inside her ass, mom let out a moan and shivered with delight. As I pumped her ass she worked Joey’s cock back to a rigid tool for her pleasure. Up and down she went on his cock as her muffled groans betrayed her pleasure. After 10 minutes of fucking her ass, I pulled her tight and blew another load into her bowels that required all my concentration to keep from yelling out and waking my sister 2 rooms away.

I stayed in Mom’s ass until my cock softened, then it fell out with a stream of cum following it. By this time my brother is wanting to dive back into Mom’s pussy and she crawled up over his waist and positioned her pussy above his hard cock. Mom grabed his cock and lowered herself over it as Joey reacheed out and grabed her hips. Mom took the lead and started rocking back and forth gyrating her hips over my brother’s cock. As she moved back and forth, her tits swung gently just inches above Joey’s head. He grabed one in each hand and took turns sucking on her ½" long nipples. Mom’s peach sized areolas were getting redder and darker as her nipples become more and more sensitive. After 20 minutes of riding my brother’s cock, Joey reached out and held mom still while he sent another load of his seed into her pussy.

After fucking me and Joey for over 2 hours, Mom was tired and I helped her back to her bed. As I laid her down in bed, I leaned over and kissed her tits and gave her a deep tongue filled kiss before leaving. In the morning after my sister and brother left for school, I fucked Mom in the shower and filled her with my seed in her ass and her pussy again. I also explained the new rules for the house. I told her she was to fuck and suck Joey any time he was horny, and she still had to service my needs until I left the house. She agreed, but wasn’t happy about it. She knew it meant having sex with both of her sons multiple times during the day.

Mom did her best to satisfy our needs and Joey became more and more bold in his desires. To help keep my sister out of the loop, we started to fuck and suck in the car while parking in desolate areas in the country. I would drive the car while Joey fucked mom, and then we’d park while I took her pussy and ass too. We even got into double fucking her to finish off the car rides and Joey grew into a very good fucker by the end of the summer. He could cum 3-4 times and loved to eat mom’s pussy until she flooded his mouth with her honey. When I moved out, I knew Mom was in good hands with Joey fucking her on a daily basis. When Joey needed a place to fuck mom, they would come to my apartment and we would fuck like animals all night. Not a bad way to relax after a hard day at work.

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