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Paddling and Punishment Enema Farts: Fm

(Part 1 from 1)

Firstly, I was suitably restrained on her lovely leather-padded dungeon table. Then she "opened" -- no pun intended -- with a 1-2-3 enema. After suitable time has elapsed I was allowed to fart out/ evacuate my filled, cramped bowels.

Then it was back on her table, perhaps on my back this time with my feet hoisted high above me, and she forced a hot, soapy large volume enema into my bowels, between 3 and 6 litres of it!

She devilishly used one of her custom-made nozzles, which was thick and long and the shape of a penis. The huge red rubber enema bag was hung very high for this operation, just as the Victorians discovered worked so well for recalcitrant children. At this point I was begging for mercy but she continued.

She was a very good judge of what each naughty boy or girl can safely take and she, not me, would decide when I had reached my very pinnacle of pain. She released me from my bounds only when I had been corrected suitably in the second stage of my punishment enemas.
After embarrassingly farting out the last enema she had administered to me, I was informed it was time for me to receive a Molasses-and-Milk enema. This especially punitive enema was injected through a very large tubed dildo. To my chargrin I was restrained from expulsion by a butt plug attached to a harness.

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I was whining as she commanded me to retain this, sharing with me I would not know for how long, perhaps, she smiled for up to a half-hour and by this time I would be in tears!

During all of the above enema injections she chose to give me corporal punishment at the same time! She has well over 100 instruments for this including many leather and the much-hated rubber straps with their inherent accumulative effect, paddles including heavy oak ones, which she decided to spank me with for my visible panty line bottom watching, as I had been judged one of her very worst pupils. she gave me a generous taste of wood! mistress was a vertiable expert in the accurate application of the long wooden school paddle and had the bottom to prove it.

I can assure you I left her home suitably reminded of my previous transgressions and when I look at my still red paddled bottom a few hours later back in the mirror of my train compartment, I can see the purple bruises and fell the soreness of my cheery red swollen bottom skin and stretched belly from taking and retaining the series of punishment enemas. I will undoubtedly not repeat my naughty bottom watching in class.

Suddenly I feel new cramps in my stomach and rush to my toilet, pulling down my pants and the panties my mistress made me wear back onto the train. Farting so loud I was concerned my bodily noises could be heard by the teenage girls in the compartment next to me.

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