Out Camping

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 I had a weekend of camping with the Scouts. We took a camp site with our friend Louis and Wendy. This was the first time for me to go out camping.

The first day was exhausting we had many activities. The worst part of it was that bathroom down the hill had no privacy when showering. My hair was awful. I decided not to take a bath that first night. Wendy was different she did mind that there was no privacy.
The second day had come. My husband and Louis wanted to take everyone down to the lake. We all went. They all loved it. I was a bit afraid of what might be in the water. So I decided it was not for me. When everyone came back my husband Rich decided that he needed to change. I was in the tent. Rich had zipped the tent close so our friends wouldn't see him changing.

Rich stripped off his clothes and decided to give me a look at his 7 inch cock. He told me, “Lets make love Sandy”. I told him that I smelled of sweat and couldn't get motivated. I told him, “Come here.” I began to rub his cock. He began to groan, Slowly I saw his cock grow. He was excited by the danger of someone peeking unto the tent. I could see the precum start to show. He started cuming and shot some of the cum into my hair. I had to hurry and clean it up before anyone came by the tent. My husband had a smile on his face. He was having a good time camping. I could pretty much say that for me it was not that great so far.

Wendy saw that I wasn't enjoying the camping. She asked me what was going on. I told her that I haven't found anything fun to do. I also told her I wish that I could go home and take a shower. I told her that I did not want anyone of these people seeing me in the nude. The bathroom had a door at the shower, but the door could not lock. Wendy was different than me. Wendy didn't care who saw her. At the gym, Wendy would take a shower after our workouts. She was a real exhibitionist. I always was amazed how beautiful her body looked. She had blue eyes with jet black hair. She was a 34C and 110 lbs in weight. She was a a couple of inches taller than me. I was just five feet tall. My eyes are brown and my hair black. I am a 34B cup and weigh 120 lbs. Wendy always would kid with me that I had the most beautiful bubbly butt. She had only seen me in my underwear when I changed at the gym. I always would tell her to stop kidding with me. I tried not looking at her shower, but she was so beautiful.

Wendy told me later not to worry about the shower. We could go later in the night when people were sleeping and she promised to guard the door inside the bathroom just in case. We ate some great barbecue that our men had prepared that night. The night was beautiful with many stars. Wendy was trying to make the night enjoyable. She had come up with things to do. The kids and our two husbands were so tired that they fell asleep early. Wendy kept going. Wendy then said “ Hey Sandy, I think everyone around is asleep now. Do you want to shower. You will feel better.” I grabbed all the stuff I needed. Wendy grabbed her stuff too. I asked Wendy “I thought I was taking a shower alone”. She said “Don't worry I plan to take one after you”.

Wendy and I went down the hill to where the bathroom was. We went in and Wendy put her stuff on the counter. Wendy said, “Go in, don't worry.” I went through the shower door. There was two showers behind this door. I could see how that door was broken. I undressed and turned on the water. I went to the far shower so that no one would see me. I knew Wendy would make sure no one came in. The water felt great. It was warm. That night had a bit of a chill. I heard Wendy fooling with the door.

I was using the soap and it slipped out of my hand. I bent over to get it. I suddenly felt a hand caress my pussy from behind. I gave a short scream. Then I realized it was Wendy. I was in shock she was naked and smiling at me, Wendy said, “You ass is amazing.” I spoke up “The door! someone might see me.” She said, “I fixed the door so I decided to come in and take a shower. There are two showers!”

I was nervous my husband was the only person who had seen me naked. “Don't worry. Don't tell me you haven't seen me naked Sandy”, said Wendy. She was right! I had admired her body several times at the YMCA. “Let me help you with the soap”, said Wendy. Wendy grabbed her soap and began to clean my back, I could feel my pussy becoming wet. Then her hands reached between my ass cheeks, I just decided to spread my legs. She began to stick her finger in my ass. It felt great. Then she grabbed my breast from behind. I groaned. After a couple minutes, she reached down to my pussy. I turned around.

Wendy began to kiss me I opened my mouth a let her tongue in. I had never felt this way. Wendy had a very long tongue. It felt like it could reach the back of my mouth, She caressed my breast. My nipples were erect. Wendy was beautiful. She grabbed me and laid me on the shower floor. She brought her pussy over my face. She told me, “Eat me.” I open my mouth and began to lick her love button. The taste was nothing I could imagine. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy. The juices went into my mouth.

Wendy sucked my pussy. Her long tongue penetrated farther and farther in. She must have had the longest tongue in the world. I could feel it touching my G-spot. I moaned loudly. Wendy began to say, “Stick your hand into my pussy.” I stuck two fingers easily into her pussy. She then said again, “Stick your whole hand in.” I thought she was kidding, but it was very easy to put my two fingers in. So I tried four fingers. It was still easy. I began to try 5 fingers. My fist slowly began entering her pussy. I couldn't believe my eyes. My hand slipped into her pussy. Her husband must do this quite often because my hand went in easily. I was touching her G-Spot. Her pussy was gushing. I tasted her juices.

I was so wet. I could feel Wendy sticking her fingers in me. She already had 4 fingers in me. My pussy was getting wider. Next thing Wendy had 5 fingers. Her hand was going in. I could feel my G-Spot exploding. My juices were going down her hand. I had exploded. Wendy took her hand out and faced me. She said, “Lick my hand.” My juices were sweet. She helped me lick the juices off her hand. We kissed and hugged.

We finished our shower. I went back to the tent. My husband and kids were fast asleep. I decided we needed to go back to camping with our friends again. Camping can be fun.

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