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Our First Time to Swap

(Part 1 from 1)

We led a pretty active social life that revolved around friends and neighbors and seemed pretty routine for the time. Our two best friends were close neighbors, Bob and Jeanne.

Bob was in technical sales and traveled a lot. He was 6-2 with a medium build and was good looking and a very smooth talker.

Jeanne was a striking blonde, about 5’-5” and 120 pounds with 34 B breasts and long legs. Jeanne is a huge flirt and dresses the part going braless quite often.

We had been invited to Bob and Jeane’s for dinner one summer night. We had a great dinner with lots of wine and good conversation.

As usual Bob was paying a lot of attention to me and Jeanne was flirting outrageously with Bill. I loved the attention from Bob, I am sure partly because our sex life had gotten pretty routine in spite of our deep love for one another. I noticed the flirting between Jeanne and Bill, and I am not sure I liked it very much.

After dinner, Bob broke out the cold bottle of Irish Cream Liquor for dessert. We finished the bottle and between that and all the wine we were all feeling pretty mellow. It was a warm evening and Jeanne suggested a swim in their new pool. I quickly said: “Bill and I didn’t bring our suits.” Jeanne answered: “No problem, we’ll all just go in our undies……mine are new and pretty.”

Jeanne was dressed in white shorts and a white lace top while I had on yellow shorts and an off white tee and new yellow lace tanga panties and matching bra underneath.

When Jeanne jumped up out of her chair and dropped her shorts and top, I saw that she was wearing a sheer white micro thong and a matching sheer bra. You could clearly see her dark pink nipples and aureolas through the bra and I thought I saw just the hint of “camel toe” in the thong, but it was obvious she was shaved bare.

Jeanne jumped in the pool followed closely by Bob in his black boxers and soon Bill. I just sat there shaking my head untill Bob got out of the pool and walked over to me.

After a few seconds, I got up and looked past Bob to Bill before removing my tee shirt. I looked at Bill again, as Bob stared at me. I know that my nipples were poking through the yellow lace of my bra. I unzipped my shorts looked into Bob’s eyes and said “Help me?”

Bob quickly slid his hands onto my shorts and took them down and off. I jumped into the pool and swam to the end opposite Jeanne and Bill. Bob followed and joined me.

Jeanne suggested that we play a game of horse fight where the girls ride on the guys shoulders and joust one another. I said ok with me, you two are dead meat.

Jeanne pushed Bill down and jumped onto his shoulders. I could overhear Bill say he could feel the heat of her thighs on his neck and said she felt pretty good up there. Being the flirt she is, Jeanne said she wished she was sitting the other way!

Bob and I were just standing and talking and when he heard Bill heard say he wished she was sitting the other way, he grabbed me by the butt cheeks to lift me onto his shoulders. I settled in with a wiggle and a thigh hug. My bra was now wet and totally see through and you could see that my nipples were hard as bullets.

After a few rounds of horse fights we hit the hot tub to relax. Jeanne was beside Bill and I sat opposite and close to Bob. I felt Bob’s hand on my thigh and could see that Bill’s hands were under the water too.

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Bob’s hand was getting very close to my pussy and I had to do something to stop him, so I said I was thirsty and stood up.

Jeanne offered that she and Bill would get the drinks. Jeanne climbed out of the tub and we were all treated to the first closeup look at her fantastic ass and breasts through her sheer wet white bra and thong. Jeanne’s ass is a little larger than mine and definitely moves when she walks. The thong disappeared like dental floss between her cheeks. Her bra and thong were a lot smaller than any swim suit she must have worn, because you could see a lot of great tan line showing.

I learned later after we went home that while in the kitchen getting the drinks that Jeanne and Bill had kissed and that Bill had actually eaten her pussy and Jeanne had played with his cock. They were gone a lot longer than it took to make 4 drinks.

As soon as Bill and Jeanne went in the house Bob pulled me closer and kissed me. I am so much into kissing and he was so good. As he kissed me, he unsnapped my bra and threw it out of the tub. He pulled me onto his lap facing him and we continued to kiss. I was so excited that I didn’t even protest when he stood me up and took off my tanga panties and sat me on the edge of the tub to kiss and lick my pussy. He was soon making me cum and I forgot all about Bill and Jeanne. He turned me around over the edge of the tub and pushed his cock into me in one motion. That’s the way we were when Bill & Jeanne came back outside. Bob was behind me fucking me with long hard strokes as he squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples.

I was groaning and saying: “Fuck me, fuck me , fuck me harder Bob….Ohhh yes, yes, I love your cock in me….soooo deep, don’t stop, don’t ever stop.” Bob just kept pounding me until he shuddered and said “I’m going to cum….do you want it in your pussy”. I screamed: “I’m cumming too, don’t stop. Shoot it inside my hot pussy…fuck meeee. Fill me. You feel so hard and hot and sooo good. ”

Jeanne looked at Bill and said “I knew Bob would fuck her tonight, I could tell he has wanted to get into her pussy for so long. Now will you please fuck me”, and led him back into the house into their bedroom.

Bob took me in the house following them and we went to their guest bedroom. He laid me on the bed and lapped at my pussy. I asked him to turn so I could suck his cock. I took all of his cock to the back of my throat and swallowed so that my throat squeezed the end of his cock. I just kept alternately sucking and swallowing.

I couldn’t wait any longer and we turned around and he rubbed his cock up and down my wet lips and slapped my pussy with his cock. My eyes found his in the dim light of the bedroom and I said “Shove that beautiful hard cock in my pussy and fuck me like Bill is fucking Jeanne. Fuck me lover.”

Bob drove his cock into my pussy as deep and hard as he could and I could feel the head of his cock just touching my cervix. I leaned in and we kissed deep and wet and sloppy. Soon we came together in an incredible climax that left us in a pool of sweat, pussy juice and cum.

After cooling down and spooning for a while, I got up to go to the bathroom and was drawn to noise coming from the other bedroom. I could hear Jeanne groaning and out of breath saying: “Oh, Bill, yes, lick me like that, suck my clit, oh yes. Bill, don’t stop…..yes fuck my ass with your fingers. More, harder I want to feel you everywhere in me. ”

I heard Jeanne gasp and I am sure it was when Bill entered her. Bill grunted and said “you feel so good; I love the feel of your pussy lips grabbing my cock. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long Jeanne, ever since that night two months ago when I came to see Bob and he was away and we talked and eventually kissed and you let me touch you and fuck you with my fingers. I almost had to rape you then when you said no, that you just couldn’t be unfaithful.”

Then Jeanne said “be quiet, just fuck me hard, put your fingers back in my ass. Yes, like that, ughhhhh. Oh Bill, I am sooo hot, please fuck me deeper and harder….do it now…pleasssee.”

Remembering what I had set out to do, I went to the bathroom and then returned to get Bob, so she could hear what was happening. When we got to just outside the guest room, it was obvious that Bill had gotten most of his cock into Jeanne as we heard him say “just another inch or two….oh my god you are so tight…...aggggghhh and hot.”

Jeanne was making a guttural sound of passion and uttering…fuck….fuck……fuck my pussy. Oh yes, yes, yes, it hurts a little but I love it. Oh my god I love it when you finger my ass while fucking me with your cock.”

The full moon had lighted up the room with a soft glow and we could see Jeanne and Bill fucking.

Bob and I went into the room and climbed into their bed. Jeanne and Bill were surprised to see us, but he kept fucking her. I laid down beside Jeanne and Bob Laid on the other side of her. We each leaned in to kiss her breasts. Her nipples were so hard. She put her hand on my head and held me tight to her chest as Bill continued to fuck her slowly. I looked into her eyes and then kissed her. Our tongues touched and it was like electricity. Bill came hard inside her as we kissed. I could hear him grunting as he does when he cums.

When he finished Jeanne turned to me and we kissed deeply. She said: “Are you ok with this? That Bill fucked me?” I told her I was more than ok and asked if she was ok with me kissing her and sucking her nipples. She smiled and just kissed me. She sucked my tongue into her mouth. Then she slid down, kissing my breasts on her way to my pussy. She kissed me lightly before turning so I could lick her as well. When she got over me , Bill’s cum started to drip out of her. I licked and sucked her clean as I could feel her tongue all over me.

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