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On the Farm

(Part 1 from 1)

Last weekend my 2 girl-friends Ashley and Amy went to a farm with our boyfriends Derek, Phillip, and Ryan with me. We had rooms that were on the farm, becuase there were cabins along the southern edge of the farm. Me and Phillip had one room, Derek and Ashley had the next, and Amy and Ryan had the last room. We usually stayed inside and played games like strip poker, who can get their boyfriend's dick in their throat farther, and we played in the large hottub in the basement.

Well, everyone went out to the barnyard because we were bored with having plain-old sex with eachother, and Phillip was the only one who could bring me to orgasm. There was a note on the barnyard that said they wouldn't be back for 2 days, and not to go into the barn until they got back. We decided to go in anyway, since we didn't like the owner. Amy and Ryan walked over by the sheep, and me, Ashley, Derek, and Phillip walked over to the cows and horses.

Phillip started to to take my clothes off, but i didn't know why. Derek was stripping Ashley as Phillip was taking the last of my clothes off. I dropped to my knees knowing what he wanted me to do. I crawled over to the horse and began to stroke it's penis and ball sack. The horse was a little scared at first, but came around after about a minute. I started tugging on the enormous cock, wanting it to erect even larger.

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Meanwhile, Ashley was sticking the cow's utters into her vagina, while sucking on Derek's cock. I focused on the horse. Phillip brought over some hay and made it high enough so that i could touch the horse. I began to stick the horse's 9 foot long penis into my pussy. It hurt while i attempted to stick it into my soaking pussy. I began to feel the horse pushing it deeper into me. I shrieked in pain. Amy ran over, naked. She was playing with Ryan, but she came right to me. She slipped between me and the horse and slid her body with mine, taking my mind off the pain. She sucked on my tits with her mouth and bit down when she knew i was getting used to the horse ramming it's cock into me. I had 3 orgasms in the next ten minutes.

But that wasn't the end of it; Amy dug a hold out of the straw so that Phillip could stick his cock into my ass. The horse got thicker and longer the faster we went. Eventually another horse came and tried to have sex with me. His cock was 2 almost 3 feet long, and i couldn't resist myslef. I slipped the first horse's cock out from me, and allowed the new horse to approach. I guided the large cock into me, and screamed. the other horse came to the front of me, and i stuck the cock into my mouth. I sucked so hard, and the cock kept geting larger.

Amy was getting fingered by Ryan, Derek, and Phillip now, and i was having trouble containing a whole body orgasm. I slid the two cocks away from me and tried to get away, but the two horses followed; not finished. I felt weak, but i knew that Phillip was getting jealous of the horses' pleasing me. He came over to me and rammed his cock up me with out even letting me lay down. He held me up and made me slid up and down his body, while his cock went in and out of me.

I tried to fuck him back, but my body was weak. Phillip layed me in the hay and got Ashley. She sucked my pussy for 3 minutes, and then Phillip let me go. I then slept and continued the next day.

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