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Old man and the window

(Part 1 from 1)

When I was a young serviceman based in Germany, I fucked lots of women. Seems they couldn't get enough american cock. Sucking a GI's dick and drinking his cum was standard activity.

My base was on the outskirts of a large city. Riding a bus was the
main mode of transportation.

The downtown bus stop was located in front a large hotel. There was
a public restroom on the main floor. It was the old kind where you stood and pissed into a concrete drain with running water.

One night I was there alone and drunk when an old man, the night clerk, walked up and stared as I pissed away the beers I had drank earlier. He leaned down and I thought he wanted a drink, but I had finished.

He started talking to me in German, none of which I understood. But, I had a feeling he was interested in my cock.

It would be another 30 minutes before the bus came. So, I figured, what the hell, if this old man wants to suck out a load, I'll accomodate him. I had had three blowjobs by men earlier in my life and I enjoyed them all.

We went up a flight of stairs to what was probably the check-in area. There was an adjacent room in the rear.

My new friend led me into the smaller room where he indicated I should sit on the edge of a desk. He then undid my belt, opened my fly and pulled out my dick, which was beginning to harden. He leaned down and sucked the head while fondling my nuts.

He then stepped aside and gazed out a small window overlooking the dance floor. He had a sensual grin on face. I could see that he had a hardon.

He then returned to me and started sucking my dick in earnest. They old guy knew how to do it. His tongue was driving me crazy. My cock was rock hard.

Just when I thought he would take my load, he stepped away and went to the window. I noticed that he had unzipped and pulled out his dick, which was long and fat. I've seen many dicks, but this one was impressive.

Meanwhile, I'm leaning back, eyes closed and stroking my cock. I had come very close to cumming in his mouth. Suddenly, I felt something wet cross my lips. I opened my eyes to see a massive cock head.
When I opened my mouth to complain, he pushed it into my mouth. I tried to fight him off, but he put his hand on back of my head and pulled me to him, forcing his fat, hairy dick deeper into my mouth.

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I'm resisting and about ready to give him a good bite, when I felt warm liquid squirting in my throat. There were several heavy squirts. I'm choking. The only relief was to start swallowing and swallowing.

I thought I would gag, but, the cum didn't taste that bad. In fact, it had a good flavor and I milked his cock to get more. I actually enjoyed having his dick in my mouth.

He pulled away and walked to that damn window again.

Suddenly, a voice could be heard of someone coming up the stairs.
I'm in a panic. There was no time to get my trousers back up and shirt tucked in. The only thing I could do was put my hat over my crotch and hope the visitor didn't see my deflated dick.

The old man had zipped his fly and walked to the other office, where he flipped the light switch. I peeked and noted that the visitor was an Air Force officer. He was standing there with a big grin on his face.

"I'm a goner," I thought. All I need is to be handed over the security police for engaging in homosexual conduct.

The old man and the officer had a converstation. Then the officer left. I'm sure he saw me, but I guess he decided to not interfere.
The old man came back muttering in German. He removed my cap and started fondling my cock and balls. Wasn't long before I'm hard and ready to give this old guy more than a mouthful of cum.

In less than 5 minutes he had made me a cocksucker and a cum drinker. He nearly gave me heart attack when he turned the lights on.

I decided to give him a face fucking he would never forget, Whether he wanted it or not, I'm going to shove all my 7-inch cock down his throat, make him choke and gag and beg for mercy.

I did all of that and he took it without complaining. He sucked my cock in ways that I had never experienced. He gave me one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had. Instead of the one or two squirts of semen I normally have, I had five or six and several smaller ones. Wow, so much cum and he swallowed it all. He licked my dick and cleaned my nuts.

When I finally recovered and got dressed, I noticed he had unzipped and was stroking his cock while looking out that window. He turned to me, pointed to his ass and muttered something in German.
I think he wanted me to fuck him, but, I had had enough.

I went downstairs to the bar and got a beer to wash the cum taste out of my mouth.

Before leaving, I noticed the officer walking toward the stairs.
My guess is that he was the one the old man was looking at.

*** By lee Shields, seniorfun [at[ hotmail dot com

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