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Old lady - sex Queen!

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My neighbor down the street, who is 70years old, very sweet, and still has a halfway decent body, called me up to help her do some things at her house.  I've always offered to help, since her husband died 9years ago. 

We've become friends, and I always told her:If you need me for anything, call me! Well, I went to her house, and when I got there, she was dressed in her usual house dress, wearing no bra, (her tits got to be 38b's, at least), and I could tell, she wasn't wearing panties either.  I was in my sweat shorts, t-shirt, and sandals.  Now I'm 40, 6'4 " , 215lbs, and I have a nice, 8 " inch cock, which I masturbate alot with, when I can, when my family isn't home. She had me move some furniture, and put some boxes, away, in some closets.  I had to stand on a footstool, to put boxes on shelves, and she (accidently! ), kept brushing her hand on my thigh, near my cock , handing me the boxes.  Making small talk, she said she was amazed at how fit and trim I was, and my wife was a lucky girl.

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By the 4th box, my cock was getting hard, and seeing those big tits swaying, made me think about titty fucking them.  I know it was wrong, but I was always horny, and my wife doesn't like sex much anymore.  We moved to the next closet, and this time, while standing right in front of me, she brushed my cock again.  It now was about half erect, and when she turned her back, I let my cock, slip out of my shorts, to see what she'd do. 

She went to hand me another box, saw my cock, and said: " Oh my goodness, whats that? " I said: " I can't help it, but I had to let it out of my shorts, your driving me crazy when you touched it, and looking at your big tits, makes me get so hard!  "  She said:  " I've never seen one that big, can I touch it? " Still standing on the footstool, my cock grew harder, as she touched it. While stroking it,  she remarked: " Thats really nice, do you have sex much? "  I said: " No I don't, but I jack off alot!  "  At that moment, she asked if she could suck it. I said: " Could you take off that housedress, so I can see those big tits? " She dropped the dress, and they were nice!  I grabbed them to feel them, which now made my cock, rock hard.  She said: " Have you ever had a gum job? " I said: " No, but I heard its good.  "  She had me sit on her couch, pulled off my clothes, my cock sticking straight up, and she took out her teeth!  She said: " Let me know how you like it.  " 

As she slowly began to suck, it was incredible! It felt like a young, tight, pussy, and really wet.  She had me screaming in pleasure, in minutes.  Finally, after about 15 minutes, I was getting ready to blow my load.  She stuck her head up, and asked: " Would you put it between my tits? " I couldn't wait!  She put those big tits around my cock, and I started pumping like wild.  It felt so good.  She kept telling me: " What a big cock, I love your cock, do you like my tits? "  This made me totally, rock hard.  I was just about to shoot it off, when she stood up, and asked: " Do you want anything else? " I said: " I know your pussy is nice, but I love anal sex, can I put it in your little, round butt? " She said: " I've never done that in my life, but if you want, I'll let you.  " She bent over the couch, and that old ass looked great! I spread her cheeks, and said: " Here it comes baby!  "  Slowly I pushed it in, and it was so fucking tight.  She said it hurt a little, but I said it would be fine. 

In minutes, she was screaming: " Oh my God, I love that!  "  I now pounded that ass.  I couldn't get enough!  I had my whole 8 " inches, going in and out.  I was ready to blow, when she said: " Please come in my old ass, your cock is so big, please come! .  With that, I exploded!  It was perfect!  I fell onto her, she looked at me, and said: " I love your cock.  It's been so long now, and I'm tired of playing with myself anymore, would you do it with me again, sometime? " I said: " I'll come by everyday, if you want. She kissed me, and said: " Lets take a shower, I'll clean you up, and you can fuck my pussy, and whatever else you want, okay? "  I said: " I'm all yours baby! !  "  Till the next time! !

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