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Number 1

(Part 1 from 1)

The party was rocking. Most of my social circle cant throw a party without it having some sort of theme. The theme for this particular night, was punk. After obtaining myself a drink, I meandered through the crowd looking for people I knew and checking out the talent among the ladies. Being a punk party there was a mass of spiked hair, tight clothes and fishnet. I enjoyed the scene as I spotted some mates hanging by a doorway. We drank and talked and perved on all the ladies in their fine attire.

A bit later I found myself heading outside where some conversation had sprung up. I ventured up to a group where I knew some people. Among them was Diana. She is taller than me, probably near 6 foot. Her long blonde hair and athletic body making her quite stunning. So much so that she was still single as most guys were intimiated by her looks. As I neared them I heard my name mentioned. Having a few drinks under my belt I piped up...

"Hey I heard my name. All in good context I hope."

A few giggles came from the group.

"Of course.", chimed Diana. "We were just talking about who is most shaggable at the office and you're second on my list."

I tried not to be to rocked by the news and asked who came in first. She smiled and said that no one would find out that information. I beamed inwardly...this chick not only thought I was shaggable but put me in second.
The conversation continued on to other topics while my mind raced with what I'd just heard.

I checked out Diana once more. She had arrived without dressing up but still looked good in her denim jeans and light blue sweater. The jeans showed off her arse perfectly and the jumper neatly outlined her fantastic C cup breasts. She noticed me looking and gave me a little smile while I quickly looked away a little embarassed.

The night wore on and I decided to make a move for some other drinking venue. I walked out to the street and grabbed my phone from my pocket. As I did I heard footsteps behind me. I half turned to see Diana walking out. She gave me a little wave and walked off to her car. I smiled and dialed for a cabs.

"Would you like a ride?", she called out.

My mind raced again. Should I? My girlfriend was out with her friends. No one would see us leave. I told myself not to over react. It was just ride...

"Hello, pick up location please", chimed the voice on the phone...I hung up.


As we drove down the street, she asked where I'd like to go.

"Anywhere with a drink", I said.

"Ok, I know somewhere".

While she concentrated on driving I tried not to look at her denim covered legs as they worked the pedals. I looked out the window but her scent drew my attention back to her.

"So who's number 1 for you?", she asked.

"Huh?", I stammered feeling the obvious effects of the alcohol.

"On your most shaggable list"

"I dont know", I said as I tried to sober up, "You'd be close to it!"

She smiled.

The rest of the trip went quietly. I didnt ask where we were going. I'd only been in the town for 4 years so I only really knew work mates. Diana was a true local and knew lots of people. So I didnt comment as we drove out to the suburbs, thinking she know of another party. We pulled up at a house, and she lead me inside. I soon realised that there was no other party. I tried to disguise my excitement.

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"I thought we were getting a drink", I said.

"Shhhh", she replied.

Before I knew it, she'd pushed me up against the wall and locked her mouth to mine. I thought briefly of my girlfriend but the sudden pressure in my pants told me that my body had other ideas. I returned her kiss and wrapped my arms around her fine form. I tried to keep my hard on away from her but she pushed up against me, her hips grinding mind. Then she pulled away and smiled.

"I guess you liked that," she said with a with a quick nod to my groin.

I couldnt reply. She grab my hand and led me down the hall, flicking the light off on the way. We entered her bedroom and she turned on her bedlight. Without a word she slipped of her sweater. I stood dumbstruck as I realised only a flimsy piece of white lace disturbed my view of perfect breasts.

"Are you joining in or am I going to have to do this on my own", she quipped.

I stepped forward and kissed her again, letting my hands caress her now naked back. She slid back onto the bed and kicked off her shoes as I stripped down to my boxers, my rock hard cock bulging obscenely.

I stepped toward her and went to climb onto the bed but she pushed me back with a smile.

"Not yet", she cooed.

Then she leaned forward and slid my boxers down around my ankles. My cock spang out proudly with his head glistening with the hint of pre-cum. Her tongue lapped out and tasted the saltiness and my hole body shivered at the touch. A second later her lips had engulfed the head. I leaned forward in an attempt to push more of my rod into her mouth but she pulled away.

"In good time", she whispered and grabbed hold of my aching shaft.

She began to work me with her hands and I relaxing into the motion of it. She bought her lips to the head of my cock once again and began to work her tongue around my knob while her hand continued to pump. The came what I was hoping for. Her mouth plunged down and swallowed half my cock. I sighed as she released me. Then she planted her hands around my waist and took in my entire length. My legs nearly gave way as I looked at this lucious blonde with her lips buried in my pubic hair.

I stepped back and steadied myself, afraid I'd cum to early. She grinned cheekily.

"My turn", I said but she simply shook her head.

"Another time. I want more of you in me."

She leant back and unbuttoned her jeans. I barely noticed her sexy white thong and the jeans revealed the legs that only 6 foot blonde are capable of. I helped her out of the rest of her clothesand was glad to see a trimmed blonde muff. I was about to climb into bed when the thought of protection crossed my mind.

"Do you have any rubbers?", I asked.

"I cant stand them", she said. "Im on the pill, if thats ok?".

I didnt answer and laid myself on top of her. My cock nuzzled her small camel toe as our lips met once more. A small push and I squeezed into her near dripping snatch. I worked up a slow rhythm as is kissed her ear and neck. Soon she was moaning with the rhythm and I knew it was time to give her what she wanted.

I sat up and pulled my knees up so they where placed on either side of her fantastic waist. I grabbed here legs and held her calves to my chest and started to pound. On this angle my cock placed a lot of pressure of the front wall of her pussy. Soon her moans turned to gentle whimpers and these turned to full on screams as she neared orgasm. Normally in this position I can last a while, but looking down on her incredible figure and having those shapely legs pressed so close against me, I began to feel the tingling the forewarned of my own orgasm.

I started to thrust harder, hoping the alcohol would keep me at bay. Her body shook and I knew her orgasm at started. Keeping up my rhythm I waited for orgasm to reach peak. Then I push in hard, and with my balls pressing firmly against her twat I unleashed a torrent of my cum deep inside her. Pulse after pulse I unloaded into her already saturated pussy. I withdrew and watched my cum ooze from her slit.

I laid beside her as she regained her composure. I remember how sad I was to see her magnificent flesh being covered up as we dressed and she drove me home. Before I stepped out of her car, she leaned over and whispered to me.

"You're number 1 now."

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