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Nude Sunbathing

(Part 1 from 2)

 I love sunbathing in the nude as much a possible. Across the street from where I lived there is a creek that I loved to go and lay out nude and have some piece and quite from everyone else. The water was nice to have when I got to hot I could walk into the creek and cool off. There was a day that was very sunny and warm and since every one had gone to work I decided to go and lay out for a while to darken my tan before I went off for the night. I put on my bikini and a tee shirt over me and grabbed a towel and headed to my favorite spot. I arrived at the spot and spread the towel out on to the ground and sat down. I slid my bottoms and top off and began rubbing the baby oil all over my body. I started down at my feet and worked my way up my legs to my thighs and onto my tits. My hands and the oil on my tits felt great as I slowly coated them in oil. My mind began to wonder some what as I poured more oil on them and slowly messaged my tits and pinching my hard nipples. After a few minutes I noticed that my breathing had become heavy and my pussy was warming up fast, I knew then that I had to stop that I wasnít ready to go all the way I wanted to save my horney energy for the night. After I was sure that I was coated good I laid back to take in the sun on my body.

The warm sun beating down on me felt good my pussy was becoming hotter. My mind began think about sex as I laid there with all this oil on me I was thinking how nice it would be to have a nice hard body on top of me pounding my pussy hard and fast. I could feel the juices beginning to flow from her; man if the night doesnít get here soon I will have to get myself off on my own. The sun was hot and my body began sweating after about 45 minutes I decided that it was time for a dip in the creek to cool down a little before I rolled over to bake my ass. I got up and walked down to the creek and slowly entered the water, the coolness made chills run up and down my hot body. I lowered my body all the way into the water swimming around just a little to make sure that I had cooled off really good.

I got out and headed back to were I was laying warm air hitting my cool body sent chills again over my naked body my nipples were very hard as the water rolled down my body. I sat down to let the sun dry, and warm me up again before I put more oil on. As I sat there I kept hearing different sound around me in the bushes, but I really didnít think much about it since there were animals all around the area. I oiled the rest of my body and laid down on my stomach to tan my back and ass. I laid there for a little while falling asleep when I woke I was pretty hot so I got up went for another dip in the creek to cool myself off, my ass was pretty hot from the sun beaming down on her. The cool water surrounding me felt great it was helping me cool down fast as I continued to swim a round a little. Once again I heard some noise in the bushes but I still thought it was nothing. I got up and headed back to my area and sat down to do a little thinking and to let the sun dry me off. As I sat there I began think about what I was going to me doing tonight known that I was going to have a fucking good time with the people I was going to be with. Sitting here thinking about it was making me horney and I was ready to pour the whole bottle of oil on me and play with myself.

But before I could even get that far I heard some noise close by I looked around and saw a guy standing there watching me, he startle me at first I grabbed my shirt to cover myself when he told me not to worry about that because he was enjoying the sight. I realized then that it was Jimmy, I told him to go away but he just stood there looking at me with a shitty grin. I went ahead and pulled the tee shirt over my head to cover up when I noticed someone to the right of me, it was Chad, I knew then that maybe I was in trouble but I might be able to get out of this with these two. As I got up on my knees I noticed another guy, but I didnít know him, I knew then that this might not be much fun. Then I noticed Gary, then Henry, Greg, and Jamie. I grabbed my cloths and turned and took off running toward the house but one of them cut me off so I turned and headed up the hill but there was someone there to cut me off.

I turned back again toward the house but then there were 3 guys standing there then I turned toward the creek, then I felt a hand on my arm I looked to see that it was Chad about that time Gary grabbed the other arm. Someone came in from behind and placed there hand over my mouth as 2 of the others grabbed my ankles and picked me up. I was screaming and kicking trying to fight my way out of this situation though I knew that I was fighting a loosing battle. Jamie grabbed the towel and spread it back out on the ground as they held onto me. They carried me over to the towel and told me to settle down that they just wanted to have some fun. That I had made them pretty horney as they watched me tanning. They turned me over and lowered me onto my stomach 4 of them held onto my ankles and wrist. At this time they were all standing around me as I laid on the ground. I told them that I wasnít in the mood and needed to leave. They just laughed as I tried to get loose when one of them pushed me back down. They said once that have there fun that they would let me go.

I knew then that there was know use in trying to fight them off to let them do what they wanted and they would go away. The guy I didnít know started undressing I noticed when he got his pants off the he already had a hard on and a nice cock at that thick and about 8 inches. He reached down and grabbed the bottle of baby oil and poured some into his hands and then began soaking his cock with the oil. Then he walked around behind me I felt him pouring the oil on my ass coating it very good they all moaned at the site of my shiny ass glisten in the sun. I wonder in my mind what they might have planned for me and them. I felt the guy sliding up between my legs as the other ones holding my ankle pulled my leg apart. His hands lightly touching my ass as he began rubbing the oil onto my ass I felt his hand going between the cheeks of my ass his fingers entering my hole. I thought then that he and maybe all of them were going to fuck my ass. After fingering my ass for a few minutes he removed them I felt him move up over me as his hard cock rubbed all over the cheeks of my ass.

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I moaned at the feeling of his cock rubbing my ass, and knew that he was going to ram me with his hard big cock. He placed his hands on my shoulders pressing me down into the ground as his hard cock found my ass hole. Once he found his mark he rammed it hard, deep and fast into my ass. I scream from the pain and pleasure of him entering me as I screamed Jamie covered my mouth so know one would hear me. This guy shoved it all the way in showing no mercy and held it there as he moaned from the feeling of being in my ass. He then slowly pulled his cock out just to the point of his cock head was about to come out when he rammed it back into me hard and deep again. This made us both moan from the pain and pleasure we were getting from his cock in my ass. I love a good ass fucking and known that this guy was also enjoying the feeling was starting to turn me on. He then stared moving in and out of me slowly I could tell he was enjoying my ass from the moans coming from him. He picked moving in and out of my ass faster with each stroke.

We were both getting into the feeling of his dick ramming my ass his breathing and moaning were becoming very fast and loud I knew that he was about to shot his hot load deep into my ass. I began pushing back against his thrust I wanted his cock deeper in me. This drove him crazy he started to moan loudly and saying the he was cumming that he was going to feel my ass with his cum. I moaned at what he was saying knowing that he was going to fill me up really turned me on and I began begging him to fill my ass. Thatís all it took he moved faster in my ass then he rammed is big cock all the way in just as his hot load filled my ass deep in me. I moaned at the feeling of his hot cum entering my ass. I was now horney as hell and I needed more so I was willing to take on the rest of them now but I didnít let them know that. After a few minutes of pumping his cum into me he leaned down and gave me a kiss on my neck as he slid out of me. By now the other guyís had released me knowing that I wasnít going anywhere. I knew then I didnít have control of the situation so I had to make the best of this gangbang.

Greg grabbed me and rolled me over onto my back as he did I noticed the other guyís had stripped and had nice hard on waiting to enter my body. He grabbed my legís pushing then up toward my shoulder my knees around my head he let go and my legs resting on his shoulders. I felt him moving into position his cock touching my ass hole, I moaned at the feeling. He leaned down and began kissing me as his cock entered my ass. Our tongues swapping fast between our mouths as he went deeper and deeper into me. Our breathing was fast and hot, I was going crazy from all of this my body was needing more. My ass hole was open and wet and waiting for more when he enters me there was only pleasure he felt so good. He rolled forward pushing my legs almost to the ground around my shoulders ramming is dick deep and fast into me. I reached up and grabbed his shoulders digging my nails into him begging him to fuck me harder and faster. The guyís that once were holding my wrist were now reaching between us they were grabbing my tits and nipples.

They pinched hard on my erect nipples, sending chills down my body. I was enjoying this I moan and asked them to pinch me harder. At the same time Greg was moaning loudly and I knew that he was about to feel my ass with his hot load of cum. Greg rammed my ass hard pushing it deep into me as his balls and cock began pumping his cum into my ass. He began hollering loudly as his cum poured out of him and into my ass. After pumping his last load of cum into me he slowly pulled out of my ass as he did leaned down and kiss both my nibbles. Henry swung up over my head his hard cock inches from my mouth I opened my mouth as his dick slid over my lips and down my throat. I tried to take control of him so that I would be able to suck and lick him, but he didnít want that he began moving his hips back and forth in my mouth. All I could do is take what I was receiving from him because he was going to fuck my mouth deep and hard. While this was going Gary rolled my hips over onto my side I felt his cock entering my ass. Gary was thick and man it felt good going deep in me. He was being very gentle moving in and out of me with long slow strokes which was driving me crazy.

And having my mouth fuck by a hard cock was making my pussy wetter and hornier. I could tell Henry was about to blow his load down my throat. He ran his hand behind my head as he shoved it down my throat. He moaned and then I felt his cum flowing into me. He continued pushing my head up against his body, his body jerking I felt his cum flowing up his shaft and into me. I didnít think he was ever going to release the hold he had on me and now I was in need to take a breath. I reached up to his hand on the back of my head and pulled it away just as he was half out of my mouth I tasted his hot cum on my tongue. My tongue now was able to lick his cum coming from him, and to tease the head. He moaned at the touch of my tongue on the tip of his dick as I licked his cum. As I turned my attention to Gary in my ass I had noticed that he was now pumping me faster and harder. He must have enjoyed watching me and Henry.

He reached up and placed his oily hands on my tits and began rubbing them and pinching my nipples very hard, I moaned at his touch and roughness. I loved the screwing but also the roughness they were giving me. I began telling him to fuck me harder and faster that I loved having a dick up my ass; this drove him crazy he began pounding me faster and harder and I knew that he about to release his wonderful cum up my ass. He squeezed and presser harder on my tits as he released his cum into me. I could feel his dick unloading within me his dick pumping every last drop it had. I laid there for a few minutes to collect myself. I though maybe that it was over, when I looked around I noticed Chad, Jimmy, and Jamie looking down at me with nice hard cocks. Jamie moved toward me next, he grabbed my hand and pulled me up to my knees. Then he laid down beside me on his back. His hard cock pointing straight up toward the sky. He told me to slide my ass down on to his cock. I swing my leg over him I reached back and grabbed his shaft, ďman it felt good in my handsĒ and guided him to my hot open ass. The head slid right on in as I lowered myself all the way down. We both were moaning from the hot feeling we were receiving. I reached up and grabbed my nibbles and began pinching them.

As I played with them Greg began pouring more baby oil on me covering my tits nicely the warm oil felt good as I pinched my nipples hard. I continued riding his hard dick in my ass my pussy needed to cum. I leaned forward placing my hands on Jamieís chest I could ride his hard dick faster and deeper in my ass. He placed his hands on my hips to help me move hard and fast. A few minute later Henry walked over in front of me his cock hard and he was stroking himself. I reached up and began stroking his hard cock he felt so good in my hand I ran my hand down to his balls playing with his sack. He moved closer to me so that I could take his dick into my mouth I ran my tongue all over the head of his cock tasting his precum coming from the head. Then I opened my mouth and slowly sucked the head into my mouth. His cock was hot and it felt good sliding over my tongue. I moaned as he entered my mouth and at the same time having Jamie in my ass was heaven. They both were getting into my body riding there hard cocks. I could tell that they were really getting into fucking both holes as much as I was. I was wondering if it felt as good to them as it did to me, they were pounding me hard. As this was going on another guy leaned down and began sucking on my tits.

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