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Night at the Bijou

(Part 1 from 1)

Below is a story taken from my book Sexploits of Rob Harris, a collection of four steamy short stories which can be found in Kindle format at Amazon.

It is part of a growing series of books called The Fraternity, where the main character has been transformed into a sex crazed stud muffin on a tropical island called Isla Paradiso, the first book in the series.
I mean it should be all cool right?

Hot muscled body, amazing sex drive. He even has a metabolism that lets him eat whatever he wants!
Not quite so simple.

The story you are going to read is about him dealing with an almost insatiable sex drive.
The Fraternity Series has him dealing with life.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass


Fortunately I was able to park my SUV not too far from the front door of the Bijou in Old Town. It was still winter in Chicago but I had no intentions of wearing a heavy coat into the theatre making it to the small vestibule fairly quickly which was good since it was the last gasp of cold in the city.

The clerk looked up from reading his book to see a guy shutting the door. He was about six foot tall wearing black boots, low cut jeans and a body hugging t shirt that barely touched his jeans. With his back to him shutting the door he saw wide shoulders, a juicy muscle butt and thick legs incased in tight pants and when the muscle stud turned around, the clerk perked up as he checked out a nice fat bulge pushing out the front of 501's and a v neck t-shirt emphasizing a big hard chest and tight stomach.

The two most noticeable features of the stud walking in, well other than the bulge in the pants were monstrous arms forcing the shirts short sleeves to ride up and fat pointed nipples erect from the cold pushing the shirt out in front and he guy looked around thirty or so, good looking with a smile on his face. He walked up pulling bills out of his pocket.

'There is no way in hell I'm charging you to go in,' the clerk smiled as he buzzed to open the door to the theatre.
Rob Harris grinned, then laughed. 'Thanks guy,' and went in.

Rob walked in a few feet and leaned backed against the side wall to regain his vision in the totally dark theatre. The only light was coming from the screen in front where a movie was playing hot porn of a couple of nicely muscled guys starting the sex dance with shirts off kissing and rubbing each others bodies and as he was starting to see in the dark around him, Rob noticed about a dozen bodies sprinkled in the seats and several guys up against the same wall as him. Since he wasn't here to watch movies he headed down the lane toward the screen where a door opened to the back of the theatre.

Behind the screen there was a little area where people could mingle, a scanky bathroom and a door to the outside leading to a little garden during the warm weather but Rob focused his attention on a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor.
Climbing up he took a deep breath in with the place reeking of decade after decade of man sex which might turn some people off, but Rob's dick got harder at the smell.

The second floor was a slut's paradise. Dark with passageways you could barely see, it ran the entire length of the building jammed with different sized booths every wall cut with various size holes providing access to the adjoining booths. There was also a little maze you could walk through passing booths where there would be a hole cut out or a wall composed of chain link fence material. There was also a group of booths that had plexi-glass acting as walls so you had unobstructed view of what your neighbors were up to and scattered throughout the second floor were open areas, one with a sling, another an X cross. In the back was an area that had walls cut with holes so you could suck or be sucked while others watched or played with you.

It wasn't too crowded yet , but I quickly ducked into a booth next to one that I saw a cute stud walking into and kneeling down looking in I rubbed my finger on the opening to get the studs attention. Jeans opened up and a partially hard thick, long dick was exposed. He took a second to step over to the opening pushing his heavy meat through the hole.

Damn I lucked out, this was prime beef.
Taking one lick up the shaft, I enveloped his pole with my starving mouth hearing a whispered 'oh shit' coming from his booth as I worked my way down his fat shaft, taking my time relaxing my throat to get the last couple of inches down. The stud's dick jerked like his knees were buckling or something and I slowly brought my lips back to the head and then the tip taking my time of working my way back down his long pole.

Fuck he tasted good.
I sped up and felt saliva dripping out of my mouth while he started taking control and fucked my face with his stiff manmeat when I felt a shudder and then spooge started shooting in my mouth almost too fast for me to swallow but I managed to collect it all of it and softening up, the cock withdrew and I looked over to see another cock begging for my attention in the next hole.

I licked the tip to let him know I was ready and willing and warmed up I pulled my t-shirt up and off my body getting back to the stiff rod as quickly as possible. This guy also wanted to fuck my face so I got close to the opening so he could piston his shaft back and forth thru the hole and my craving lips, gaining speed he pummeled my throat before unleashing a torrent of cum that I hungrily drank down and after his finished dumping his load, his cock withdrew and I decided to leave the booth.

Waiting in the passageway opposite my door was the young guy whose cock was the first one I tasted. I had left my shirt off and he looked me up and down as I walked over and leaned against the wall next to him. He was short with what looked like a gymnast build, although it was hard to tell since he was wearing a sweatshirt with a Chicago university's name on it.

He was cute with a pale complexion and a mop of dark hair hanging almost over his eyes. I realized he was nervous and unlikely to instigate anything so I turned facing him lightly touching his chin giving him a gentle kiss. "Thank you for earlier".
He closed his eyes, opening them after a few seconds and looked at me in amazement, "You're thanking me?"
I nodded smiling, "Enjoyment isn't one way you know".

He chuckled, "yeah, but I'm pretty sure I got more out the experience."
He had turned to face me so he could see me wiggling my eyebrows, "Maybe, maybe not."
Cute college boy barked out a laugh. "I guess I have a lot to learn."
"Practice. Practice. Practice." More chuckles while I smiled.

He looked at my chest and his hand twitched.
"It's made to be touched you know."
A hand lightly touched my abs then moved up to my pecs and closing his eyes for a second he moaned.

I couldn't help smiling, "I don't deserve that, it looks like underneath that sweatshirt there's a pretty hot body.' His hesitant light touch became more confident rubbing my pec flicking a swollen nipple with one of his circling fingernails and it was my turn to close my eyes and swallowed while he said, "But not anything like this."
Recovering from the scrape of his nail on my receptive nipple I opened my eyes and cute college boy looked up at me and smiled. "Besides I see and touch my body all the time."

I barked a laugh at that one and CCB's face lit up.
"I'm Rob by the way".
"Nice to meet you Rob, I'm Luke" where he started giggling. I looked at him curious.

"This is the first time I've been to a place like this and this was not what I thought I'd be doing."
I grinned, "And what did you think you would be doing?"
"This." Luke dived down to first lick then suck hard on one of my nipples. Letting out a loud moan at the sensation, Luke jerked back, "I'm sorry, was that too much?"
After I regained my breath, "Dude that was not too much."

Luke grinned and gave my other nipple a quick lick which making me shudder and opening my eyes back up after this latest assault, I saw Luke smirking.
"I guess this means you're a little sensitive there," scraping a nail again on my first nub. I backed up without thinking trying to halt his touches, "You might say that." Luke started giggling uncontrollably. I waited until he stopped thinking about the brutal treatment my tits had gotten last night from pair of sexy daddy's so they were even more sensitive and bloated than usual.
He looked up with a shit eating grin. "I feel like I've got the upper hand now." He reached up and I jerked back, which made him giggle more.

Closing the distance, I grabbed the side of his face and rubbed my thumb on his cheek.
"And what do you want to do with all that power?" Luke closed his eyes kissing the tip of my thumb. Opening them back up, he looked directly in my eyes and said, "Everything."

We closed in for what started out as a gentle kiss growing with passion as I felt his hands roam my wide back leading down to first cup my ass, then push a finger in the center of my jeans and rubbing my crack showing me that Luke wasn't any pushover. After we broke apart, I couldn't help smiling.
"So what's next stud?"

At my nod, he grabbed my hand and walked me over to some booths, leading us to the middle one.
This group of booths had those plexi-glass side walls letting booths on either side see in and more importantly, the middle one we were entering was twice as long so there were two booths on each side all with glory holes connecting to ours. I looked at Luke, who suddenly was unsure and looking at the stud with a grin, "Cool."

His face lighting up was worth it.
Luke leaned over and gave me a hot kiss. "Ok, now it's time for you to pay a price if you want to get further." I smiled at Luke.
"Your sweatshirt" Luke smiled, then slowly lifted his sweatshirt over his head showing a performance tank on caressing his sexy tight muscled body. I grabbed his waist pulling him close to me, "nice, very nice."
Grabbing the bottom of his shirt I pulled it up exposing his hairless, heavily cut body. "Extremely nice."

Smiling Luke murmured, "You tricked me. I demand compensation." He pointed at my jeans so
I unsnapped the top button when he told me to stop.
'Please let me,' unsure again.
I smiled, 'Haven't you figured it out yet? In this booth, it's your call.'
He stared at me and swallowed.

On his knees, he snapped open two more buttons on my 501's pulling them apart to expose my closely shaved pubic hair and the top of my fat dick which was swollen and begging to be released.
Luke leaned in, first kissing the base of my stalk, they looking up and seeing I was okay with what he was doing deciding to give my shaft a long lick. The sexy college boy starting licking and kissing my groin area moving over to run his tongue over one side of my Adonis belt then the other, then stopping to let out a heavy breath like he was regaining control of himself.

Bending down further he untied one of my boots then the other, pulling them off so I was standing in my stocking feet.
'Now what?'

Luke stood up, 'just give me a minute.' The hunky stud turned me around running his hands over my shoulders, back and sides like he was trying to memorize my muscles. 'These arms, there's guys on my team who have big arms, but not anything like these' sliding his hands over my biceps.

Kneeling back down again still with my back to him he kissed his way down. My pants had slipped a bit so his tongue traced the top of my crack and slowly pulling my jeans down, his tongue followed closely behind.

Letting them fall to the ground, Luke kneeled behind me murmuring, 'oh god, oh god' before first licking and then driving his tongue in my hole and the only thing more sensitive than my nipples was now being attacked by Luke's hungry tongue.
I pushed my butt back, bending over to give him greater access as he continued his assault.

Finally, the foxy stud backed away and I could hear his panting which was pretty amazing since I was gasping for breath myself and tapping one ankle and still leaning against the door for support, I lifted up my leg so he could pull my pants off, then after tapping the other, I was now free and clear wearing only socks.

He tapped a leg again and lifting, Luke replaced first one boot, reaching around and tying it, then put the other back on. Then and only then did he signal for me to turn around.
My cock was hard and dripping, but I didn't let him get it just yet as I squatted down so I could kiss the little fucker and regain some control, but he was too clever for me.

Reaching between my legs Luke punched a finger through my tongue moistened chute, causing me to jerk forward and grunt out a 'fuuuck', all of which made me lost my balance falling into the stud and since I had about sixty pounds on him we toppled over, both of us giggling, temporarily breaking the mood.
We got up holding each other and rubbing each others hot firm torsos.

While I felt up his rock hard body, Luke bent over and began attacking my swollen nipples again. They've been abused over the years and they stuck out like small fat bullets and when I didn't object, the sexy dude grew bolder nipping and chewing harder making my pole drip almost like I was cumming as well as making my ass clench up.
Luke handled my rod collecting my spooge, first licking his hand then giving me some fingers to lick clean.

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'Luke, I really need you to fuck me,' I gasped out desperate for his dick.
'The price you pay for what you're doing to me stud.' He smiled.
'On your back, I want to see you.' The floor was sticky with years of peoples cum, but I didn't care at that moment, dropping down on my back and lifted my legs exposing my rosebud.
Luke kneeled down between them collecting more of my pre-cum shoving his fingers up my ass spreading the lubricant around and crawling forward he placed his fat tip next to my hole and pushed in.

After a moment's resistance, he slid in and leaning forward buried himself to the hilt and leaving it in place used to his invasion, he continued bending over for a kiss.
'This is indescribable. You're not my first, but damn you feel good.'
I smiled, lifting me head to give another kiss. 'Prove to me you're an athlete stud, fuck me.'

Luke started slowly almost feeling his way and as he gained confidence seeing the enjoyment I was getting from his big dick, he started pumping me harder and with longer strokes.
My 'fuck yeah' and 'fuck me harder stud' spurred him on to pound my ass harder until he made a final shove as deep as it could go dropping down pulling my mouth to his as I felt him pumping load after load of hot cream deep in my ass and breaking from the kiss, Luke was panting and sweating like he had just run a race.

Leaning back a little bit, he looked at me than dived down on my shaft which had remained hard the whole time and sliding up and down my pole with his lips tight around me, Luke reached up mercilessly grabbing and twisting my nipples and reacting without thought, I arched my back in pain/pleasure pouring my jizz down his throat watching it leak out, the white cream coating my shaft as he struggled to swallow it all as he came back up to dump some of my own cum in my mouth as we kissed some more.

As we lay there we were both splattered by a guy in the next booth who was cumming, having shoved his climaxing member through one of the holes.
Luke looked at the guys cum on our bodies and asked me if that grossed me out.
'Hey bud, I came to this place for a reason. It has to be fairly extreme to gross me out.'
Luke nodded and you could tell he was thinking something.

All of a sudden he grabbed one of my nipples and rubbed it between two fingers.
'Are you still in my power?'
'When you keep doing that shit I am.'
Damn that felt good.

He leaned over and sucked one of my nubs in his mouth for awhile, the coming back up for air, 'Which of these guys is the hottest?' pointing to the four booths that surrounded us all loaded with guys watching our every move and I jerked my head to a beefy guy displaying a nice size rod.
'I want to watch you suck his dick.' I looked at him to see if he was serious and he replied by grabbing my nipple again and pulling.
Fuck this kids a maniac.

I crawled over to the guy's hole making it clear it was his lucky day.
As his dick slid through the opeing, Luke got close to watch as I wrapped my lips around the juicy head and moved down his shaft as Luke moaned, 'This is so fucking hot.'
He watched for a minute but decided to bend down where he started sucking my cock reaching between my legs and sticking a couple fingers up my still hungry butt.

After a short while, he moved behind me pressing against my back to watch me continue sucking the thick cock off as he slid his big pole back down my chute and I arched back so the stud could ride me easier and Luke started fucking me harder reaching around to roughly yank on my tits.

I started groaning which got the cock I was sucking to his limit and thick cream started shooting in my mouth which set me off as I started blasting a load over the floor and wall in front of me, clamping my ass down on Luke, where he starting grunting, 'sonofabitch!' shooting a searing hot load of cum in my ass. After the tremors stopped, I leaned back against him and we exchanged a hot kiss.

'I can't believe you're still hard.' Luke grabbed my boner giving it a stroke or two.
'I told you I came here for a reason.'
'Will you..?' Luke looked at me.
'What?' Luke glanced over at another booth. Behind the plexiglass wall was a Puerto Rican stud opening up his shirt and rubbing a nice six pak, stroking a long, thick piece of meat with his other hand. 'You want me to suck him too?'
'No.' He hesitated. 'I want to watch him fuck you.'
I chuckled. 'You are seriously bent dude.'

He looked at me, said 'please?' as he kissed me grabbing a nipple giving it a twist to remind me I was in his power.
We disengaged with both of us standing up. We first looked at the PR stud and I made it obvious what was going to happen when I turned around, bending over to back my hungry ass toward the opening. We heard a 'fuck yeah!' and he wasted no time parking his tip at my entrance and sliding it in. He was thicker than Luke spreading my ass even wider which felt good as far as I was concerned.

Luke grabbed my hair yanking my head up asking me if I was okay and when I nodded Luke smiled giving me a quick passionate kiss, then leaned close to the plexiglass wall and said, 'fuck his ass stud, he likes it hard,' which revved my fucker up to pulling his long shaft almost completely out ramming it back in hard.
There was no finesse as he jackhammered his big meat in my hole.

Luke watched my ass assault for a short while, once again sinking to his knees underneath me licking and sucking my hard dick moving up to lick my sweaty torso then my chest. This kid was obsessing over my nipples and I had no problems with that as he pinched and chewed on them chuckling when he'd hear me gasp or groan in pleasure.
My ass continued to get pounded until we heard a 'goddamnmotherfucker' resulting in the stud in the other booth giving me one last slam holding it in as he shot his thick load of cream in my butt. After he pulled out I straightened up while Luke took one last chomp on one of my nubs holding on to my still hard pole.

'Lie on your back.' I looked at him trying to figure what he was up to. At this point I probably had as much cum on or in me as the floor did, so I lay down while Luke grabbed something from one of his pockets and it was a small tube of lube where he coated my member. Squatting down over me, he said, 'You're easily as big as I am, so I'm going to have to take it slow,' where he proceeded to first let my tip push at his opening, then as he relaxed and opened up he slowly sank down.
Shifting so that he was on his knees, he made small movements to get comfortable with my cock and leaned in.

'I have a confession to make.' I looked at him.
'I'm more experienced then I let on.' He continued sliding up and down my pole, 'I'm something of a cocksman at my school and I like to take down the big muscle jocks. They usually think they're going to get my tight butt, but I always end up on top pounding their hot jock asses,' Luke continued raising and lowering himself as he waited for my reaction to his announcement.
I grinned, 'I figured something like that.'

Luke looked at me surprised.
'Dude you know how to screw to well and you were way too comfortable attacking my chest.' Luke shrugged then grinned, 'Now what?'
'This.' I grabbed his hot little body and moved us to where he was now on his back and me on top without ever leaving his tight butt.

Luke looked up at me expecting me to start pounding his ass with his expression showing that he was a little scared and a little defiant, kind of a â€bring it on' look.
I grinned and gave him a long wet kiss and proceeded to give him a long, slow, agonizing, sensual, loving fuck.
I wanted him to know what it could be like if he wanted.
His face was easy to read, so I'd watch and every time he looked like he was coming to earth, I'd shift making sure that I was rubbing his prostate hard or I'd lean down and lick his nipples.

Luke had large areolas like me, but his nubs were ordinary non-abused little points, but I licked and sucked his beautiful nips causing him to arch his back from the sensations as well as lifting one of his arms over his head sticking my face in a hot pit tonguing the exposed valley.
Kisses on his neck, cheek and nibbles on his ear lobe all kept him from even thinking about what was going on.

I would change speeds never pounding him, adapting from short and long strokes, rotating my hips sometimes with my dick fully engulfed sometimes just the tip barely touching his opening. Luke spent most of the time with eyes closed letting loose a sporadic involuntary moan or gasp lost in the sensations as I wanted him to be.
We went on for some time when I decided it was time to end this.

I leaned over placing one hand on the side of his face rubbing my thumb gently on his cheek and giving him a long sweet kiss. I was in tight so my gently fucking was rubbing his shaft that had never gone soft.

In a soft voice I started telling Luke, 'Stud, being inside your hot tight ass is where I want to be and being able to touch this rock hard jock stud body is the best and what I plan on doing to you now is ' All of a sudden Luke's eyes shot open in surprise at the same time his sphincter closed on me like a vise grip and barely a second later I felt powerful shots of cum spurting all over me and Luke's bodies.
I couldn't help it as I launched my jizz into his clenching butt.

Resting on my elbows and knees, I softened a little exiting Luke's hot chute as the cute college boy looked dazed and started with, 'I, I, I' and then gave up.
Eventually I got up on me knees then stood up reaching down to give the stud a hand up realizing that once again my back had been saturated with cream from guys in the other booths spraying my back during my slow fuck of the hot gymnast.

Recovering Luke smiled and then gave me a kiss. 'So I was just taught that sex can also be incredibly erotic experience with two people.'
I grinned at him, 'Dude it was just sex.'

Luke gave me a long look not believing a word, which showed how smart he was since that was exactly what I was trying to show him.
'There is a guy from the football team that has wanted to get more serious.' I didn't say anything as we started to dress. One thing about boots is they're a pain when undressing and dressing.

'Although' Luke grinned rubbing his ass, 'I think I need to wait a few days before I call him.'
I snickered. 'I don't know why, I went pretty easy.'
Luke let out a laugh. 'True, but you went easy fucking my ass for at least a half an hour by my calculations.' I wasn't wearing a watch so Luke showed me his. I couldn't attest how long I was up his butt, but the two of us had been in this booth for a couple of hours.
I laughed, 'so quality AND quantity.' Luke punched me in the shoulder noticing that I was dressed but left my t shirt in my back pocket.

'Damn man, you're not done yet are you?' I shrugged.
'I am such a fucking amateur. I bow to the master.' Luke grinning put his hands together and bowed which had both of us chuckling when he reached down and undid the top two buttons of my jeans. 'There, that is so fucking hot.'
Luke now dressed opened the booth door, then stopped and turned around. 'It doesn't look like you'll have much downtime master,' as I followed his glance to see the Puerto Rican muscle boy with the big dick leaning against the wall looking straight at me.

Luke reached up and gave me a kiss. 'Maybe I'll call Dan tonight.'
I looked at him grinning.
'Just to talk, honest.'
'Good luck stud,' and he headed over to the staircase while I headed over to the wall.

'Damn man. I was wondering when you were coming out. I left after you started screwing the little stud and have been waiting ever since.'
I didn't say anything just grabbed him shoving my tongue down his throat. Reaching behind him I took advantage of his loose jeans running my hand down his crack and placing a finger on his hole'.his lubed hole.
I leaned back a little so he could see my raised eyebrow.

He shrugged. 'You two have me so horned up, I want a piece of what you were giving him.'
'And what if I don't want to be gentle?'
'Daaaamn.' Muscle dude grinned. 'If I give you what you want, can I have your ass again?'
'Only if you fuck me harder this time.'

Considering he had pounding my ass earlier, his eyes widened.
'Daammmn again,' we better get started or I'm going to cum right here dude.'
I laughed as we headed over to a more private booth.

Once inside he pushed me against the wall with a 'I got to have these first,' diving onto my nipples and after having been abused for the last couple of hours they were hugely swollen and sensitive with a simple lick making my pole lurch and ooze jizz in my jeans.

However PR dude had no intention of just licking my nubs as he chewed, then pulled them away from my body pinching the other nipple that wasn't getting his primary attention.

As I said they've been used and abused for several hours, actually days and about the time I was thinking it was more pain than pleasure, he would switch tits just rubbing the last one with his thumb, getting another kiss as he shoved his pants down and turning around the sexy man begged me to fuck him.

I entered slowly but his hole was opening for me pretty easily, so I sped up burying me shaft deep in his hole.
He jerked his head up letting out a 'Yeeeeeah, fuck yeah,' as I fucked his ass hard sometimes pulling out completely, waiting a second for him to start to close and then ramming it back in. Sometimes I'd do short strokes and pound his hole while the muscle boy kept begging me for more as we both broke into a heavy sweat.

Finally I came in his hole lifting his body up with his back to my chest and rubbed his soaked heaving chest smearing the sweat all over his body.
We stood like that for a minute when I asked, 'Are you ready for payback stud?' and he chuckled, 'I'm going to pound your ass man.'
'Good.' And I pulled back letting my still hard dick flop out.

Stud turned my around while I bent over with my hands on the wall while both our jeans were still around our ankles. I felt a finger find my chute in the dark and then his fat dick rammed up my ass to the hilt in one swift stroke.
'Geezus!' He chuckled leaning in to me.
'Just following orders.'

The big man started pounding me with no warm up, shoving his thick dick in relentlessly as I felt him cum inside me and he didn't let up intending to pound my ass into oblivion. The fucker did to me what I did to him by yanking his monster meat all the way out ramming it back in and after I don't know how long of getting my ass thoroughly fucked, he yelped and I received a second load from his demanding dick with him falling over my back.
'I'm done stud. Geezus I'm done.'

He reached around and felt my hard shaft and chuckled, 'After I take care of this.'
Pulling out he dropped to his knees and jacking me off with my head aimed at his open mouth and it took mere seconds for me to reward him with another heavy load of hot cum.
I bent down and kissed his cream filled mouth taking as much as I could back.

I helped the hot guy up and we dressed although my body was sticky with sweat and cum, I smelled pretty bad, but I loved that smell and putting my t-shirt on it scraped over my chest, I jolted since it felt like sandpaper on my way too overly sensitive nips.
We said our good-byes and I headed out thinking about Luke's comments about my sticking around for more.

He of course had no idea that I had been transformed by a mysterious guy in the Caribbean a couple of months ago not only giving me this muscle body but a craving for mansex that was almost impossible to satisfy.
I shook my head and went home satiated at least for another night.

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