Nice Niece and Nephew Part II

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

In the first part I told you about how I became invovled with my ex-sister in-law and through allowing her son and daughter to secretly watch us having sex became invovled in thier sexual education. Let me give a little more detail about my niece and nephew. Josh is 19 and about 6'1", he is very slender, only about 150 lbs. Robin is 18 and much shorter, 5'1" and a little pudgy. They both have been sheltered and have very few friends or social life. After spying on thier mother Tracy and I having sex, I caught the brother and sister fooling around one day and joined and taught them how to enjoy sex. As soon as I started fucking these two, I started to think about how we could include Tracy into our little sex games.

While I was planning a way to involve the mother, the sex between Josh, Robin and I continued at a torid pace. I was always thinking of ways to be alone with them. Twice a week I would leave work early after the kids came home after thier community college classes and while thier mother was still at work. Sometimes even when Tracy was home we would find ways to play around. I would pretend to have to use the bathroom while Josh was taking a shower, when I would enter the bathroom he would peek around the curtain and smile knowing I was there to suck on that hard cock he was working on in the shower, I would sit on the toliet, he would leave the water running in the shower and step out in front of me, I love to lick and suck his cock, it's slender and only 6 inches, just the right sucking size and/or the right size to slip up my ass. One of favorite things is to rub our dicks together until we cum all over each other. Sometimes Robin and I would sit on the sofa watching TV with a blanket over us, we would maturbate each other while Tracy was piddling around the house. Sometimes Tracy would be making dinner and find out she needed something from the store. I would always volunteer to go and ask one of the kids if they wanted to go with me, I never had a problem getting one of them to volunteer. As soon as we would pull out of the driveway headed to the store, whichever one was with me would immediately pull my cock out and start sucking on it while I drove. Sometimes if we got really carried away we would pull over somewhere and fuck.

It was time to bring Tracy into our love nest. Tracy is a really hot chick herself, very sexual and not afraid to try new things. I took her out one night, (knowing that the kids were fucking each other while we were gone) and got her pretty drunk. When we got home we went straight to bed and I was licking that steamy cunt when she said she had always wanted to eat some pussy, she was really getting into it so I asked if not only she wanted to eat some pussy but would she like more than one dick too. She responded by grinding her cunt in my mouth. After she came we talked about it and she said she didn't want to be with strangers but couldn't be with our friends and see them afterwards, it would be embarassing she felt. I told her I had an idea, I would pick the couple and she would be blindfolded so she wouldn't know who it is. She agreed, only if she got drunk first. She is a wild woman when drunk. I informed Josh and Robin what we were planning, Robin was a little nervous but I knew Josh was excited because he had a hardon.

The night had come, we sent the kids over to spend the night at a cousins house, or so Tracy thought. I took Tracy out to our local club and got her drunk as a skunk and horny as hell, rubbing her big ol titties and her hot cunt every cahnce I got. We went home and she said she was ready to fuck. I blindfolded her and led her to the bedroom. I told her our guests would not be allowed to speak so she wouldn't know who they were. I left and pretended to open and close the front door. Josh and Robin were really hiding naked in Robin's room, I brought them in and we walked over to thier mother, sat them both down on either side of her and told them to fondle and suck on Tracy's titties, she was getting off on this big time. We lay her down and I told her that her first taste of pussy was coming right up. Robin straddled her face and lowered that chubby little pussy down on her mother's mouth, Tracy went besrek licking and sucking Robin's smooth almost hairless cunt, "oh you brought me a young one didn't you" she squealed. Robin just smiled and ground her cunt into her mother's mouth. Josh kneeled down and started eating his mother's pussy just like I taught him to do on his little sister. Robin came first. filling Tracy's mouth with her sticky goo.

Josh quickly positioned himself into a 69 position and Tracy gleefully swallowed her son's cock, not knowing it was him. While they were going at it Robin knelt down and started sucking on my now raging hard dick. Tracy came and pushed his head away and sucked all of Josh's cum down her throught. Tracy said someone fuck me, I moved over and got her to sit down on my cock and she rode he hard like a piston, she was getting hotter by the second, she yelled out, "put that other dick in my ass", Josh quickly pushed his mother forward and started rubbing the head of his cock on Tracy's bunghole, he soon was full stroking his cock in and out of his own mother's ass, both were loving it. I shot my load first and left my cock in her pussy while Josh filled her ass with his cream. We lay there a minute catching our breath, when we both pulled out our cum was seeping out of her pussy and her ass, Robin quickly jumped down there and sucked all the juices out of her mothers ass and pussy. Tracy was very happy and satisfied. While Tracy was resting I layed Robin down beside her and started fucking Robin's pussy, Tracy was getting off just knowing that I was fucking somebody right next to her and she hadn't a clue as to who it was.

Now I have to figure out how to get Tracy to do this again without the blindfold. Next time.

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