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New white whores

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I was laying in bed a semi-conscious state with the full moon trying to break through the curtains. All I could remember was drinking in the bar with Sue, I couldn’t have drunk so much in such a short time could I. Then as I was drifting off again I felt a smooth hand stroke my thigh and then cuddle up to me. A smooth body pushed against my back, cool breath tingling my neck. I felt comfortable and warm, even secure. 

A hand dropped on to my knee and slowly lifted my legs a part then I felt something circling my knee. I was still in a dream state, not really realising what was happening to me. I felt very light kisses on my neck making me moan and whimper. I lifted my hand to stroke the head that was nuzzled in my neck, it was quickly moved down to my knee and I felt something circle my wrist and secure to my leg. I was rolled over and the same was done to my other knee and hand.

As I started to wake I heard moaning and muffled screams from the other side of the room. I then realised I couldn’t move my knees were up by the side of my breast. As I looked down my body I saw that I was completely naked with no bedclothes covered me. 

I looked over to Sue and saw that she was being fucked by 3 black guys. One large cock in her mouth, one in her arse and an even bigger one fucking her cunt. The muffled screams were escaping from around this big black cock.

Another black guy was sitting in a chair and was drinking from a glass as 2 young guys came through the door. One young guy looked over to me and said that I was awake can I have a go with her. The big guy sitting in the chair just nodded.

The 3 young guys jumped onto the bed making me bounce around, rolling from side to side. I heard the youngest guy ask if they needed to gag me and was told that the drug was still wearing off and it should be OK.

Fuck I had been drugged no wonder I can’t remember what has happened. I look at the guys one looked about 20 and the other 2 about 19. The 4 other guys were all in their mid 20’s. As I looked at them I hoped these younger guys didn’t have big cocks like the others who were still fucking Sue.

The young guys stroked my nipples and pushing my blond hair off my face so they could see me watching them. As my legs were up by my tits with my hands secured in place, my 32a tits were tiny mounds with large elongated nipples as hard as nails. One guy tongue kissed me as I felt a mouth suck on each nipple, with hands sliding over my skin.

Suddenly I felt a mouth on my slit opening it up, hunting for my clit. Probing deep in my cunt. Four mouths were now on me, I must be the guy who was sitting on the chair. My senses were getting sharper and I could now clearly hear Sue whispering that she was sorry for getting us both into all this. Then I heard a muffled sound again I could only assume she had a cock down her throat again.

The guys on my nipples was now getting rough with me, biting my nipple and sucking my whole tit into their mouth. Pushing my nipple against the roof of their mouth. What an exquisite experience, being raped by 4 mouths, making me enjoy it. Making me wetter by the second.
“Fuck this white bitch is getting off on all this.” He said, “Lets see how much she can take.”
They bit down hard on my nipples, the guy kissing me was biting my lower lip, pulling it away from my face. The most painful part was the guy between my legs, biting my clit, it felt as though he was fist fucking my cunt and arse. 

I could not concentrate on any one thing it all hurt. Hurt badly. I was screaming as hard as I could. Suddenly a hand grabbed my hair and pulled my face off the bed. With my senses being sharp I thought I heard a whooshing sound and then I felt a hand slap me across the face then a backhand. It didn’t stop me screaming it made me scream louder. 
“Shut the fucking bitch up will you.” One guy said. Then as I had my mouth open I felt a large cock push it’s way into my mouth, then the guy straddled my head and slowly fed more and more into my gaping mouth. I was trying to breath around the large black monster. I heard him say he couldn’t get it in any further but I couldn’t hear the reply.

But it didn’t take much imagination what was said as the guy held onto my hair and pulled my face towards his crouch. At first it wouldn’t go any further then he titled my head back slightly and then jammed his cock in. It was too fast to make me gag, it was down my throat. 
“Fuck, look at her throat stretch,” he said “I can’t believe I can see my cock through the skin.”
It was obviously too mush for him as he cum with gush after gush of white sticky cum down my throat. It was too far down for me to bring up I had to swallow it.

As he was pulling out and getting off me I felt a cock stretch my cunt as it was banged in with one tremendous thrust. I opened my mouth to scream but no sound escaped. He went to the top of my cunt in one movement and now he was pushing through my cervix into my womb. It was hurting so much. The 3 young guys thought they would take my mind off it by slapping my nipples with their fingertips, slapping the outside of my thighs and slapping my face. I started to cry streams of tears, washing down my face.

My arms and legs were loosing their feelings being tied up still. Then I looked down to see the biggest cock in my life going in and out of my cunt. But not leaving my womb. I could believe anyone had a cock that big. The large black guy slumped onto me and held himself still as I felt his cock pump spunk into my womb.
“Fuck if that doesn’t create a little black kid nothing will.” He laughed as he pulled out.
“She is all yours now brothers” he laughed as he walked over to Sue to suck his cock clean. I looked over and I could plainly see wheals on Sue’s back, arse and thighs. Blood coming from her mouth. I shouted over is she was OK and she looked at me and tiredly shocked her head. Then I saw a guy grab her hair and force his cock into her mouth, down, and down until I could see the outline of his cock in her throat. I could even see it pulse as he cum. He pulled out and slapped it across her face. She just laid there not moving.
“Fuck this one has had it,” one guy said, “you lot can take this one we need fresh white meat.” The young guys didn’t say anything just got up and walked over to the white body, lying still. They were all naked now sporting nice cocks. One lay on the bed pulled her over on top of him and fed his cock into her loose, sloppy cunt. Another guy got behind her and pushed his cock into her arse, the last guy grabbed her hair and fed his cock down her throat. As I watched them I thought they have never done this before as it took them ages before they got into any rhythm. Then they pounded in and out. Using her as a body to fuck.

The 4 larger guys were looking at me smiling “She obviously fancies that.” He laughed. But we have to make sure she does as she is told first. As he raised his arm with a folded belt in his grip. I screamed I will not complain, he just smiled and said that he was going to beat me either way as he thinks all white trash should be treated this way.
“How old are you trash?” he asked
“19” I said
“What is your name trash?”
“Nice name for my whore, I think,” he said
“I love the smooth cunt, small tits, I could even sell you for younger and get more money. “
“Her cunt is very tight” the guy who fucked me said.
“You had much fucking girl?” I was asked. “Well how many?”
“ Once a few weeks ago, it was my first.”
“Fuck, we can make some money from this one.”
As he was talking to the others he bought the belt down on my back, again and again. Then my arse and top of my thighs. I was crying out loud. It didn’t make any difference, he just kept on beating me. A few fell between my legs and caught my cunt lips. It was so painful I couldn’t scream.

This went on for what seemed like ages. The one guy laid me on my side and drove his cock into me side ways. It was forcing its way in scrapping parts of my cunt never touched before. Once again with a violent push another cock was in my womb I could see it push through the skin of my stomach, like a monster trying to escape. He fucked me until he cum. Then all of a sudden the gushing of his cum made me have and orgasm so intense it made me shake in my bindings.
“She is really getting off on all this beating and fucking” He said “She is a fucking natural. Good.”
I couldn’t believe my body was showing me up like this. As I lay there totally exhausted I was untied. I shook my limbs to get the blood back into them. They guys stood there looking at my squirming body. I looked over to Sue and saw the guys getting off her. Cum was dripping from her arse, cunt and dribbling down her face.

They turned there attention to me again, “This one could pass for much younger,” one said “We can make a lot of money from this one. Fuck this is our lucky day.”

The guy with the largest cock told his mate to lay down so they could all fuck me. I tried to get away but I was pulled back easily. To make me realise what would happen he rubbed his hands down my back and slapped my arse. 
“Do you want more?” he asked. I shook my head. “Fuck yourself on his cock then bitch.” Climbed onto the bed held onto his cock and fed it into my sore cunt. I slipped down with a bit of effort. When I hit bottom of my cunt he pulled me to him and kissed me. It was nice and tender, I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I was bought back to reality when I felt my hair being pulled and a cock being fed into my mouth. I opened up and let it in. I titled my head so it could enter my throat without hurting me. He slowly fed it down. I lifted my hand up to hold onto it but it was pushed away. They slowly powerfully fucked my face and cunt in unison. Then I felt something nudge my arse hole. 

I pulled off the cock in my mouth and pleaded not to fuck me there but I was told he needed to break me in for others, as it would make life easier. With that my head was pulled back onto the cock, down my throat, with a cock as far as it will go in my cunt. I was held still as the largest cock I have ever seen was trying to get into my arse. After a few minutes of pushing my ring gave way and I felt for the first time a cock in my arse. Deep, getting very deep. I was then released and the 3 of them fucked me for all they were worth. I was like a rag doll being pulled wherever they pleased. If I didn’t do as well as they thought I was punched and slapped.

After what seemed like ages they all seemed to cum at the same time. Flooding ever hole in my once young untouched body. One after another they pulled out and pushed me back onto the bed. I rolled up into a ball and I could feel the spunk dribbling from my abused holes.

After a few seconds I felt someone getting onto the bed next to me and cocks being pushed into my cunt again. It pushed in and out for a few strokes then it was rammed into my arse hole. I looked over my shoulder to see one f the young guys fucking me. One after another I was fucked again and again. Sue was now just sitting on her bed watching me without and expression on her face.

“You two better get showered and dressed,” we were told. We did as told came back dressed and clean but very tired. He were then taken down to the street between 2 guys and pushed into a car. We sat together cuddling each other. After about 30 minutes we pulled up by this rambling house. Pulled out and taken in side. This is your new home girls. 
“I can’t stay here I look after my younger sister. She is only 16 she can’t be by herself.”
“OK, take her to get her she can join you here.” One guy said. “Here’s her purse with her address, go now and get her.” I started to shout at the guy but all I got was a slap across the face.
“Shut the fuck up girl. You will be punished for that later. Of course it depends what your little sister looks like though.” I was scared at the last comment.

We were showed up to a bedroom with a large bed against one wall, and a very large mirror on the other and ceiling.

More to come

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