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New at the nudist colony

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Wife and I are in our mid-20's - been married for 5 years, and no kids. Sexually, we were well matched, but recently we thought something new for each of us might be interesting - but stuff like wife-swapping wasn't for us because of the risks involved in a relatively small town.

After some investigation on the Internet, I hit on what looked like a good idea - an outfit in Jamaica ran what was advertised as an "adult nudist colony" - no one under 18 allowed, and a full medical exam was mandatory for all guests to eliminate concerns about sexually transmitted diseases.

I new that while my wife had normal curiosity about sex, she was sort of shy - but when I suggested we take our 2 week vacation at the place, she agreed to give it a try!

I booked reservations, and at least not much packing was involved! We arrived, and immediately were given our medical exams - that was followed by an orientation while our lab tests were completed, which took the rest of that day. Meanwhile, we were shown our room and the features of the compound - which was quite secluded and walled off from the outside community. 

We were told we should get out of our clothing for the rest of the tour - and though a bit self-conscious at first, quickly realized the other guests were as naked as we were, so we didn't especially stand out in the crowd - altho my wife was certainly one the more attractive and better built ladies there

There was a large social hall where nightly dances took place, several game rooms of the ususal sort, as well as a large swimming pool - and a large private beachfront area with many small secluded semi-private lounging areas with paths leading from the area near the social hall. It was a very attractive area, and in the nude as we were, the air was quite comfortable.

That evening, we had been cleared on our lab tests - so went to the nightly dance. There were many nice looking gals there - and as many guys. Some of the guys were rather spectacular concerning dick size - and the larger guys seemed to attract lots of attention from the ladies. I danced with a couple of ladies, but at that point was far more interested in seeing how my wife coped with this setting - we had early on agreed that we were each on our own as far as potential partners were concerned, but that if asked would fully relate our experiences with the other - no secrets.

I sat at a table, and watched as one extremely well-hung black guy asked my wife for a dance - and I was interested to see as they danced that he was beginning to sprout an impressive erection - apparently my wife interested him in more ways than one! As I watched, he said something to her, and I saw her nod in agreement, and they walked out one of the side doors in the direction of one of the paths to the beach.

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I quickly went out another door, and carefully followed down a nearby parallel path. When they reached the lounge area, the guy maneuvered my wife over against the trunk of a tree, and stood close as they talked in low tones - he soon had his hands down at her hips - and as he kissed her, she offered no resistance, but pulled him closely to her as they continued their kiss.
They continued to kiss, and he dropped one hand down and began stroking slowly up her inner thighs, until he soon was massaging her wet pussy lips with no resistance from her. He continued to kiss her as he next took the tip of his now fully erect dick and began rubbing it up, down and around her pussy lips - she barely twitched as this was going on, and with a smooth firm move, he began slipping his dick into her as she quickly lifted and spread one leg to allow him easier entrance into her. By now, she was clinging to him tightly, and it took him several minutes of increasingly deeper careful thrusts to fully get his massive dick all the way into her.

He carefully laid her back on the incline of the tree, and lifted her leg even higher and place his forearm under her knee as he finally became inserted clear up to his balls in her well-stretched pussy - she began to grunt and pivot her hips back against his as he began long even strokes in and out of her - she enthusiastically matched him stroke for stroke.

She quickly came to first one animated orgasm, then as it subsided and they began stroking again, she came to a second one that was even stronger. Again, after a bit, they resumed enthusiastic fucking, and as I could see she was about to come to a third orgasm, he shifted his feet getting better braced, and in time with her third orgasm, lunged fully and deeply inside her as he matched her orgasm with his own powerful and massive ejaculation that brought a loud appreciative moan of pure satisfaction from my wife.

The force of his thrust lifted her foot clear off the ground, and as he strongly clasped her ass in his hands, she quickly wrapped that leg around behind him and clamped herself to him as he forcefully bracketed her against the tree as he spurt his sperm hotly inside her. That was followed by several more strong thrusts from him as he spurted into her again and again - her matching his thrusts with her own as she ground her hips and pussy tightly against him to savor every last drop he could supply.

After a few more slow thrusts, they separated, then they weakly went over to the nearby oversized and padded lounge - and laid down to catch their breath - I could hear them talk, him laugh and her giggle with satisfaction as he steadily massaged her breasts, ass and inner thighs around her thoroughly soaked pussy, and soon he started getting hard again. She saw it too, and quickly climbed on top of him and started fucking him with long intense strokes, rubbing her ample breasts and nipples across his chest as she enjoyed the sensation of that large dick way deep inside her. The multiple orgasms were repeated, and his eventual ejaculation seemed as strong as the first - and with her pussy so full of his big black dick, the spurt of his seman was mostly left to simply flow on back and out around his dick and drip out of her now red and swollen pussy.

After a bit of rest, it looked as though they were ready to return to the dance - so I quietly left my hiding place and got back well ahead of them - I was curious as to what my wife would tell me of what had happened. They had cleaned up some before returning with the towels supplied for that purpose at the lounge areas, and after a bit my wife came on over to where I was sitting. I casually asked where she had been, since I hadn't seen her for a while.

She was silent for a bit, the looking me straight in the eye, said that she had gone outside with "Ted" to get some fresh air down by the beach - and had unexpectedly ended up getting deeply and thoroughly fucked by him. I asked how it had happened, and what she thought about it, and she said it had come as sort of a surprise - she thought something might happen, but, was sorta caught off guard when he started inserting his dick into her, and she realized she was well on the way to getting her ass fucked off. She said their first fuck was a bit short and less satisfying, but the second was lots more relaxed and enjoyable - she carefully glossed over the details, and left most out entirely - but it was clear she had passed her initiation, and was well into the spirit of the vacation.

She managed to fuck or get fucked by most of the guys there over the next 2 weeks - sometimes she would leave the dance with one or more guys and I wouldn't see her until late the next afternoon - usually well worn but satisfied from pulling another "all-nighter".

We both had a great time - I managed to also fuck the ass off a fair number of the gals there, and had a couple of my own "all-nighters" - and our visits to that place in Jamaica will now be an annual event!

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