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(Part 2 from 7)

He had developed a small gym in his room. On many occasions, I watched him working in his gym, with only his shorts over his body. I could recall the strange feelings of arousal; I used to have, while watching his seminude body working with weights. I could not comprehend the reason for those feelings, but I loved to feast on Rickís well-toned muscular body.

After celebrating my thirty-fifth birthday, I realized that I was putting on weight. It was the worst nightmare for a woman like me; who was known for her beauty and delicate figure. Within a year I was no more delicate and curvaceous beauty. My older clothes were no more fitting to me. 

I could now see in the mirror, a puffier face, swelled thighs and tummy. I was aghast. I was always admired for my exquisite beauty, and the sudden realization that I was no more a beautiful woman, was certainly devastating. I tried to lose weight by exercising and dieting, but failed miserably. 

Soon, I discerned that exercising was not my forte, and after some time, I gave it up. I continued only with morning jogs, at least that could keep me fit. I could draw solace from the fact that I was still plagued by numerous second stares, whenever I was out shopping. I was aware of people stopping and trying to steal a second glance at me. That was more than better for a chubby woman in her late thirties; nonetheless, deep within I remained miserable. 

Rick had completed his schooling. I was proud that he was good at studies and got admission in undergraduate program in engineering. His college was about hundred miles from our apartment. He wanted to shift to a nearby accommodation, but on my insistence he continued staying with us.

Rick would leave the house early in the morning and would return only by the evening, leaving me alone in our big apartment for the complete day. It was only during the weekends, that he would get some time to be with me. David remained busy with his deadlines, even during the weekends and holidays.

I was frustrated to the core. I was lonely and I didnít like it. That was the first time, when the idea of having an extramarital affair crept into my mind. At first thought, I felt outrageous and immediately rejected it. But, the idea lingered on into my subconscious, though I never deliberated about it.

Rick seemed vaguely aware of my predicament. He had always been a great help to me and we immensely enjoyed each otherís company. One day I told him that Iím bored and want to do something, may be some job or something like that. We discussed it at length. Due to in hurry to marry David, I had not completed my studies and after being a stay at home mom for so many year I was hesitant to take up a job.

Rick came up with an idea. He advised that I should to learn computer.
That way I could utilize my free time and remained at home. He introduced my to computers and especially to the Internet. He took great pains in explaining basic things to my. He taught my how to use a mouse, how to work with windows, how to connect to the Internet and how to open a mail id and use it. He created a mail id for me. I had not used computers before and it seemed a fantastic idea. 

With his help, I started using computer. Initially, I fumbled with the new technology; computers were not so common, when I was a student. Nevertheless, I turned out to be an apt learner and in a short span, I developed a knack for computers. I started using it with ease and slowly became more and more confident. I found it a good release and started spending hours before my sonís personal computer. David was especially happy, as I had stopped complaining.

I found Internet very fascinating and started spending hours online, mostly writing mails and chatting. Almost regularly, I chatted with my son and husband, when they were away. Rick was careful enough to drop me a line or two, every now and then, just to keep my mailbox full.

I also made some online friends; that kept me pretty busy during my free time. I vented my frustration to my new hobby; and little by little I got addicted to the net. 

Like it happens to all Internet users, the Internet introduced my to the world of Internet sex. Although, I was vaguely aware of it; I did not try to fiddle with any such idea initially. Rick had warned my about spams and had advised my not to waste my time on them. He advised me to immediately delete such mails as they might contain viruses. 

In the beginning, I religiously followed his instructions. However, as I got confident, I started exploring the different facets of the cyber world. Once out of curiosity, I clicked on one such mail. Immediately, a new page opened on the screen, showing gorgeous naked girls displaying their genitals in the most lewd manner. I was stunned to see it, and closed the page right away. 

I shut down my computer; nonetheless, the nude figures of those beautiful naked models continued dancing before my eyes. Suddenly, my frustration was back with an overwhelming ferocity. I didnít have had any sex with my husband for last two months, and I was longing to feel a male cock ravishing my horny pussy.

I sat in front of the computer trying to resist the temptation, but, my horniness failed me, and I finally succumbed to the enticement. I restarted the computer, reconnected to the net and opened my mailbox. Again, I clicked on the link to open the same page, I had been watching last time. 

This time the visual didnít shock my; I was prepared for it. Leisurely, I scanned through the page, enjoying the nude girls and their displays. Then, I clicked to another link given at the bottom of the page, opening a new page with more visuals, showing naked men and women having sex in all possible manners. 

I was extremely exited. Unknowingly, my free hand traveled to my pussy. I gently rubbed it, through the material of my gown. I had a strange feeling. I loved the feel of my finger over my pussy. I had never masturbated before.

My every notion changed that day, as my fingers didnít stop at the hem. My fingers entered inside my gown, even inside my panties. I felt my soft curly bush and tender pussy lips. I realized that I was dripping wet. My fingers rubbed my pussy lips, and for the first time, I played with my pussy. The feeling was of pure delight. There was no guilt, just an overwhelming sense of ecstasy.

My eyes were glued to the screen, continuously displaying men and women indulging in every sort of sexual activities. I watched pictures of women having cocks in our every holes, men shooting their cum into those pretty faces and open mouths, and I excitedly watched them slurping the white gluey fluid sticking to their partnersí cocks and to their own faces. I was fascinated and deep in my heart; I ached to feel a cock into my mouth. 

I continued browsing page after page. I wasnít concerned about the address of a particular site or the number of sites I visited that day. All I was interested in watching the pictures of men and women having sex. 

My fingers continued playing with my pussy and clitoris. The trembling in my legs aggravated with every brush of my fingers over my swollen pussy, and soon the floodgate opened. I had brought myself to a thundering orgasm. My first masturbation became an unforgettable experience.

My journey to Internet sex had begun. I reveled in browsing newer sites day-by-day and masturbated while watching those lascivious pictures. I was fast transforming into a horny slut. I was also tempted to subscribe some of those sites, however, I was aware that David would immediately come to know if I uses my credit card. I knew that David would certainly not going to enjoy the idea of his wife subscribing to some perverted services. I was not interested in ruining my decent simple housewife image.

My euphoria didnít last long. Soon, I found that I was not able to draw enough excitement from those pictures. The effect was no longer as lasting as it was in the initial days. I got bored with the images, because most of the sites wouldnít change their web pages too frequently. 

I wanted the stimulation that could linger on and on, even after shutting down the computer. I wanted something that I could visualize even when I was not using the computer, something, which I could use to stimulate me, while I lay naked on my bed, playing with my pussy. My search finally ended with the sites displaying erotic stories. 

I found erotica very fascinating, and straight away I was hooked to it. I started reading those nicely written stories, the descriptions so vivid and live, that most of them felt like actually happening. It had enough ingredients to kindle my imagination, and even when I was not using the computer, those narration would became alive in my mind and my fingers would automatically reach for my pussy and started playing with my clit.

With every passing day, I became more and more daring. Firstly, I stopped wearing bra and panties, whenever I was alone at home, and later; I stopped putting any clothes altogether. I would sit in front of the computer completely naked, my eyes glued to the story on the screen, my fingers busy with my dripping pussy. 

I loved the feel of my nakedness. As soon as, I was alone at home, I would simply shed all my clothes and roam around in the house completely nude. 

Whenever, I was alone; I would open a new story and got myself busy with the lively narratives on the screen, while my fingers play music with my cunt, taking me slowly to the most wonderful orgasm one after another. My frequency of self-indulgence increased manifold; on any particular day, I would finger myself to orgasm for three or four or even more number of times.

It was the time, when I got my first inkling about incest. For some unexplained reasons, I found incestuous stories more captivating than the stories in the other categories. One by one, I read most of them, brothers screwing their sisters, fathers fucking their daughters, mothers enjoying lustful relationships with their sons; uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, all of them enjoying sex with each other, doing all sorts of nasty things and what not. 

To my amazement, I realized that it was the mother son section, which I found the most titillating. The themes of horny moms getting screwed by their teenage sons were so enchanting, that it always gave me the most thunderous orgasm. I think, in a way, it was most convenient for me, to fantasize myself as the horny mothers depicted in those stories, getting fucked by their beloved sons.

I thought about getting fucked by Rick. My initial reaction to my lecherous thoughts involving my son was a disgustful repulsion. I was conscience-stricken for days. I was mortified, how could I even envisage myself having sex with my own son, the most forbidden relation between a mother and her son. 

In spite of my nagging conscience, my incestuous thoughts toward my son continued, and rather intensified with time. Slowly, my resolve began to crumble. My wild side took over me and I gradually succumbed to the most enthralling temptation of my life. I started masturbating while thinking of having sex with Rick. With the time, my fantasies involving Rick became more vivid and more kaleidoscopic. 

I convinced myself mentally, that I was only dreaming, not actually doing anything with my son; thus my incestuous thoughts were no way going to harm anyone. Little did I know that it was the stepping-stone toward my full-fledged sexual relationship with my son? 

Gradually, the feelings of guilt and shame were completely gone. My lewd thoughts were no longer a sin; it simply became my most sensuous fantasies, my most precious treasure. I derived extreme pleasure in fantasizing about doing every kind of vulgar things with my son, every time driving me to the most shattering orgasm. All the perceptions were changed, and to my amazement I realized that I actually wanted to screw my own son.


Once I laid off my inhibitions, I felt less confused. I became sure of what I wanted. However, I didnít have any idea, how was I going to fulfill my lustful dream. I didnít have any clue about my sonís feelings towards me. Did he ever have any lecherous leaning towards me? Did he ever fantasize about fucking his mom? There were so many questions that needed answers, before I could even start thinking of seducing my son. 

I was little afraid to directly reveal my feelings to Rick, or to directly approach him. I did not want to scare him or make him hate me. I thought about many ways of seducing him. After long deliberations I finally decided a course of action. I would gradually let him see my hidden assets and wait for his response.

While I was planning the execution of my lascivious designs, I accidentally stumbled upon something that changed my course of action. Long back, Rick had given me a small notebook that contained tit bits of information about managing and handling a personal computer. Rick had written brief instructions about operating the computer, and had given it to me, when I was a novice, learning computers. After I learnt my lessons and became familiar with the computers, the notebook rendered useless, and since then, it had been lying idle in my drawer.

One day, while tending my drawer, I found that notebook. I was casually flipping through the pages, when something caught my eyes. Carefully, I flipped the pages again and on the third last page, I found a mail id and a password scribbled on it. 

I was aware of David and Rickís mail ids, and the mail id written on the notebook didnít belong to any of them. It was an unfamiliar id, and I had never seen it before. I didnít have any doubt that it belonged to Rick as he only gave me the notebook. 

Presumably, my son had another mail id with a pseudonym. I felt curious. I was alone at home, so I went to his room, started his computer and connected it to the net. I opened the particular web page given in the mail id; typed the mail address and the password in the login box before hitting the login key. The screen flickered for a moment, and slowly the mailbox opened, welcoming Hothamburger. 

My guess was right; the mailbox was full with erotic mails. I could not find even a single subject that seemed related with anything other than sex. It was apparent that Rick was using the pseudonym of Hothamburger to receive erotic mails discretely. I went through the entire mailbox. 

The mailbox was crowed with a lot of unread mails, mostly spams. Certainly Rick was not interested in unsolicited mails. I continued browsing his mailbox, and finally I could find mails that were marked as read. One by one, I opened those mails and went through them. The revelation was quite encouraging. 

It seemed, that my beloved son was a member of some adult pen pal club, and he was receiving plenty of amorous messages. I scanned the list of senders; it seemed that most of his mails were originated from same senders. I counted the numbers; they were five. I went through their latest messages, which were marked as read. 

My son was enjoying a virtual relationship with five women simultaneously. The mails were full with juicy details and lewd language. One mail even had an attachment. I opened the attachment and found a picture of a gorgeous forty-ish lady, completely naked, wantonly exposing her hairy cunt lips. 

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