Net Love

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Kathy fell into her window seat on the plane with a sigh. Airport security these days made what used to be a pleasure into a grueling task. She looked around at the mostly empty seats around her and waited until at last she felt the rumble of the wheels as the ship began it’s slow climb into the air. First class was more expensive, but the drinks were free and right now she needed one. When the attendant came by her seat, she ordered two small bottles of vodka and orange juice. It wasn’t the flying that made her nervous, it was the fact she was going to meet her long time internet lover Tanya for the first time. Kathy mixed the first drink and downed it without even breathing. She mixed the second one and began to sip it. As the alcohol began to have it’s affect, she began to think about the gorgeous red head she had been chatting with for the last six months. The pictures Tanya had sent here fresh in her mind, (she had been masturbating to them almost constantly as each new one arrived in her email), began to have their affect too. She even noticed a slight smile on the face of the nice looking attendant as she ordered her second round. Kathy knew the woman could smell the sex oozing from between her legs. Would Tanya like her as much in person as she did on the net? This was Kathy’s last thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Tanya glanced at her watch as she checked herself once more in the full length mirror. She looked great for the most part. Her tight midriff shirt showed the great cleavage created by her 34 d breasts. Her hip hugger jeans looked as if she had been melted and poured into them, showing the perfect V her legs and pussy made and the great shapely ass she sported. They even crawled perfectly up her ass crack, but she slid her finger from clit to ass hard just to make sure. Her finger felt the heat inside them. Her face was smooth and showed very little of the nervousness she had about meeting Kathy. The only thing she was not pleased with was her red hair. While Kathy had assured her she loved it and had told her so many times how much she wanted to run her fingers through it, she had never liked being a red head. She had tried different colors to make it lighter but they just didn’t work for her. One more push on her breasts and a slide of her hands over her ass cheeks and Tanya grabbed her purse and headed for her car. She would meet Kathy at the airport in one hour and she did not want to be late. The half hour drive gave Tanya plenty of time to think about how she would greet her long time internet lover, but her thoughts kept going back to the last two nights. For months Kathy had wanted to masturbate with her on web cam but Tanya had always refused until two nights ago when Kathy finally agreed that they would meet in person for the weekend. Remembering the way Kathy’s fingers moved inside herself on the camera, the exquisite look of pleasure on her face when her orgasm gushed out of her like a fountain, and the way she licked her fingers clean made Tanya more than just wet. She absently stroked her own clit through her tight jeans as she drove and damn near ran a red light when she suddenly came inside her pants. Damn, she had never been so horny in all her life.

Kathy was awakened by the wheels of the plane hitting the tarmac as it touched down at LAX. She swore silently at herself for sleeping so long and hoped she would have time to freshen up at the airport before Tanya arrived. The last thing she wanted was for her to see her with sleep in her eyes and her hair in a mess. She grabbed her carry on and waited impatiently for her luggage to appear and as soon as she had it loaded on a rollaway cart she headed for the bathroom and locked the door. Kathy washed her face, re-applied her makeup, and brushed her teeth to remove the smell of liquor from her breath. She looked good. Long blonde hair that was natural. She could prove that by the little tuft of hair she always left just above the clit of her smooth shaven pussy. Her breast, only a 32 C were perfectly shaped and never needed a bra. Her tight pants showed off her shapely ass, which she always believed was her best feature. A nice female ass had always been a huge turn on for Kathy and as she ran her hands along her hips, she felt the heat inside herself begin to burn again. Part of it was her anticipation of soon being with Tanya, part of it was she loved touching and tasting herself. Suddenly Kathy was hit with the need to urinate and headed inside one of the stalls. When she dropped her pants, the cool air hitting her warm sex sent shivers up her spine. Kathy reached between her legs as she sat on the toilet and gently stroked her swollen labia. A moan escaped her lips as her fingertips touched her clit. She rose up and stood over the seat and slipped the middle finger of her left hand inside her ass hard and moved it in small circles as she pushed her fingers of her right hand inside her pussy and let her thumb rub her clit. In less than two minutes, the combination of needing to pee and her orgasm caused a rush of fluids from her body as her legs shook and her finger worked her asshole hard and fast. Slipping down onto the toilet seat she licked both hands and rested before dressing again and once again refreshing herself at the sink. Her moment of relief gave her face a nice glow and she was more confident as she left the bathroom and headed for the entrance to LAX.

Tanya saw Kathy first. She had only been waiting a couple of moments at the gate when she saw the beautiful tall blonde coming towards her. God what a walk this woman had. Even from the front you could see that her hips swayed just right and the pretty V shape between her legs showed a nice mound that made her mouth water and Tanya licked her lips in spite of herself. My god she needed this woman. She had been with many women over the years but none of them made her desire them so much as Kathy did. While she truly loved Kathy’s bubbly personality and wonderful sense of humor, she had to admit that it was her body that made her mind whirl and heat up with passion. The closer Kathy got to her, the wetter she became between her legs as she desperately searched her mind for just the right thing to say to her net love.

Kathy spotted Tanya and began a deliberate walk towards her, baggage cart in tow. She had thought long and hard about what to say when they first met, but now she knew exactly what she needed to do. As Kathy approached, Tanya stuck out a hand towards her for a friendly handshake. The word’s “hi Kat” had barley escaped her lips when she found herself in a strong passionate embrace from the blonde and her lips being parted in a loving kiss, tender fingers entwined in her red hair. Tanya melted into Kathy’s arms as they kissed, hands cupping asses and tongues swapping sucks as an airport full of people around them paid about as much attention to them as they would a scrap piece of paper on the ground. When the kiss finally broke, Kathy was the first to speak with a whisper in Tanya’s ear.
“I am sorry if I embarrassed you but I couldn’t wait one more moment. I love you Tanya. I have loved you from 2,000 miles away for too long and I just couldn’t wait to kiss you.”

Tanya looked deep into Kathy’s eyes with tears beginning to well in her own and said in a not to subtle voice, “I love you too Kathy. It seems like a lifetime that I have waited to have you in my arms and just tell you that.”

Both women looked at each other for a moment, tears in their eyes, then both broke out in hysterical laughter as they hugged and kissed each other again. Baggage cart in tow, the two women walked to Tanya’s car and loaded Kathy’s bags in the trunk and headed out of LAX to Tanya’s apartment.

Once inside the apartment, there was little need for words between the two women. Kathy reached out and brushed the hair from Tanya’s forehead, then reaching behind her neck, pulled the redhead to her and kissed her again. Her tongue parted her lips and began to explore her mouth. She gently kissed her neck and cupped Tanya’s left breast in her hand and squeezed. A moan escaped the redheads lips as Kathy began to undo the buttons on her shirt. With one smooth motion she unclasped the front of her bra and let her lips move down to caress Tanya’s nipples. First one, then the other entered her mouth as she sucked them to an erection that would have made a man’s penis shy away in envy. Kathy traced a line with her tongue from her cleavage to her navel and back up again. Tanya’s eyes closed and her legs began to give way. Kathy held her tight all the way to the floor. Not even bothering to undo any of her own clothing, she unbuttoned Tanya’s jeans and with delicate loving hands she slowly slid them down her legs and off of her body. Starting at her toes, Kathy licked her way up and down Tanya’s legs, gently circling but never quite touching the now swollen lips of Tanya’s wet pussy.

Tanya opened her eyes and watch as Kathy kissed and licked her body. The blonde’s hands were hot as coals as they caressed her hips and when at last Kathy let her lips kiss her labia, Tanya grunted in loud ecstasy, “God Kat YES.”

Kathy looked up into Tanya’s eyes. “I love you T.” and dove her tongue deep into Tanya’s pussy. Pushing herself in as far as she could, she licked and sucked, stroking her clit with her fingers until she could feel her love’s hips bucking her pussy into her face. Tanya was so close. Kathy gently pushed on her hips and Tanya rolled onto her stomach. Kathy reached under and lifted her ass into the air and began to kiss her hips, giving the redhead’s pussy and clit a rest. Kathy spread Tanya’s ass cheeks apart and stared lovingly at the brown dot for a moment before letting her tongue slide sideways across the beautiful asshole. With the tip of her tongue she began to tease and push at the small opening. Tanya groaned and pushed her ass into Kathy’s face. Harder and harder, Kathy began to lick and push her tongue deeper into Tanya’s ass. Tanya’s breathing became more rapid and her moans louder as Kathy’s tongue worked her ass. Kathy knew it was time. In long fast sweeping motions she ran her tongue hard from Tanya’s ass to her clit. Sliding her thumb into Tanya’s ass, she slid her tongue deep into her pussy and grabbed her clit with her lips and began to suck. Tanya threw her head back and screamed. Fluid sprayed Kathy’s face as she came in waves, first clear and gushing liquid that covered her lover’s face, then the creamy white ooze that Kathy devoured like a starving animal. Kathy continued to lick and clean Tanya’s pussy and ass until she heard her breathing return to something close to normal, then turned her back over and kissed her, sharing the fruits of her loving with her mate. Kathy desired to have Tanya’s tongue in her in the worst way but she knew her lover needed some time to recover. Kathy got up and found her way to the fridge and found some OJ and vodka. She mixed two strong drinks, then carried them and the bottle back to the living room floor where she had left her lover, but Tanya was already sitting on the sofa, her bare breasts heaving and her pussy dripping juices again. Kathy sat the vodka bottle on the table and handed Tanya a drink.

“I love you Kat”, Tanya gasped before she gulped the drink. Two times the glass went to her lips and it was empty.

Kathy sipped her drink and looked at her lover who was gazing at her with glassy, lustful eyes. Slowly, Kathy removed her shirt, still sipping her drink. She grinned evilly as she saw the redhead lick her lips at the sight of her bare tits. Kathy ran the cold glass across her nipples, the chill making them perky and hard and sweaty. As she raised her glass for another sip, she slipped off her shoes and with one hand slid her pants down past her thighs and kicked them off. Her white thong was soaked with her juices. Kathy slide the glass down her belly, between her legs, squeezed a few drops of her juices from her thong into the glass. She slid the glass back up her body, over her nipples again to her lips and drained it.

Tanya could stand no more. The show she was getting had already made her pussy drip again. Crawling on hands and knees she moved to Kathy and removed the soaked thong. Taking it between her lips she sucked the fluid on it then tossed it aside. She let her tongue move across Kathy’s pussy until her large labia was swollen and parted then stood and kissed her. She moved her lips over the blonde’s body, sucking her nipples, licking her ass cheeks, kissing her neck, every touch filled with love and lust. Taking Kathy by the hand she led her to the couch. Kathy started to sit down but Tanya gently laid her belly across the edge of the sofa so that her knees were on the carpet. Tanya lay on top of her gently, cupping her breasts in her hands and twisting her nipples hard, something she has seen Kathy do on web cam.

Kathy groaned loudly, “fuck T, that feel so good,mmmm.” Tanya continued to push and twist Kathy’s tits while rubbing her ass with her own wet pussy.

“God baby yes. Make love to my ass”, Kathy moaned.

Tanya kissed her way down Kathy’s back until she reached her ass. Using both hands she pulled her cheeks apart and gently began to lick her sweet brown hole. Lathering it up wet she began to push her tongue inside. Kathy was begging for more. With her fingers she pried her asshole open as far as she could and began to tongue fuck Kathy’s ass hard and fast.

“Goddamn yes T harder please. fuck my asshole baby. Fuck your lover’s ass.”

Tanya silently slipped one hand under the sofa and came back with the largest vibrator she could find in her search for just the right one. She had watched as Kathy drove herself to a huge orgasm on web cam with a but plug. Kathy’s eyes were wild with excitement as she saw Tanya place the head of the fake cock against her asshole. It was at leas 8 inches long and 2 inches across. Tanya began to lick Kathy’s ass again spitting in her hole, then gently she pushed the fake dick head inside Kathy’s asshole.

“OHH GAWD YEAAAA” Kathy screamed as Tanya shoved the vibrator to its hilt with one push. In and out, Tanya began to fuck Kathy’s ass, twisting and pushing harder each time. With her tongue she began to lick her pussy, her tongue reaching deep inside her and twisting, licking the sides of her labia and circling her clit.

“YESSSSS TTTT Fuck me damnit. fuck my ass with that dick. Oh God baby I’m going to cum soon.”

Kathy began to drip her first orgasm before Tanya flipped the switch on the vibrator, driving it deep into her ass and sucking her clit like a baby after her bottle. Kathy screamed and shook as white creamy cum came flooding into Tanya’s waiting mouth. With every thrust of the vibrator, Kathy would convulse in another orgasm rewarding Tanya with a mouth full of sweet female nectar. Tanya kept it up until Kathy collapsed on her face, cum oozing from her pussy. Tanya removed the vibrator from Kathy’s ass and shoved it inside her own pussy, fucking herself hard and fast as she drank the fluids escaping Kathy’s nearly lifeless body. She turned Kathy over and quickly squat over her mouth as her final three thrusts of the vibrator brought her orgasm to head. Tanya had needed to pee for nearly 15 minutes so when she came, she flooded Kathy’s mouth with a mixture of sweet cum and salty urine.

“Yes my love that’s it”, Kathy moaned as she drank. Kathy had seen this flood once on web cam and was hoping to experience it during their first time. She had tried it a few times herself but never was able to get the amount of fluid gushing out that Tanya did. Kathy drank. She drank and licked until Tanya erupted once more in a nice hard orgasm before she slumped to the sofa exhausted.

Tanya grabbed the vodka bottle and drank from it straight and long then handed it to Kathy. Her living room was a wreck. The sofa and carpet would have to be cleaned of course and they had not yet even made it to the bedroom. Between the two of them they finished the vodka, then got wobbly to their feet and stumbled towards the bedroom. Kathy began to giggle.

“What’s so funny Kat?’

“I was just wondering, as hard as we both cum, do you perchance have a tarp to cover the bed with?”

Both women laugh in hysterics as they stumbled towards the bedroom.

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