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Naughty schoolgirl

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional! Never try to do it in real live!

The bell rang for class to end, so I quickly gathered up my books and
supplies, ready to leave the classroom.

Before I got to the door, however, my teacher grasped me by my arm to
prevent me from walking away and said in a professional tone. “Excuse
me, miss, I will have you see you after class.”

“Is there something wrong?” I asked, worried.

He just smiled at me, showing his line of bright white teeth. “No,
nothing of that sort. I just need you to catch up some of your homework
from the class you have missed last week.”

“Oh, okay,” I nodded slowly, understanding.

“Sit there,” he pointed to the desk in front of his, where a piece of
paper and a pencil already sitting on it, ready to be used.

So I sit down and start to work on the worksheet, frowning with
concentration as I write the work.

After a while of silence, I glance up to him and he was staring at me.
No, not exactly at me, but at my chest. I stare down, and I could see
my white shirt was almost clearly see through, and I had been slouching
carelessly in my seat so that my skirt was riding up and my thighs were
almost clearly visible.

I stare back up to him and his long, lean, muscular form and his soft
curly hair and his strong face. Desire and passion fueled inside my soul
as I stood up slowly.

“Mister, I seem to be a bit hot right now,” I smiled at him in a sultry
way, lowering my eyes towards his crotch area, where a bump was slowly
rising up. “Would you mind cooling me off a bit?” With that, I slowly
unbuttoned my shirt and whirled it off, wearing only a white silky bra.

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His eyes nearly boggled out of his head as he stared at me. But as soon
as he recovered from his initial shock, he reached for me and held me
tightly against his body as he pressed his lips against mine and kissed
me deeply. I felt his hands running up and down my back as we kissed,
his tongue sliding deep inside my mouth.

“You have been a naughty girl,” he gasped out as we finally parted our
lips. “You deserve to be punished.”

“Punish me, mister,” I whimper as I pull myself up on the edge of the
desk and dangle my legs on the sides.

He smiled as he pushed me on the desk, scattering the papers and
pencils lying on it as he did so, but he took no notice of it. He started by
kissing me again, our tongues wrestling in heat and passion and desire
within our mouths. Slowly he broke off the kiss and started licking my
neck as I moaned in passion and heavy lust. When he reached the
laciness of my bra, he grasped the clasp and undid it in an instant, and soon
my bra was lying on the floor among the scattered papers.

He licked around my breasts gently, stroking it with his tongue. He
massaged my right one with his fingers as he encircled my left breast with
his tongue, gently flickering at it with his tongue. I throw my head
back in desire as he takes my entire nipple into his mouth and sucks at
it hard.

After sucking at my right breast until the nipple is as hard as my
left, he pokes my bellybutton with his tongue and starts to lick around my
belly, bathing it with warm saliva.

He suddenly stands up and helps me off the desk. “You like that too
much, I see. Now I have to give you something to punish you.” With that,
he pushes me onto the desk so that I was leaning onto it with my

“Don’t move,” he told me, as he raises my short plaid skirt. I was
wearing lacy white matching panties, and a small wet spot was already
forming on the crotch area.

“Horny already, aren’t we? bad girl.” With that, he pulls it down,
leaving my ass exposed to the cool air.


I jump in pain and surprise as I felt his hand come down hard on my

Smack! Smack! Smack!

More slaps rained down on my bare ass as he spanked me more and more
with his hands. I start whimpering from the pain but in reality I desired
it, I lusted heavily for it. I felt my own wetness drip down on my legs
as he spanked me more and more.

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