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Naughty Step Daughter

(Part 1 from 1)

Chloes mum was out of town for the weekend, so it was only her and her mums new husband in the house... Let's let Chloe tell the story of what happened shall we -

So it was friday night and I was bored, most of my friends had gone out and I was left home alone with my step dad Mark. After finnishing some of my A-level course work I decided to go down stairs and find something more ... 'Fun' to do. I came down stairs wearing my normal friday night in outfit, old pink and baggy t-shirt with no bra, pink panties (too big to be thongs but too small to be knickers) and no trousers. When I got down I found my step dad sitting on the sofa, hands down pants, no shirt on and watching some xxx channel. "Heyy mark" I said seductively and batting my eyelashes at him.

After realizing I was next to him he quickly pulled his hands out of his pants and flicked the channel over, "Chloe what are you doing sneaking up on me like this ?!?" He stuttered. So I went and sat next to him on the sofa, "I'm sorry mark" I whispered whilst running my finger along his upper thigh "it won't happen again, I promise". "It shouldn't have happend in the first place! I'm sorry chloe but you shall have to be punnished, its your mothers rules" he pushed my finger away from his leg, grabbed my hair and yanked me so that I was bending over his leg. "bad, bad girl!" He muttered as he raised his hand, ready to spank me.

"Owwwww" I screeched as he slapped my arse hard "huhhh" I quickly breathed as he did it again and again untill it was done 18 times, one for every year of my age. As I stood up I could feel the pain in my arse, as he looked at me and said "Now I hope that teaches you a lesson, up stairs there is some laundry that needs doing, so get doing it!", I nodded and began to walk off to the stairs, "Oh and Chloe put some clothes on! We could have visitors at any time!".

I put all the clothes in the washer but I couldn't figure out how it worked. "Mark! Come help me work the washer!" I shouted down to him. I heard a grunt as he began coming up stairs. "What?" He said sounding aggitated. "I can't work this thing!" I shouted, like it was obvious. "Oh just move" he grunted. So to get out of the way I sat on top of the washer. "I can't see with your legs in the way" he moaned and split my legs apart, I saw him take a look at my panties as he did so, then he began ajusting the washer. It was making me horny, having my legs open and my mums husband inbetween them, so I started rubbing my pussy, I saw him look again and smile.

So I put my finger at the side of my panties and pushed them aside showing off half of my now wet pussy. Mark was now staring at it in amazement, I knew he was becoming horny. So I removed my baggy t-shirt and let my breasts hang out, Mark reached out his finger and began circuling my nipple, it felt good. I stood up on the washer and slowly removed my panties, leaving me standing naked infrount of my step dad.

From here I could see his full erection, and in an instant Mark had grabbed my hips and yanked me so I was sitting down on the washer, he pushed me by my breasts so I was laying down, then his tongue violently invaded my pussy, damn it felt good. It took a minuite if that, of my step dad licking me out and me thinking of fucking my mums husband, and I had came all over his face and the laundry room. He used 2 fingers to open my clit and used the other hands middle finger to ram me with.

He continued to finger fuck me so hard until he heard my moan and again I orgasmed again drenching his face and hair in my lady cum. It took me around a minite to recover from these intense orgasms, but then I pulled my self off of the washer and onto the floor, I pulled down Marks trousers and let him abusivley face fuck me.

Well I think you can guess the rest of what happend between me and my step dad but let me just say, his 9 inch long 2 and 1/2 wide cock really stretched me out! We have sex every now and again when mother is out, and when I'm lucky he even rubs my pussy under the dinner table ;)

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