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Naughty Girl

(Part 1 from 1)

My name is Angeline but everyone calls me Angel. Im 20 years old and Im very sexually active. I love to fuck and when I fuck, I become a whole new person.I'm 5"2 but I have a smashing body. big tits, 34C, and a big ass.

Today I'm supposed to meet my boyfriend, Jack. He wanted to meet up because in a week, he'll be out of town for 3 weeks. Today is the only day that I'm free and we've planned to go to dinner tonight. I just finished taking a shower and I'm getting ready when the doorbell rings. I put on my robe, went downstairs, opened the door, and I see Jack with flowers and a chocolate box.
He smiles and said,"Hey beautiful, my, you're looking...extremely hot tonight." I smile back,"Come on in, I was just getting ready. It won't be long." When I turned around to head upstairs, he grabbed my hand, closed the door with his leg and pulled me to him.

I startled,"Jack! What's wrong? Didn't you wanna go out?" He stared at my body, looked it up and down, he started to cup my ass and said,"When I said you looked extremely hot, I meant that you are too hot to resist. fuck you right here and now. Forget dinner, we'll order pizza." I kind of squirmed when he started rubbing my ass," to..go out.. and eat..." He breathed hard into my ear and whispered,"I want to eat you.I want to eat that hot pussy of yours. Did you shave it and made it nice and clean for me to lick and suck?" This really turned me on and I didn't even notice that he was slowly taking of my robe."Babe, what do you say? You want me to fuck you like crazy?Don't you want it?" This made me wet between my thighs and I just finally said out loud,"Yes, I want to be fucked by you! Don't wait."

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With that the robe was off of me and he went straight for my breasts. He licked, sucked, and slightly bit on it and tugging it which drove me crazy. "Ooooo, yes Jack. Mmmmm, you do that so well!" While he furiously went after one of my breasts, one of his hands were pulling and stroking aggressively, making me weak and wanting him more than ever. I moaned out loud. "Mmmm,YES!" Then he stopped, looked at me and said, "Mmm, you like that? Which one do you like best? Me licking your breast or me doing this.." He went down to my pussy and started licking my slit and using his skillful thumb to stroke my clit. I screamed in pleasure, not wanting it to stop. "Which one is it babe?You like that? You want me to stop?" I screamed out, "NO! Don't stop, faster, harder, I'm so close..." Hearing me saying that I was close, he started to suck my clit while shoving three fingers into my pussy and pounding it furiously. "AAAAAHHHHHHHH, IM.... CUMMING...." My cum was all over his face and fingers. "naughty girl, you made a mess." He turned me around, bent me over the edge of the sofa and started spanking me hard. "Whos the naughty girl? What do you want me to do hmm? You want me to stop? Tell me what you want." This was torture!

"I want you to fuck me, HARD AND FAST" I screamed. He spanked me two more times and slammed his cock into my pussy. "OOOOHHH babe, you're so tight. MMMMMmmm, you are such a slut for wanting me to pound you here." I couldnt wait any longer, "FUCK ME! PLEASE!" He then pulled my hair back and started pounding me from behind like an animal. In and out, pulling back my hair tight and would spank me at times. When he didn't, I just yelled out saying, "Babe, I've been naughty please oh please spank me. Pull my hair back. FUCK, IM CUMMING!" He groaned and he fucked me even harder and deeper.

"Babe, I'M GONNA COME SOON, where do you want me to cum?" I didnt really care where but at that moment I really wanted it up my ass. I told him and when he was just about, he let go of my hair, gripped my waist, pulled his cock out and slammed it into my ass. "OOOH, FUCK THAT FEELS SOO GOOD. YOU'RE SUCH A whore." He yelled, and after a stroke or two, he moaned out loud releasing his cum in my ass and that very moment, I cummed too involuntarily.

Then he just layed on my back. Each of us breathing hard. He got up, took out his limp cock. When I wanted to get up too, he pushed me down spanked me hard 3-4 times, "I want you to cum one more time, you've been such a naughty girl." With that he fingered me until I screamed into another screaming orgasm.

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