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Naked in front of the cleaning lady

(Part 1 from 1)

We had a cleaning lady come to our house every other Friday. I put on a flimsy short thin cloth robe that came down to my knees. It was also not big and barely fit around my waist. So completely naked, wearing only this flimsy robe I went into the kitchen where she was working.

As I settled in to a small chair I spread my legs open which easily exposed my cock and balls through the open front of my robe. She saw my legs spread apart and my cock and balls at rest in full view. She froze in her tracks. Her constant glances at my open robe assured me she was getting a good view.

The next Friday I put on an old tee shirt that was small on me that came down to my belly button and to the crack in my ass and no further. When she saw me she let out a gasp. I turned to give her a full frontal view of my now throbbing cock and hanging balls. She took the view in and just stood there staring. I turned to give her another view of my ass.

Finally one Friday I had a full erection with pre cum dripping on the floor. I walked right into the kitchen wearing nothing while the cleaning lady was washing dishes. She let out a large gasp and straightened up and her eyes fixed on my large throbbing cock. I sat down on a stool, legs spread apart erect cock and balls aimed in her direction.

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I motioned her to come over to me, I brought her right hand over to my enlarged cock. I placed her hand on my cock and she immediately began stroking, Her stroking was divine. She also ran her index finger to the tip of my dick where the pre cum was now flowing. She took some of the pre cum and moistened the head of my cock.

At one point I began to thrust my hips almost involuntarily as she stroked with an even rhythm. As I was thrusting my hips she stopped stroking and just held my cock as I was now fucking her hand. She also took her other hand and felt my ass rubbing both ass cheeks as she stroked. I don't remember how many strokes it took but I approached the edge wanting to cum but wanting her stroking to last forever.

The shaft of my penis would bounce up and down when she occasionally stopped stroking and patted the tip gently and she watched my cock bounce up and down 5 or 6 inches and then settle back at a nearly 45 degree angle. My head rolled back and my cock shuddered as I let out a huge groan and I began to spurt the largest, fullest load I ever remember.

I canít remember the number of spurts of cum I shot but the spasms were uncontrollable. As I was cumming she wrapped her other hand around my balls and gently squeezed them. She managed a little smile and got some paper towels cleaning her hand, the floor, and finally my cock. Gently she wiped the head of my cock until it was almost dry but still oozing some fluid.

She then reached over and grabbed my cock and balls and gave them a gentle squeeze with a smile on her face. I put a hundred dollars in her hand and muttered a mumbled thank you.

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