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My younger sister...

(Part 1 from 1)

This story is completely fictional!

Hi, my name is Krystal. I am 20. I would consider my self to be normal. I am 5' 5" and have a 34C bust. Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, I started noticing what my little sister (Kylie) was wearing. She wore low-cut shirts that bared her nice 36B tits. For some reason whenever I saw her I got this feeling in my groin, and it wouldn't go away until I had an orgasm. I soon relized that I needed my sister. My chance came one night when my mom was out of town on business. She told me to make sure Kylie was in bed by 10:30. So the night went on uneventful, I did my homework, watched tv, you know. I glanced at the clock and Oops, it is already 10:45. I run upstairs to my sister's room. The door is shut, but the lights were on. I slowly opened the door and saw my sister with two fingers in her cunt, looking at a porn magazine. I was very surprised, but was still horny for my sister. I tried to act mad, "what are you doing? and where did you get that magazine?" Once she saw me, she threw down the porno and tried to pull up her pants as fast as she could. "I...I...I..." was all she could get out. I sat down at the foot of her bed and calmed down a bit. "It's ok kylie, I do the same thing." "Y...You do?" "Yes, its ok. But the way you were masturbating didn't look to good. I could feel little drops of girl juice collecting on my neatly shaven mound. "Hold on, i'll be right back." I was a little shaky, but I went to my room and got my 2 dildos out. I went back to my sister's room and sat back down, and unbuttoned my pajama top. "W...What are those things" kylie asked. They are dildos, they are fake dicks. "Oh..." "Why don't you strip down and I'll show you how to have a real orgasm."

Kylie quickly stands up and pulls off her nighty, revealing her 36B tits, and to my surprise, a shaven, but tight cunt.

What now? she asks.

"Well, how about I even the odds" So I pull off my top, and bra, and slowly pull down my boxers, showing my perfect tits and cunt to my awestruck sister.

"Ok, the proper way to masturbate. Lie down on your back like this. She lies down like I do. "Then spread your legs", she speads them. I again noticed her cunt, but now saw some moisture on her labia.

"Now, start to twist your nipples like this." I grab my pencil eraser size nips and roll them around my fingers. Kylie lets out a soft moan.

"Feels good doesn't it?" "Ohhh...yes!"

Alright, take one of these in one hand. I hand her the 7 inch dildo. "Now keep one hand on your tits, and use the other one to play with your clit, and use the dildo.

I suck on the dildo to lube it up. I see my 18year old sister looking over at my pussy.

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"Are you ready to stick it in?"


Ok, slowly at first, then faster.

I look over and she already has the dildo sliding in and out of her tight little teen box. I watch her, and stick mine slowly in.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH.... FUCK YES, my sister screams...

I ram my dildo in and out faster and faster. I look over and my sister has slowed down, and taken the dildo out. She just was rubbing her clit now. She was watching me with my dildo.

"Do you want some of this" I ask

OHHH...Fuck yes.

I am going to put my pussy on your face and you lick it and stick the dildo in. I'll do the same to yours. So I take my dildo and immedeatley stick it in her dripping cunt. She shivers and moans loudly as a ram it in. She licks my pussy with ferocity. She slides 3 fingers in easily and shoves them as far as they will go. I scream in pleasure.


SO Am I... she yells.

Almost simantaneosly we both squirt into each others mouths. The juice was almost fruity. But I lapped it up greedily. After this we both lay naked in each others arms and fall fast asleep. we do it again...HELL YES... next time I am inviting a friend.

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