My wife the naughty schoolgirl

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My wife and I have been married for 3 years. Her name is Sandy. She is 21, blond with a pretty face, nice 38dd titties and a real nice round bum. She can also be a real flirt. Like all newlyweds we were experiencing a few financial problems when a friend of ours offered Sandy a job, working with him as his secretary. Brian was a headmaster at a mixed private school and always had a liking for Sandy, always commenting on how hot she looked. Sandy jumped at the chance and took the job. Sandy really liked her job and the money was good too. After about 3 months of working there I received a call one day from our friend Brian asking me to come to the school to discuss a very urgent matter. Upon arriving at his office I was surprised to see my wife Sandy sitting in his office with her head down; she looked as though she had been crying.

" What's going on?" I asked as I was offered a chair. "Are you alright honey?"
"I'm sorry to bring you here" said Brian "but I have to fire Sandy".
"What?" I remarked. "But why? What's happened?"

Brian then proceeded to show me CCTV footage of my wife giving cigarettes to 2 schoolgirls who then started smoking. All 3 were laughing, although my wife didn't smoke.
"I'm afraid this is very serious" said the headmaster. "These 2 naughty schoolgirls have to be punished according to school protocol because they were caught smoking. Tomorrow I will have to spank them in front of the class."

I looked at Sandy. "You fool" I cried. "Don't you see what you have done? Now you're out of a job!" Sandy looked at me. "Why did you do it?" I asked. Sandy replied "I was never naughty at school; somehow I always wondered what it would be like to do something naughty and get away with it. I forgot about the CCTV cameras".

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"The thing is" continued Brian, "I can't be seen to be punishing these schoolgirls whilst letting Sandy get away with it can I? Can you imagine what the school governors would say? Furthermore, my job would be on the line. The fact is I wouldn't be spanking these girls tomorrow if Sandy hadn't given them the cigarettes in the first place would I?"

"Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" asked Sandy to Brian.
"Well, it's funny you should ask that, because when I told Karen and Debbie that you were going to be fired they were horrified. They both asked if there was anything that could be done to save your job but of course I said there wasn't. That's when they both suggested you getting spanked along with them Sandy so as to keep your job". 

Sandy sat there with her mouth open. "A spanking?" I asked, mot believing what I could hear. "Yes" replied Brian. "Seeing as Sandy was as naughty as Karen and Debbie, why shouldn't she?

"Who will give the spanking?" I asked. "Why me of course" replied Brian.
"In front of the class?" I asked again. "Of course" he remarked. "It would serve as a reminder to all that noone is beyond being spanked, even Sandy". He looked at us both then and continued. "I've been thinking; seeing as you wondered what it would be like to do something naughty Sandy and try getting away with it you should be spanked in the same way as Karen and Debbie". He paused.

"What do you mean?" asked Sandy looking up at him.
"I mean that seeing as you decided to act like a naughty schoolgirl rather than my secretary I think you should be spanked as a naughty schoolgirl".
Sandy laughed. "I don't even have a schoolgirl uniform" she replied looking at Brian with her head to the side with a defiant look.

"You do now" he said. "I took the liberty of going into the village and purchasing a uniform for you. I think I have your measurements right, seeing as your about the same size and build as Karen and Debbie". With that he brought forward a school uniform; gray cardigan, white blouse, a very short grey pleated skirt, light blue ankle socks, black shoes and little light blue bikini panties. He had clearly thought of everything. He ordered Sandy to go and try on the uniform and to my indignation she obliged by going into an adjoining room to get changed. Brian looked at me. "Seeing as you can't keep a control of your wife you will be made to sit up on the stage tomorrow to see your naughty little wife across my knee and getting a good spanking through her school panties". I don't know why but I was totally mesmerized by the whole thing. It seemed like a dream but I knew it wasn't. Instead of getting angry I was terribly aroused, my cock bursting through my trousers. Suddenly Sandy returned and both the headmaster and myself looked in astonishment. I hardly recognized my wife. Here she was dressed in front of another man, her boss, our friend, as a naughty schoolgirl. I couldn't believe it or take my eyes off her; nor could Brian. He ordered her to do a twirl and as she did so her a glimpse of her school panties came into view which was greatly appreciated by the headmaster. He whistled loudly. Sandy blushed but she was clearly excited at the attention she was getting. "Well, what do I get out of 10?" she asked. We both gave her an affirmative 10. Brian then ordered her to bend over and touch her toes and to my surprise she did. As she bent over, her pigtails fell forward and her little gray pleated skirt rode up to reveal her tight little bottom encased in light blue bikini panties. Brian whistled even louder this time and complemented Sandy on her bottom. "You look great Sandy" he said. "You really look the part and I'm going to enjoy spanking that tight little ass of yours tomorrow". Sandy blushed before returning to the adjoining room to get changed once more.

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