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My wife and the Black UPS MEN

(Part 2 from 2)

My wife was not able to take his entire length but she did a damb good job trying. She took as much as she could and was slowly humping the black cock getting used to its massive size. The nigger getting fucked started talking to my wife how does it feel? How does my big black dick feel in you? You like that black dick? My wife just continued fucking him slowly and said to him how she loved how big his cock was and how she was gonna make his big dick cum and she was going to fuck him hard so he could cum all over her. My wife was now steadily picking up her pace. Her large breast were being cupped my large black hands and while she was bouncing up and down her ass cheeks were shaking and slapping against his balls. My wife started grinding on his cock and rotating her hips. The black man pulled her down to him and they were locked chest to chest and he began to hump her form underneath. He was fucking my little wife so hard it was actually making me sick. He was sucking on her ear and licking her neck. His black cock was pumping like a piston and my wife’s cunt was the lubrication. My wife was screaming in agony or ecstasy I wasn’t sure. Her ass was facing me and I could see her vagina being stretched beyond its limits. 

The other black man said yo Dee my turn. He said hold on nigga I aint done fuckin this pussy. The other black man grabbed her and pulled her off the mans cock and back towards him. She was now standing on the floor bent over the edge of the bed. The other black man was pissed and was saying what the fuck is wrong with you niggga I was about to cum in that white pussy. These two were arguing like a couple of homeless guy over the last sip of booze. They finally went back to my wife and she looked a little startled at there arguing but they seemed to pick right up where they left off. He entered my wife doggy style and took no time putting it in. Megan screamed at the intrusion into her pussy and was gripping at the sheets looking of an escape. The niggeres seemed to be getting a little rough with her. By the look on her face she was a little terrified. The other black man moved closer to her where his cock was in her face. She grabbed his cock and started licking and sucking what she could considering she was getting hammered by a 10-inch cock. The man getting his cock sucked said all you rich white bitches are all the same wanting our big black cocks in that white pussy. He continued to say its to bad your husbands with their little dicks cant satisfy you enough you have to fuck the ups men. My wife just continued to suck and fuck the huge black cocks. I was a little pissed because my dick is not small by any means but their dicks were much bigger. My sweet wife started getting into the rhythm meeting her black man with every thrust. She was now sucking and fucking in a smooth rhythm. My wife was really being used the man in her mouth told her he was gonna cum. When he said that she forgot about the man in her cunt and started slurping and sucking the huge cock in her mouth. It seemed all she wanted to do was have him cum in her mouth. He grabbed her head and was face fucking her. She was gagging I thought she was gonna choke to death. He let an arrrrrggggggggggggg ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit yeah baby yeah I’m gonna cum my little meg was stroking his huge shaft with one hand, cupping his hug nut sack with the other and sucking his cock head. He said here it comes baby all for you she pulled her face off his cock and opened her mouth so he could see his cream go into her mouth. The black man fucking her from behind slowed his stroke to almost nothing watching the little white whore do the job. She continued to stoke his thick cock as jizm sprayed across her cheek. The next load went straight into her mouth and so did the next. He was saying yeah baby suck by black balls dry. Her mouth was surrounding his dick head and he continued to convulse. My wife’s cum spattered face was know leaking black seed from her lips as she tried to swallow it all. A large glob of cum dripped down on her breast as she lifted her D size tit and licked it up. She put his cock back in her mouth and finished him off. Her face had a look of ecstasy. She milked the large black mans cock. He was in utter delight and the other black man said these bitches are all alike. He said my turn as he pulled my wife by the hips back towards his dong. He again entered my wife brutally and started pounding her pussy extremely hard. She was screaming in pain or ecstasy I wasn’t sure. I was stroking my cock watching my wife get abused by these men. The other black man disappeared. I wasn’t sure where he went until I felt a hand on my shoulder and a whisper that said hey man you like what you see? I thought oh shit he said you like watching big black dicks tear that white pussy up. He then grabbed my shotgun and said get on your knees and see what its like to suck a black cock. I said your fucking crazy, but when he aimed the gun in my face I went along with it. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down on my knees. The bathroom door was still slightly cracked and I could here my wife screaming in pleasure as the black man told her what a piece of trash she was. I could here her screaming fuck me, fuck my little white pussy, make it cum.

I was on my knees and grabbed his swollen limp cock. It was bigger up close then it seemed before. I took it into my mouth and could taste my wife’s pussy juices on his cock mixed with his semen. It tasted great. I have never done anything like this but it was enjoyable. In the background I could here my wife and I thought maybe I could make him cum with her. I started blowing him as he shoved his black snake into my mouth. He got hard very quickly I was sucking and stroking his length. My hand could not even fit around his cock it was so huge. He said you like sucking black dick just like your wife. A couple of cocksuckers. He started fucking my face all I could do was hold my mouth open as he used my face like a hole. My wife was getting pounded in the room as she was yelping in ecstasy “fuck me, fuck me, make me cum you black bastard”. All of a sudden my let out a scream as the black cock pounded her. I have never heard her scream like that before. My wife was cumming hard on his cock. I could see her trembling and shaking on the bed as he rammed her from behind and then screamed aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He grabbed my wife by the waist and pulled her as deep as she would go on his cock and let out a roar ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He held her there as he pumped his black seed deep into my wife’s stretched cavity. She said she could fell his hot cum in her pussy as he convulsed in my wife. Her ass was facing me and I could see her thighs were glistening. At that moment the thick rigid member in my mouth began to twitch and unloaded gobs of cum from his ball sack into my mouth. I sucked that Blackman dry just like Megan did. His cum was leaking out of the corners of my mouth, but I licked it all up. The Blackman I was sucking pulled his cock out of my mouth and started slapping my face with it. I looked in the room and saw my wife licking the black mans cock clean. Her pussy was gapping with cum dripping down the inside of her right thigh. I grabbed his cock and put it back in my mouth and was licking his limp snake up and down. He said thanks for the blow and oh yeah your wife’s pusssy is stretched out know. Before they left they thanked my wife for such a good time and told her she was their bitch and that pussy belonged to them. They both gave her a long kiss and slapped her ass very hard and they left. My wife began cleaning the bedroom and I slipped out the back. I went downstairs and entered the house again. When I saw my wife it looked like she got the shit beat out of her. I walked in and gave her a kiss. Her mouth still tasted like black cum and pusssy.

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