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My sister

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Note : This story is complete fictional! Never try to do it in real live!

It was a Friday, the first time I saw my little sister naked. Mom had left her in the bathtub, and I really had to pee. I knocked on the door and burst in, as I was peeing I noticed Suzie in the tub. She was stark naked, WOW, she was beautiful.

My penis lurched, and I peed on the floor. Embarrassed, I pulled up my pants and ran out of there.

I thought about her all nigh, while at work. The guys at Tim Hortons must have thought I has a problem, because every time I thought about Suzie I would get an erection, and I would rush to the bathroom to wank off.

I didn’t see Suzie again until Sunday at dinner. Between work and my friends, I was almost never home.

At dinner, suzie was sitting across from me. Her red little tongue kept licking her pink lips. Her blue eyes were sparkling with mischief. I never really paid much attention to her before.

“Josh, wake up, will you pass the beans?” asked my mother.

I guess I had been staring at my sister. I passed my mom the beans.

“Mom, can I be excused, I’m not feeling well.” I asked.

“Okay baby.” replied my mom.

Suzie stuck out her tongue at me as I left the table.

I went downstairs to my room. I turned my radio up loud, pulled off my pants and my briefs and set out wanking my pecker. The whole time I thought of Suzie. Her beautiful mouth, her creamy skin, her budding breasts, her gorgeous hairless vagina, so smooth. Load after load I shot on the bed.

I laid back thinking about what I was going to do. I must have dozed off, because I looked up and there was Suzie, looking down at me.

“Hey jerk, watcha doing?” asked Suzie.

“Nothing, go away.” I replied.

“Why are you naked?” asked my sister.

“Fuck!” I said, as I tried to cover up my penis.

“Come on, let me see it.” cooed Suzie.

“Go away, before I hit you.” I warned.

Suzie kissed my cheek and skipped back up the stairs.

Damn her, I thought. She looked so cute in her knee socks and plaid skirt. The pig tails didn’t hurt either.

I began the slow process of wanking off again. I was just about to cum, when Suzie peeked around the corner. Horrified, I stopped, and rolled over.

Suzie came back into my room and sat on the bed.

“What are you doing? Mommy doesn’t like it when we play with ourselves.” sang Suzie.

“Go away.” I cried.

Suzie started rubbing my bum. Finally I couldn’t take it any more. I flipped back over, and my still erect penis bobbed about.

“If you’re going to stay, then you have to help me.” I said.


“Unbutton your blouse, and tie it up under your boobs. Then take off your panties.” I said.

I knew Suzie would do anything I asked. I knew having a little sister would come in handy.

Suzie did what I asked her too, then she hopped back onto the bed.

“Now, take your hands and put them around my penis. No, don’t squeeze. Now, rub your hands up and down.”

Suzie began wanking me off.

I’m not an ugly boy. In fact, I am captain of my hockey team. I have green eyes, brown hair, and I am quite muscular. At 6'2" 190lbs, I have no problem getting chicks. I just found my sister so sexy. There is a seven year age difference between Suzie and me. I am 18 and she is 11. God she is sexy.

Suzie kept rubbing her hands along my thick 8' shaft. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. I told Suzie to put it into her mouth. I shot my load deep into her throat. Suzie gagged, and cum started to ooze out of her lips.

“Swallow it.” I ordered.

Suzie did, then she pulled my penis from her lips. I told my sister to lie on her back. I pulled her legs apart and I could see her pussy. It was so perfect. It was tiny and completely hairless.

Thoughts went rushing through my head. She is at my beck and call. Should I fuck her? What should I do?

I started to run my fingertips up her smooth little legs. I tickled the inside of the thighs up to her tender vagina. I let my finger tips brush her slit. Suzie wiggled in anticipation. I spread her beautiful pussy lips apart, and put my finger into her hole. Very slowly, I moved my finger in and out. Never getting deeper then my finger nail. I started to push in deeper but i felt resistance.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to de-flower my sweet little sister.

“Josh, Suzie down there with you?” cried my mother. I was startled. There I was, naked with my finger in my sisters vagina. I didn’t want my mom to catch us, so I pulled back, fixed her top and sent her upstairs.

I told Suzie to come back when mommy and daddy went to bed.

I then proceeded to wank off.

At about 2 am, Suzie crept down the stairs. She came over to my bed and woke me up.

I was excited. I had Suzie all to myself until 7am. Plenty of time to fuck her.

Suzie looked so sexy in her little baby dolly pajamas. I asked her to take off the bottoms. She did, then she climbed back onto the bed, and spread her legs.

I knelt between her legs, and began to lick her little slit. I started to suck on her tiny clit, and Suzie began to squirm.

“Josh.... I... am... ahhh... peeing...” gasped Suzie, as she came in my mouth.

I kept licking her, I think I brought her to 3 orgasms. Each time it was a little more powerful.

I decided that she was ready for my finger. I pulled her pussy lips apart, and slowly inserted my first finger into her dripping hole. I got to about my first knuckle before I felt resistance. I didn’t want to pop her cherry by finger fucking her.

I pulled my penis out of my briefs. It was hard and throbbing. The tip glistened with pre cum. I lined it up with her hole, and eased it in. Slowly, I pushed it deeper. When I felt the resistance, Suzie winced, and pulled back.

“Its okay, it’ll only hurt for a second.”

I pulled back, so just the head remained in the warm folds of her vagina. I pushed with all my might, and popped Suzie’s cherry. Suzie cried out, and I looked at her. Tears were streaming down her tender face. I eased my penis out, and pushed it back in. I continued thrusting until I was about ready to shoot my load. I pulled out just in time, I sprayed cum all over her face.

“Suzie, how are you feeling?” I asked my sister.

“Okay, a little sore though.”

“Well, how about trying something a little different?”

“Umm, alright.”

I was young, and horney, and my penis never did loose its erection. I asked Suzie to flip onto her tummy, and put her bum high into the air. I lined my penis up to her bum hole, and quickley rammed it in. I knew that if I had of went slowly, she would have objected. I continued to assault her rectum, and Suzie’s cries of pain were muffled by a pillow. I felt my penis begin to quiver, I shot a huge load of cum deep into my sister.

After I pulled out of her ass, all that was left was a gaping hole. I gave Suzie back her bottoms, and I sent her off to bed.

I decided that I would fuck my sister every night. We had a great time. Pretty soon I will have to move out, and our fun game will have to come to an end... but until then...

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