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My sister can play doctor best.

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Note : this is completely fictional story.

It was a cold winter night in 1997. I was 18 years old and figured I was going to have a boring night ahead of me. I was wrong. My name is Theodore Melvin and not long ago I had a very nice experience. My sister Amy was 7 years old at the time. My parents were going out and would be out all night so I was to hang around the house and watch my sister. My mom and dad were out the door by 7:00 and soon after both Amy and I finished our dinner. I went up to my room and planned on jacking off while looking at pictures of the hot girls in last yearís school yearbook. Then Amy began blasting her New Kids on the Block tape and the pop music began to interfere with the urge. I walked out in the living room where she was blasting the stereo. I yelled ďJesus Christ Amy, havenít we heard enough New Kids for the fucking week?Ē She then said to me, ďmom would beat you for using that language.Ē ďNo Amy Iíd be grounded if she heard me, but sheís not here,Ē I replied. I looked over to the coffee table and noticed that Amy had her real stethoscope santa brought her since she wanted to be a doctor. ďHey Amy, howís the new stethoscope?Ē I asked. She said it was cool and that she got to listen to momís heart and her friend Lesley let her listen to her heart as well. ďLesley, whoís she again?Ē I asked. ďBonehead, sheís my best friend who lives across the streetĒ Amy replied. I then asked if she listened to her own heart, and if she was really interested in medical school. She said yes, but she enjoyed practicing by listening to other peopleís hearts. This was perfect; I then asked her if she wanted to listen to my heartbeat. She smiled and said ďOkay!Ē I was a 12 year old boy starting puberty and I had a cute kid sister with blond hair and green eyes. Oh boy, I was now going to get to play doctor with her. 

Theodore: Would you like me to lie on the couch so you can examine me better?

Amy: Hmm, no just have a seat. 

Amy picked up her stethoscope and began to place it into her ears. I threw my t-shirt off and sat on the couch. 

Amy: Dude this might feel cold. I didnít know you were going to take your shirt off.

Theodore: Youíll hear a bit better I think with my shirt off. Besides, I like my muscles. 

I flexed my muscles and let her feel my biceps. 

Amy: Okay tough boy, letís listen to your heart. 

Amy slowly moved the stethoscope against my left nipple and started listening to my heart. 15 seconds passed before she commented.

Amy: Wow Theodore, your heartís beating fast. 

My heart was booming. Amy soon moved the stethoscope to the middle of my chest and then over my upper chest. 

Theodore: Can you hear my heart beating sis? 

I began to flirt with her. 

Amy: I can hear it. Itís loud. 

Amy then moved the stethoscope over my aorta. My heart was going boom-boom, boom-boom. Before long I could feel my dick bulging in my shorts. How many boys get the opportunity to let their little sisters hear their hearts beating? 

Amy: You have a big loud heart. 

Theodore: Strong huh?

Amy: Yeah!

My heart continued to pound in my chest, and I decided to take deep breaths. Every 5 to 10 seconds I inhaled big and deep through my nose and out my mouth. 

Theodore: Hear my lungs doctor?

Amy: Yeah, your breathing is strong. 

Amy: Well your heart beats fast and your breathing is deep and strong. Iíd say youíre going to live a long time.

Amy discontinued listening to my chest. 

Theodore: May I listen?

Amy: Sure.

Amy handed me her stethoscope I listened to my heart.

Theodore: Oh itís slowing down. 

Amy: The heart is the coolest part of the body. It keeps you alive. 

Theodore: I remember the time I listened to another personís heartbeat. My friend Billy from third grade had a dad who was an EMT and Billy held his dadís stethoscope to his chest and let me hear his heartbeat. 

Amy: Listening to another personís heart I think is much more fun. 

Theodore: Well I knew youíd get a kick out of listening to mine. 

Amy: So are you hard yet?

Theodore: WHAT!

Amy: I maybe 7 years old but I know about those special feelings. I also knew right away that you didnít ask me to listen to your heart just so Iíd get to practice. 

Theodore: Really? 

Amy: My friend Natasha told me that once her 14 year old cousin asked her to listen to his heart with her toy stethoscope and she told me he got horny. 

Theodore: No way!

Amy: Yes so I kind of figured that playing doctor on you would get you excited. Iím so glad you asked and I enjoyed listening to your heart way more than I did moms or Lesleyís. 

Theodore: Well the truth is the idea of having a girl younger than me holding a cold stethoscope over my chest and hearing my heart pumping life all through my body is, well the idea makes me feel so warm and great inside. The control you had as you listened to my heart booming in my chest was so awesome. I saw your face light up the instant you heard my heartbeat, and it was so awesome.

Amy: Well you are my big brother and hearing your heart beating strong and hearing your lungs filling with air, well the sounds of life are very awesome.

Theodore: I think itís great weíre this honest and open about our feelings of love for each other. Maybe we could hug and kiss for fun. 

Amy: I want to kiss you all over. Take your shorts off; I want to kiss you from head to toe. Youíre my big brother. 

Theodore: Okay.

I took my shorts off and was just sitting in my underwear. I stood up and Amy hopped on the couch so weíd be at the same height. She then started to kiss my lips, cheeks, throat, chest, and belly. 

Amy: Turn around.

I turned around and she started kissing the back of my neck. 

Theodore: Oh Amy, thatís great. I can feel the love. 

Amy then proceeded downward kissing my back.

Amy: Could you lie down on the floor?

Theodore: Sure. 

I lied down on the floor and Amy began to kiss me all over. My arms, legs, hands, knees, and then she started to kiss my feet. This went on for about ten minutes before she moved up and began to kiss my throat passionately. 

Amy: I love you so much. Youíre a big strong boy.

Theodore: Put your hand on my heart. 

Amy: Okay.

Amy felt my heartbeat.

Amy: Big strong boy alright, and I can feel that heart pumping. 

Theodore: Well itís time for your favorite big boy to kiss you.

Amy: Okay.

I stood up and held her from behind and started kissing the back of her head. Then I went down to her neck. I was stuck there for a while.

Theodore: Oh Amy I love kissing your neck. 

Amy: Then kiss my neck all night. My heart is beating as fast as yours. I feel really strange yet wonderful at the same time. 

I kissed her neck for about another minute then moved down her back. 

Theodore: Okay, turn around now. 

Amy turned around and I couldnít wait to kiss her front side. I kissed her cheeks, forehead, lips, throat, and moved down to her chest and stomach. I began kissing her chest from side to side. Iíd only stop when I had to breathe.

Theodore: Letís kiss that belly of yours.

I knelt down and kissed her belly button. That was so sweet

Theodore: I could kiss your belly button all night. 

Amy: Is your penis big yet?

Theodore: Pretty big.

Amy: I saw you playing with it the other night.

Theodore: Really!

Amy: Yeah.

Theodore: How would you like to touch it?

Amy: Seriously?

Theodore: Iíll take my underwear off and you can rub it. It will be fun.

Amy: Okay.

I threw off my underwear and lied flat on my back on the couch. Amy walked up and observed.

Theodore: Go ahead Amy.

Amy began to feel my cock and fondle me. 

Amy: Itís throbbing.

Theodore: Thatís my heartbeat; the blood is going to my privates and making them bigger.

Amy: Cool.

Theodore: Keep rubbing it.

Amy continued to rub it for 15 more minutes.

Amy: Wow itís big but when are you going to pee that white thick stuff that boys make?

Theodore: That thick white stuff is called cum, it contains sperm and it comes out when the feelings in the boysí privates are burning hot, it hurts and feels good at the same time.

Amy: So when are you going to pee cum?

Theodore: Amy the rubbing is great but I think that well have you ever heard of blowing a person?

Amy: No.

Theodore: Thatís where you suck on the penis. If you do that I will probably cum.

Theodore: Let me lie on the floor and spread my legs out. You can suck on my penis better and before long, Iíll shoot cum.

Amy: Okay. 

In the next five seconds I was lying on the ground.

Amy: Wonít this hurt?

Theodore: Donít bite, use your lips and tongue and not your teeth. Now I may start moaning, if I do I canít help it, and a few loud moans or even many loud moans are a sign youíre doing this right.

Amy: Okay.

Theodore: Okay Amy put your hands on my hips and then you can start sucking.

Amy put her hands on my hips and I put my hands on top of her hands to hold her in place. She then lowered her mouth on me and began to suck. I remained firmly on the ground I physically could not get up, and we both knew I wasnít going to get up until this blowjob was complete. 

Within seconds I began to feel pleasure. Her warm mouth was great and my dick was pounding. 

Theodore: Thatís great Amy. Donít worry about drooling just keep on sucking it like a Popsicle. 

Amy did just that. She continued to suck and I began to sweat. My heart and lungs went into overdrive. 

Theodore: Yes Amy, keep going. Please keep sucking it, you are doing great. Take me in all the way.

About a minute later I spewed out cum. Amy spit it out.

Theodore: Amy that was great.

My cock was spewing big globs. Amy got off of me and I got up and my cock was dripping.

Amy: That was gross. It went in my mouth.

We both ran to separate bathrooms, Amy washed out her mouth and I cleaned off where I needed to clean. I later explained to Amy what happened, how she caused it, and that it wasnít going to go anywhere but her fucking mouth. Hey, little sisters have lots to learn.

2 hours later. 

Amy: This is cool with mom and dad out tonight. We can have all the ice cream we want. 

Amy was pigging out on rocky road; I was into the chocolate chip.

Theodore: Awesome indeed.

Amy: You enjoyed getting me to listen to your heart. 

Theodore: Yes, and the other things you did.

Amy: Oh yes. 

Theodore: Would you like pleasure?

Amy: What do you mean? 

Theodore: Well Iíd like to take the lead in the fun.

Amy: If you wanted to listen to my heart with the stethoscope you could have just said so.

Theodore: Amy, you are a smartass.

Amy giggles.

Amy: Well okay would you like to touch my private parts?

Theodore: After weíre done with the ice cream.

Amy: Iím done.

Theodore: Hmm, you seem eager to let me do some fun stuff to you.

Amy shot me a nice big smile.

Theodore: Go wash up and lie down on your bed with all your clothes off. Iíll be up in a few minutes.

Amy: Gotcha!

Amy rushed on upstairs and I went to clean up. In about 5 minutes I was up in her room and found her lying naked on her bed. 

Theodore: Well you are quite good looking. 

Amy: Ever felt up a girl before?

Theodore: No but I will soon feel you.

Theodore: Ready kid?

I sat down right next to her.

Theodore: Okay letís give you some warm feelings.

I put my hand over her vagina and began rubbing it.

Theodore: Warm down there.

A few minutes went by.

Amy: That feels good. Do you think you could stick your penis in it?

Theodore: No because I donít have a condom, itís possible to get you pregnant even at 7, and you might bleed from the penetration. Youíre not ready for that yet. 

Amy: Oh.

Theodore: I could stick my penis in your rear end.

Amy: No.

Amy: Really?

Theodore: Sure, I mean if you really wanted it.

Amy: Yeah, I think it would be fun. Do you think you could cum in my rear end?

Theodore: Let me throw off my clothes and Iíll see what I can do.

Amy: Okay.

It didnít take me long to get my clothes off. But how far I would end up going with my little sister, I did not know.

Theodore: Okay Amy my clothes are in the washer and Iím starting to get hard again.

Amy: Are you going to stick it inside my butt?

Theodore: I donít know. Iím willing to try if youíre willing to let me and I donít know if Iíll even get it up inside your rear end. I may just stop between your buns.

Amy: Do you want me to lie down on my stomach?

Theodore: No I want to try this with the two of us standing up. Turn around.

Amy turned around and I immediately rapped my arms around her. 

Theodore: No wait, youíre a bit short for this, how about sitting on my lap and weíll have a special brother/sister moment?

Amy: Okay.

I sat on the bed with my dick up in the air and helped Amy on to my lap. 

Theodore: Okay Amy, I need you to lean forward and Iím going to try for the first time to penetrate you.

Amy leaned forward and I moved my dick into her ass and slowly towards the opening. 

Amy: You got it.

Amy leaned back and I held her by her hips.

Theodore: Itís up there.

I began to struggle for breath. I could only imagine the look on Amyís face.

Amy: Itís in me. 

Theodore: You okay?

Amy: Yes, keep it in me. 

My dick started to vibrate. 

Amy: Theodore thatís great. I can feel your big penis inside me. I can feel your pulse up in me. Itís great.

Theodore: Youíre the best sis.

Amy continued to moan with pleasure. I dick was starting to pump the inside of her ass. It was so hot.

20 minutes later.

Theodore: Amy.

Amy: Yes.

Theodore: Iím going to cum.

Amy: Okay.

My dick ejaculated big time. 

Amy: Donít stop; let all your cream fill my rear end.

Theodore: Yes my sister. 

I continued to ejaculate inside her. 5 minutes later I was done.

Theodore: Well thatís it. How about a bath for you? 

Amy: Okay. 

Theodore: I hope you donít walk funny tomorrow. 

Amy: Oh I feel better than ever. That was the best. You have strong organs Theodore. Your heart, lungs, muscles, and your big, well you know.

Theodore: Well Amy, itís been a pleasure having you for a doctor. Letís get you cleaned up.

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