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Horny again and needing a good fucking so off to the park to see what I can find. The former Dallas Theater Center is located near the Oak Lawn area of Dallas and surrounded by a park. Guys looking for a quick blow job pull in all the time for a quickie. I for one have stopped by in the middle of the work day and even gotten a fast fuck on occasion. On this day, Im backed into my parking space in the parking lot watching the guys drive around.

I have my shorts open and playing with my hard cock when this older Toyota pulls into the park and starts circling. Young cute guy around 20 behind the wheel catch my eye but he is a lot younger than me so likely not going to happen. He comes around again then he backs in next to my van. I look down into his car and pleased to see this cutie has nothing on but a tank top and a hard on. Fuck, hes hung! Looks to be rather tall and he is hairless with smooth creamy white skin, even his cock and balls are shaved. He has my attention for sure, sitting there with that hot cock in hand and looking up at me. Off comes my shorts and I open my door and settle in for the show.

Show me your ass. he said so I lean back in my seat and raise my legs and start fingering my ass. We are pulled in between some trees and bushes so unless you are directly in front of us, its hard to see whats going on.
Id love that big cock up my ass  I cant believe this young hottie is thinking about fucking me. Im no old troll but I have to be 18 years older than him but hes interested.

Can I come over there?
Sure, come on

He slips his shorts back on and comes over and gets in my van. I drive a cargo van so the seats are separate. He takes off this shorts again and that big fat cock pops up and I reach for it as I kneel between the seats and start sucking that slab of steel. Im sucking his cock and taking it deep in my throat and he is moaning his approval. 
I wanna fuck you

I get back up in my seat and turn my ass to him as he spits on his fingers and starts fingering my ass. I love getting fucked with just spit but this guy is really thick so I reach in the glove box and grab some lube. I get fucked in my van a lot so Im always ready. He smears lube on my ass and his cock and starts pushing that big cock up my ass. With out a word he starts fucking me slowly at first but then he would slam it in fast a few times and then slow again. After a while he grabs my hips and and slams it all the way in and starts blowing his load in me.

Damn, you got a fucking great ass. I couldnt last any longer.
Dont pull out yet, I wanna cum with you in me. so I finished myself off and he started fucking me again as I was cumming. This kid was fucking hot. He pulls out and we lean back in our seats and catch our breath. 
Are you a florist? The van looks like you might be.
Yeah, I own a shop in North Dallas
I thought you might be the owner, with lube in the van, it had to be yours.
I like getting fucked in public places so why not, its mine and I can do as I want.

We sat there talking, this beautiful boy with his big cock sitting half naked in my van and his load leaking out of my ass, you cant make this shit up.

Im Jason, nice to meat you he laughs as he shakes his big floppy cock at me. We chat a little longer and he asks if by chance if Im needing any help at my shop, he had experience and had been working in a restaurant and was looking for a change.
As a matter of fact, I am needing some help. You dont have to fuck me if I hire you, thats totally up to you. Dont get me wrong, Id love to take that up my ass any time you want but its not a requirement. I gave him my card and told him to come see me and Id try him out. As we sat there talking I noticed his cock was getting hard again.

Can I fuck you again? I get off on fucking ass thats full of cum. This time we crawl back into the van and he mounts me doggie style. I love the sound of a cock fucking my cum filled ass.
Turn over on you back, I wanna watch your face when I fuck and breed your ass

Jason started working for me the next day. He would come in early several times a week before my other designer and wanna fuck me. He said it turned him on knowing his load was up my ass all day. On some days if we were alone for a little while he would fuck me again or get me to suck his cock. Jason worked for me for 2 years and I was taking his big ole cock several times a week. He was a good worker and my customers loved him, he was cute and funny and a lot of fun but cock of his was always ready to fuck and my ass wanted it too.

We had a lot of fun fucking out on jobs doing set ups in all sorts of places. He liked sex in public places as much as I do and was always looking for a place to breed me. He even had a few of his friends fuck me with him a few times. I wonder what ever happened to sweet Jason and that fabulous cock. 

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