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My loving tuition teacher

(Part 1 from 1)

This is not a real story! Don’t do it in real live!

Hi, my name’s Ronald. I’m 7-foot tall and I got black hair and blue eyes. When I was 16 my school subjects gotten worse. So my dad sent me to tuition. The tuition teacher’s my dad’s friend’s daughter. When I first saw her, I was shocked. She a 6-foot goddess! Her name is Traci, she’s 21 years old and she got blond hair and green eyes. And it’s just two of us all the time. Every time I was just looking at her beautiful eyes and not concentrating on what’s she’s teaching. And we even get along very well, like we aren’t teacher and student. Every night, I jack myself fantasizing about fucking her, feeling all parts of her body. 

This went on for about 2 months when she starting like accidentally touched my private parts when she walked by and when I looked back at her she just looked at me with her face red saying sorry. And every time when I went to her house to have tuition, she will always wear those skimpy shirt and short skirt or mini skirt. And I could saw her breasts bouncing every time she walk around like she isn’t wearing any bra. And while we were sitting she will always change her sitting position and would every time letting me sawing her long and beautiful legs and sometimes, even her panties! This will always make my dick go erect and I had to sit there for 2 hours with my dick pushing up against my jeans. And every time when I return home I’ll quickly jack myself thinking bout her again. 

And I haven’t told you that Traci got a boyfriend called Tim, which is 22 years old. So it seems like I don’t have a chance on fucking her brains out. But one day, luck seems to be on my side, coz when I went for tuition in her house one Friday afternoon, when there isn’t any one at home, I saw Traci crying in the TV room. So I went near her and asked, “ Why are you crying?” “Tim broke up with me,” Traci answer sadly. Hearing this, I quickly ask, “ What? Why?”

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“ Because…” Traci sobbed, “ he said he’s interested on another girl!” cried Traci. Me, sawing this, tried to comfort her, “ there, there, I bet he doesn’t knows that he’s the luckiest guy on earth having you as his girlfriend,” I said. “ Really?” asked Traci, finally looking me with her beautiful eyes filled with tears. “ Yeah,” I answered. “ Ooh…thanks, Ronald, who trying to comfort me,” said Traci hugging me. “ Any guy having you as his girlfriend will be the luckiest man on earth.”
I said, feeling her breasts touching my chest. “ Really?” she asked, still hugging me. “ Yup,” I reply. “ Oh Ronald… is nice having you on my side,” said Traci, hugging me even more passionately, and kissed me. Me, taken back at this, took the opportunity and kissed her back. And we keep kissing passionately like we’re lovers.

“ Take me Ronald,” said Traci and pulled me with her and lying down on the sofa, with me on top of her. “ Take me,” Traci whispered on my ears. “ Take me like we’re lovers,” whispered Traci and kissing me fully on the lips again. I kissed her back, and starting to feel her soft, smooth skin. I broke the kiss and slowly moving down to her neck, kissing and licking slowly and heard Traci letting out a slightly moan.

Then I slowly take of her shirt, and saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I reached out to cup her C-sized breasts, and pinching her nipples softly. I then starting to suck and lick her nipples. Traci was moaning with ecstasy. As I was sucking her breasts and feeling them, my other hand moved to pull her skirt down and felt my hand become wet. I looked down and saw that she isn’t wearing any panties too! And I could saw her cum dripping out of her pussy as a result of what I did to her breasts. I inserted one finger into her tight wet pussy. And man is she wet!

I moved down to have a glimpse of her hairless pussy. It was dripping with her hot cum! I then smelled her sweet smell of her wet pussy and started to eat her pussy. When I was eating her pussy, Traci was moaning and keep whispering to me, “ oh my! Eat me! Eat me! Lick my wet hot pussy Ronald!” hearing this, I continue to suck, lick and eat her pussy deeply. Traci, been sucked, licked and ate like this was almost on the edge of cumming. I could hardly breathe as she was bucking her pussy into my face. And then she was over the edge and cumming and squirting so hard I nearly drowned. I managed to swallow and tasted her sweet pussy juice.

Traci was breathing heavily and said to me, “ Oh my goodness Ronald! You almost make me blacked out! Oh! Fuck me now! Fuck me now!” “ Are you sure you want me to fuck you?” I asked. “ Yes! Fuck me! I am on the pill,” replied Traci. So I opened my zip and let my 9-inch penis out. “ Oh my goodness Ronald, I never seen any dick that is as big as yours. All I saw in the Internet was smaller than yours!” “ Really?” I asked, ready to enter my dick in to her sweet lover hole. “ Yes! And please, I’m still a virgin!” said Traci. “ You’re a virgin? I can’t believe this,” I said. “ Yes, it’s true,” answered Traci. “ Ok,” I replied. And then I entered my dick into her slowly, “ oh! Yes! Ohhhhh!!! “ Traci moaned. And then I felt her hymen, and said, “Alright, hear we go,” and then thrust my dick inside her. I could feel her hymen breaking and she started to cry. Then I stopped and asked, “Are you ok?” “ I think so,” she replied. So I started to fuck her slowly and soon enough she was starting to moan and cried, “ oh! Fuck me! Fuck me Ronald! Oh yeah! fuck me harder! Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” hearing her moaning with ecstasy I quicken my pace and soon we’re all breathing heavily and fucking like animals. I started to feel my balls tighten and continue to fuck her even harder and Traci was moaning so loud I scared the neighbors were going to hear us. Traci had cum more than 5 times and I even lost my count!

Then I said, “ Traci! I’m cumming!” “Me too!” moaned Traci. Then we both cum and I could feel her vagina wall tighten around my dick and I was shooting so much sperm it started to drip out of Traci’s pussy. Then we both collapsed sleep together until we wake up at 6pm and her parents’ coming home soon and I quickly dressed up and as I was at the door Traci asked, “shall we do that again next time?” and my reply is “ SURE THING!”

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