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My husbands father

(Part 1 from 1)

This is a true story of when my husband john and i went to a party at his parents house to celebrate his sisters birthday. When we arrived all of his family were there with their families. The evening went really well. The party was held in the garden with all the food and drinks inside the house. It was a lovely warm evening and i spent most of the party outside chatting to my husbands father pete.

Pete was in his early fifties with grey hair and a slim body. He looked good for his age and as the party got late and i got more drunk i began to fancy him. I was wearing a blue summer dress and it was quite short and i noticed pete looking at my thighs. I flirted with him and he flirted back and when my husband went in to get some more drinks i leant over to pick my handbag up and i gave pete a full glimpse of my cleavage. I wasnt wearing a bra and i think pete had noticed. After about an hour of chatting everyone was in doors and pete and i were left outside alone. I got up because i need to go for a wee and i went inside. The bathroom was occupied and i really needed to go so i went outside to the alley just next to the side of the house. I was really drunk and i pulled down my knickers and squatted down in the dark.

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As i started to piss i almost fell over and then as i looked up. I saw pete standing there. I was so drunk that i forgot that pete was still in the garden when i crept into the alley. Pete stood watching me and i finished peeing then stood up. "sorry pete" i blushed. "oh, its quite alright i was enjoying watching" he replied smiling. I stepped out of my knickers because i had sprayed a little bit of wee on them and kicked them to one side. Grabbing me pete said "I dont think anyone will notice that we are not at the party if we hurry". He then kissed me and i put my hand down to his trousers and unziped him. I pulled out his thick cock and wanked him as we kissed. "I have wanted you for ages Karen" pete said softly. "I want you to, I want you to have me here in the alley" i replied. He turned me around so i was facing away from him and i bent over slightly and put my hands on the fence. He lifted my dress up and pushed his cock towards my bum. I felt the tip of his cock press against my arse hole then he slid it down and entered my wet cunt. "Oh fuck me pete, fuck me hard" i sighed. Pete fucked me, pumping my hole fast and hard. His cock felt so much better than his sons did and i had to bite my lip to stop myself screaming as i reached orgasm. I felt petes thick cock twitch as he shot his warm spunk up my dirty shaved hole.

We both stood there for a while in shock. "Are you alright karen" said pete. "That was good, i think we should get back now" i told him. We hurried back to the garden and to my suprise everyone was there. Luckily nobody heard us and i told them we went for a walk so i could sober up abit. The party ended and we all said goodbye and i kissed pete on the cheek while john said bye to his mum. "Can i see you again karen?". "Yes what about tommorow?" i asked. "Yes come here tomorrow, i am here alone in the morning" pete said. Then john and i went home. John and i fucked that evening and all the while he was fucking me i thought of his dad. The next morning i kissed john goodbye and left for work. I had a bag with me with some sexy cloths in that i was going to change into. I drove to a public toilet and went in and began to change. I have had sex behind johns back with a former boss before so i was no stranger to flings but a fling with his dad really exited me. I got changed and instead of wearing my normal work cloths i was now wearing a tight black short dress with stockings and suspenders on. I had no bra on and i felt really horny as i looked at myself in the mirror. I brushed my blonde hair and left the toilet. As i walked out a man was just about to go into the gents toilet. He noticed me and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He smiled at me then went into the toilet. I thought about following him in there and giving him the time of his life but i thought better of it and got in my car and went to my father in-laws. I parked the car away from the street and went to the house. "Wow" pete said.

He let me in and within seconds we were kissing like lovers. We went upstairs and he layed me down and pulled of my stockings and fucked me straight away. We spent the whole morning fucking and sucking each other. He even fucked my arse hole, something i have never let anyone do before. It was the best morning i have ever had and when i left we agreed to meet every month. Last week i went to his house and he had a suprise for me. I went in wearing a long black coat and when i removed it i only had on my white bra and knickers and a pair of white high heals. Pete looked at me then to my suprise another man enterd the door. It was his friend from the club he drinks at. He was called dave and he was in his late forties and was quite fat. I was shocked but pete said "Karen i want you to meet dave. I have told him about us and was wondering if he could join us?". I stood there thinking then i replied "Ok then if you think you can handle me". Pete and dave came over to me and i kissed them both while they rubbed my tits and arse.

 "Get out your cocks and let me take turns sucking you" i demanded. They got thier cocks out and i knelt down and sucked them off. I wanked and sucked them until my jaw ached. "Lets take her upstairs pete" dave said. "Ok dave lets take the bitch and use her fucking horny body". They took me upstairs and layed me on the bed. Pete was being really dirty and i think he was showing off in front of his mate. Pete was normaly nice to me and we normaly made love but this time pete wanted to fuck and treat me like a tart whick really turned me on. They called me names and made me do things to them and the pair of them made me cum three times. I loved every minute of it and i cant wait untill the next time. It has turned me into a real tart and now i find myself wanting sex all the time. I even wait in the gents toilet to find a hunk to shag and one time a black guy walked in but thats another story.

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