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My hot Aunt Brandy and I

(Part 5 from 5)

Aunt Brandy was on a quest to get my cock up her ass. Her kinky persona moved in and she opened her legs and ass wider, arching her wonderful ass farther back, one hand holding her ass cheek open and another held my dick firmly in her had. She pushed back at my cock with a vengeance. I felt the head pop in.

- Oh! Ouch! Ouch! Thatís in! Oh! You got my ass. Ouch! You got it. Shit!
- Oh Aunt Brandy thatís so nice!
- How do you like to fuck your Auntís ass Jimmy? Ouch!
- I thought I would never fuck you in my life.
- And now you are fucking my asshole, you bastardÖ Can you feel how tight it is? 
- Yeah! Thatís so damn tight!
- Fuck! You are so fucking thick! Shit! My ass is splitting! Ouch!

Aunt Brandy looked so nasty, with cum all over her face and in apparent pain, with her ass up in the air, the head of my dick buried inside her asshole, another 9 inches to go, one elbow on the floor and one had opening her ass, looking straight back and talking dirty to me. 

- Ouch, Ouch! ! Thatís enough! Go ahead and pump the head in and out slowly!

I pulled the head and suddenly popped all the way out:

- Oh my ass, you fucking bastard! I said ďpump the headĒ your fucking moron. Not pull it out! Put it back in damn-it!

I did what Aunt Brandy ordered. Then I pushed another inch and then another:

- Ouch! Ouch! My butt! My butt! Shit! Jimmy you are fucking my butt! Goddamn-it it hurts! Ouch!

My girth was just too much and her butt hole was wider than a silver dollar! My dick was definitely doing some damage to her sphincter.

- Is it hurting too much Aunt Brandy? Should I pull out?
- You wanted to fuck that ass didnít you son of a bitch? Now you gonna fuck that ass good you motherfucker!
- You are so tight!
- Ouch, ouch! Stop it! Pull it out! PULL IT OUT!.

I pulled out of her ass and Aunt Brandy adjusted herself, opening her legs and ass farther apart.

- Dip you cock into my pussy to lub it up.

I was just taking orders, and this one seemed quite a good one. I was aching to dip my dick all the way but I couldn't. Her pussy was gonna give me some temporary relieve. I shoved my cock all the way into her wet pussy.

- Oh yeah! That feels good! Yeah! Good boy! Now put it back in my ass!

It worked! I pushed into her ass much farther now. Aunt Brandy really knew what she was doing.

- Yeah! That's it boy. Go for it! Fuck your Aunt in the ass!

I pushed into her ass with 5 thick inches. I held her waist and pumped.

- Oh Yeah! You got it good now! Oh god thatís good! 
- Oh yeah! Fuck!
- You fucking pervert! You are fucking your Momís sister up the ass.
- Oh Yeah, I love it!
- I bet you gonna tell your friends that you fucked my butt with your huge cock. Wonít you? 
- I will tell and they will cum in their pants.
- You fucker! Maybe I will have them take turns fucking my mouth, pussy and asshole. I can take 4 or 5 of you at a time. 
- Oh god you are so fucking kinky!
- You think so hum? I will have one cock on my ass and one on my pussy, while sucking another 3. 
- You kinky slut! I would love that!
- Yeah? Would you like to share your Aunt with your friends?
- We will fuck you all night!
- You are all a bunch of perverts. Now go ahead and fuck your cock in my pussy again... Uh Yeah! Thatís it!... make it nice and slick! See how good Aunt Brandy butt fucks baby? You think your friends would like to fuck your Aunt like this?
- They will love all the different ways you do it.
- Now push that slick cock back in my ass! 
- Oh Yeah! 
- Fuck Yeah! Go deeper now! Give me more cock! Go for it!

I pushed deeper. We had now 7 inches and pushing in more:

- Oooooouch my ass! Oh shit! Goddamn-it! You son of a bitch, you are stretching my butt crack open. Ouch!!! 

Aunt Brandyís asshole bottomed at 8 inches. I couldnít believe it but she was taking it and loving it. I pumped all 8 in and out in a good rhythm:

- Here you go baby! You got my ass good now! Fuck it good. Enjoy your Aunt Brandyís tight ass. Oh yeah!
- I am almost all the way in Aunt Brandy!
- My god really? How much more?
- A few more inches.
- Oh fuck! It feels great!
- So damn tight!
- How is that for your first ass fuck Jimmy? Are you enjoying your Auntís tight butt? Yeah? 
- I love it!
- All right then, lets fuck that ass good now!

Aunt Brandy released her hand from opening her ass cheeks and braced both hands onto the carpet to back herself onto my cock. Pushing her stretched up asshole onto my pole, she now was in full enjoyment of conquering her challenge. 

- Oh Yeah! We got it in real good now baby! Oh my god I love that big cock up my ass! Fuck that ass deep baby! Fuck it good!

My big cock pumping her stretched out asshole and my sperm still all over her face and pussy inspired her to talk dirty. Aunt Brandy was gyrating her hips and asshole around my cock. Her big ass was bouncing as it slapped against my balls.

- fuck my ass baby! Enjoy your Auntís tight ass! Enjoy it!!

Aunt Brandy sphincter fully relaxed at last and she pushed back hard onto my cock.

- Let me fuck your cock good with my butt. Let me fuck it. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Your cock feels so good up my ass! Oh yeah! Are you enjoying my butt baby? Do you like fucking your Auntís ass?

At this point, she asked for the whole 9 inches.

- Go for it! Push your cock all the way to the balls!

I shoved my cock all the way to the balls and she yelped:

- Ahh! Holy shit! Iíve got a 9 inches cock up my ass! Son of a bitch! You are stretching my asshole for good! Goddamn-it, fuck! My ass feels so goddamn fucking full! 

I drove it to the balls and back. I was now making full contact with her ass cheeks. Aunt Brandy never thought I would fit my entire cock up her bun. But now she was ready to cum, and so was I.

- Fuck that ass good baby that I am gonna cum on you cock. Cum on my ass with me baby! Cum on my ass!

I fucked my 9 inches of dick into Aunt Brandyís asshole, with long and hard strokes. Aunt Brandy started cuming. 

- Oh Yes! I am cumming! I am cumming! 

She shook up all over again. Aunt Brandyí sphincter tightened around my cock and I pulled her hip firmly and shoving my cock to the wilt in her super tight butt hole. We were orgasm together and she was crying with pleasure and pain.

- Ouaaahh! I am cuming! I am cuming! Oh my ass! I am cuming!

I pumped my 3rd load deep into Aunt Brandyís ass, while she was having her 6th orgasm. She shook and screamed very loudly. We continued cuming like that for another 2 minutes. Then Aunt Brandy pulled my dick out and a river of cum flushed out of her ass. Her asshole was gapping open about a fist size wide.

- Did you enjoy butt fucking your Aunt! Was that what you always imagined?
- Oh Aunt Brandy! This was way better than my best wet dream.

Reaching down into her butt hole, Aunt Brandy realized she could almost stick her entire fist inside her rectum. She showed me the damage.

- Oh fuck! Look what you did to my butt! You stretched out my fucking ass for good. Your uncle and your Dad will find out you fucked my butt hard with your 9 inches cock! 
- Do you think they will mind?
- I donít care. Some day I will have all three of you at the same time. 

Aunt Brandy looked down at my semi erect cock. It was wet with pussy, ass and cum juices. She reached down and grabbed my cock. She spat on it and started to suck it down her throat again, slurping it clean and making it hard for another fuck of the eveningÖ I wondered which new position I would learn this time.... 

- uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Uhmmmmm, uhmmmmm! Would you like to share me with your friends Jimmy? uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm uhmmmmm! uhmmmmm! Uhmmmmm!

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