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My girlfriends, best friend

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I started seeing this one girl, thought she was the love of my life. Soon after we got together, she started accusing me of cheating on her because i wouldn't take her everywhere I went. After we'd been together for about 3 weeks, I found out that she had intentionally fucked my upstairs neighbor because she automatically assumed that I was cheating on her, and no matter what I said or did she would not believe that I was being faithful to her.

By the time I found out that she was cheating on me, she had fucked my friends, my dad, my doctor, my lawyer, even both of my sons. She had fucked her way right through my whole aparment complex and everybody that she worked with too. I couldn't believe how many people she had fucked by the time I figured out what was going on.

Amazing, how she was able to fuck all those people before I realized that she was going to be my one and only, apple of my eye, my special little lady that was only mine to be intimate with. Its amazing how love can make you blind to the truth that might be slapping in the face the whole time. i felt sobetrayed that I almost resorted to physical violence, until I realized that if I had, that I would be the only loser in this story.

So, I did the next best thing. I did exacltly to her what she did to me, and had ablast trying to catch up.I followed her example. I started fucking every single one of her friends and didn't stop until I had fucked her mother and her daughter.To this day, I'm still fucking everybody she 's ever known, and I still haven't caught up to her.

She is definitely a hard core fucking machine. All I can say is "Good Times!"

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