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My ghetto booty

(Part 1 from 1)

From the first time I raided the dirty hamper and found my sister's soiled panties, I was hooked.

Now I am 27 and I enjoying meeting random guys on the internet. I will post an advertisement about my nasty, loose, ghetto booty and how I enjoy shaking my booty while I wear cum-stained panties like a stripper.

This one guy came over and we role-played a night club scene. I was dressed in a micro dress that barely covered up my nasty booty, 4 inch heels and a pair of dirty pink bikini panties.

After I danced for him, he fucked me and added his cum to my already filthy panties. He told me how much he enjoyed my stank panties and he wanted to see me sell my ass on the street. I have always thought about doing it but I never had the balls to do it. He convinced me that he would be by pimp and I could keep all the money.

So he drove me to a street known for prostitution and dropped me off.

My first trick justed wanted a blow job. He offered me 10 dollars. I sucked his dick in his truck while he groped my juicy ass. I let him nut in my face and then I wiped it off with my already wet panties.

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I got out the truck and let my pimp know what happened. He was not happy that I only got ten dollars for sucking dick with no condom. But he was happy that there was more nut in my funky panties. He told me to up my prices cause I was a good looking ho and not the average street walker.

It turned me on that I sucked dick so cheap. So my next trick just wanted to talk and fondle me. We talked for about 15 mintues and he gave me 50 dollars.

The next guy wanted to lick my ass. He was white anf about 70 years old. He told me how much he enjoys licking black hookers asses. He gave me 30 dollars and his telephone number.

Then I met a 32 year old that wanted to fuck my ass. I told him we would have to go to my apartment. He agreed. Then we started talking about price. We agreed on 100 for bare back. My pimp followed his car to my place.

I started to strip for him and he commented on how funky my panties were. I told him take this ass or leave but you still owe me 100. Of course, he fucked me and nutted in my ass.

I felt so fucking nasty and I loved it. He gave me his number and left.

My pimp enjoyed my night and the stories I told him. We kissed and then he left.....

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