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My friends hot mother

(Part 1 from 1)

It all started when we were younger me and my neighbor grew up together for a while I would often go to his house and play video games his mom was a nice women always offering me water and snacks she was happily married but her husband was always at work and when he got home he ignored her.

Anyways when we both turned 19 I noticed my friends mom would always kiss me on the cheek when I would say hi. She had a sexy voice like shakira english and Spanish nice round bubble butt and nice and tits like mangos curvy as well.

Anyways I told my friend if he would let me fuck his mom and said no so I kept asking and told him if she wants to yeah if not then no. So one time I caught her getting home with groceries and I helped her she was so thankful. She was wearing like working out pants and a really tight white shirt it went with her cause she was light skinned.

So she offered me water and I said yes she bent over and I took a glance her light grey shorts you can see her black thong. She comes and sits next to me hands me the water and puts her hand on my crotch she smiles and tells me my son told me you wanted to fuck me I said well.... She told me eat me and I did till she screamed.

She stood up and took her clothes off and said fuck me everywhere In this house so we started in the living room she gave me head like no other sucked on it like a ice cream she deep throated me and chucked and left my dick with saliva then we went to the shower and did her up against the glass windshield.

Then to her room both of us naked and being dirty she sucked my nuts then my dick I fingered here and let her ride me I kissed in the neck and breast chest while she rode my dick her ass bouncing her screaming then I fucked her doggie and she cried I kept pounding it but she wanted more so I went harder and faster we became a bit sweaty but we both got more turned on so we 69 ate each other out.

She sucked me up good and I nutted in her mouth while she sucked felt like she sucked all the energy out of me. Up to this day we fuck drunk and she likes my cock so much I visit her and she always ready to give me head. She was 25 angle 18 now she's 31 and I'm 24 and my friend says keep my mom happy please and I tell him for sure every weekend

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